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  1. Qumulo is releasing the first of their three new products, the C-168T, immediately. Qumulo C-168T is an SSD/disk hybrid intended for mixed workloads that need to balance cost-effectiveness with high-performance reads and writes. It has 168TB of raw disk storage and a 3.8TB SSD cache. It supports up to 25GbE for networking. All of this fits in just a 1U form factor. Qumulo Introduces Three Flash-Centric Platforms
  2. The EDSFF (Enterprise and Datacenter Storage Form Factor) is worth a brief look at all on its own. It is a brand-new specification, so modern that it was still being revised just two months ago. Its main reason for existing is that current form factors are both problematic for server teams to maintain and shaped in such a way that they often have to devote additional volume to avoid overheating. The EDSFF spec defines a high-capacity, hot-pluggable SSD that can fit vertically in 1U, works well in existing server and storage infrastructure and meets enterprise performance needs. By fitting vertically in 1U racks, the new drives will have significantly improved cooling characteristics and also make it easier to design racks to allow drives to be hot-swapped, reducing maintenance time and costs. Supermicro Introduces EDSFF Appliances
  3. Cloudian HyperStore Xtreme builds on its existing HyperStore software by combining the company's fully S3-compatible object storage software with Seagate's newest storage systems. The new units offer over 1.5 PB in a single 4U enclosure, almost twice that provided by the largest HyperStore 400 which has a raw storage of up to 840TB. Cloudian Announces HyperStore Xtreme
  4. Nice, thanks for the additional clarity. We're intending on doing more of these NUC reviews, they seem to be resonating well. I do wish the naming conventions were a little more straightforward though.
  5. The branding swap is kinda idea if they had to sit idle for some period of time after the Lexar deal. At least they came back with a good card
  6. Brian

    Compatible RAID cards Dell Precision 490

    RAID cards and HBAs are all generally supported.
  7. 15mm drives are okay, but only drives that operate off of 5V.
  8. This is useful input...we're still evolving the way these thin client and small system reviews get done.
  9. Kingston is putting together some pretty good drives in their SATA family. Nice to see...what should be relatively easy apparently is not.
  10. You're after something a little different...I do know someone worth your follow though -
  11. I hate to say it, but this is why most end users really need to think harder about data protection. This kind of problem shouldn't happen. But is has...maybe you have someone local to you that can repair the connector? Is the connector soldered on on that one? I can't remember what WD was doing at the time.
  12. It's my understanding that for this application those numbers aren't really relevant. So long as they're hitting under a millisecond, the system is happy and delivering enough performance.
  13. This week NetApp released the AFF C190 all flash storage array. Targeted at the needs of SMBs, the AFF C190 is designed to be a partner-led offering that enables NetApp to be more competitive down market where their exisiting storage arrays for the midmarket, like the A200 and A300, are simply too much. The NetApp AFF C190 runs on NetApp ONTAP software, meaning smaller organizations will have access to enterprise-class data services, hybrid cloud support, and data reduction technologies, which provides critical value for all-flash arrays. NetApp AFF C190 All-Flash Storage Array
  14. This is one really good use case for PMEM, we're pretty excited to have been able to do this testing.
  15. Well that's the thing, if you look at the IO patterns of a heavy web user, it starts to look really random really fast. The browser alerts are becoming more frequent too of "This tab is using a lot of system stinker man...close it or else!"
  16. For sure...we have a set of Exos coming in for review and hopefully get the 16TB NAS drives as well. Not that we're expecting a big performance change, but it's always fun to get a heavy box in the lab from Seagate.
  17. It comes form the enterprise side of the house, basically a Nytro drive. So I'd expect better components and specs here when compared to client drives.
  18. Wow that's a pretty big hit taken by HPE. Also wonder when Inspur makes a serious effort in the US.
  19. Computex 2019, an annual event held in Taipei which focuses mainly on AI & IoT, 5G, Blockchain, Innovations & Startups, Gaming & XR, Computing Technologies, Storage, and so on, took place this week and we were on the show floor. Over 1,600 exhibitors were there with more the 5,500 booths, all showcasing their latest technology. In addition to what was going on at the Nangang Exhibition Center where Computex is held each year, some companies opt to rent suites at the Grand Hyatt Hotel or showcase their products at their local office. This means that it’s nothing short of a Herculean effort to see everything there is to see, especially since the event lasts only 5 days. Computex 2019 Roundup
  20. Phison is definitely making the most noise. I wasn't there, let me see if Marshall knows...
  21. Nice, good to see it's working better for you.
  22. The Seagate BarraCuda 510 is the newest addition to the company’s 3D cTLC NAND SSD portfolio designed for those looking to upgrade their home PCs with speedy NVMe technology. Available in two capacities of 512GB and 256GB, the 510 comes a range of useful software like SeaTools SSD and Rescue Data Recovery Services plan to ensure your data is protected while featuring decent endurance specs with 1.8M hours MTBF and up to 320 terabytes written. In our review, we tested the 512GB capacity, which is likely to show a slightly better in performance compared to the smaller capacity model. Seagate BarraCuda 510 NVMe SSD Review
  23. For those looking for a cost effective NVMe SSD, the Kingston KC2000 would make a fine choice. Its not the strongest performer in this category, but the lineup is also dominated by some incredibly strong options that can be considerably more expensive. The KC2000 will be more of a cost-play for most buyers, where performance expectations are in line with the user's needs. Kingston KC2000 NVMe PCIe SSD Review
  24. Atrust is putting out some good units. Though Dell WYSE and HP clearly dominate the thin client market, it's great to see alternatives from these guys, IGEL, etc.