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    Storage Review Site Update

    Hah, we'll be on it. I assume there was a lost copy of the forums at one point?
  2. Brian

    Hard Drives for Cars?

    There's so much fun tech coming into cars right now. Pioneer announced their Pandora in-car system yesterday and with the new car companies pushing the envelope with in-car tech, it's only a matter of time before the others realize those displays are good for something other than DVD playback. To the original point, it seems the trend for drives that can handle the rigors of living a life tucked away under a car's dashboard is certainly on the rise. Thinking through the needs, I think I'm most concerned about moisture. The heat and vibration should be an issue, but making sure it's sealed properly, probably is.
  3. Brian

    Storage Review Site Update

    I won't reply to everyone here, as there's too much to say. But let me start with this. The current plan is to get caught up on the hardware by providing reviews of the new drives. Of course, note my earlier post about the review thread and what you guys want out of drive reviews. After that I hear you on the RAID issues and even some enterprise work. I've actually been in contact with a few people who might be able to help on that front. Please be sure to give back to the forums though to help our growth. I'm happy to set up an enterprise storage forum where you guys can post what you're using and what works and what doesn't. That would be a good first step perhaps and would help us see what's important in terms of picking out hardware/software for review. Concurrent with all of this, one of our team members is a developer who will be working to restore all the past tools and functionality of the site. That might take a few weeks for us to get a handle on, but it's happening. Thanks for all your support.
  4. Brian

    Storage Review Site Update

    Great ideas everyone and thanks for the encouragement. You can post testing ideas to this thread -
  5. Brian

    What do you do?

    I run tech websites But a lot of my time is spent in the Cincinnati venture capital space. I coordinate investments in local companies and serve as a mentor/advisor.
  6. Brian

    Storage Review Site Update

    Well, that person will get a "can't find page" error. Linking to has a better chance to be useful. Glad to see that something will be moving here. Hah, I'll add buying to the list
  7. Brian

    Storage Review Site Update

    Well, it only works with you guys. We'll be spending a lot of time on SSD, portable storage and the like. There are a few other threads in the site suggestions forum about testing and other forums that you want set up, so please weigh in there too. In the immediate future we have two drives coming in from Hitachi for review. Charles will be reviewing them over the next 2-3 weeks. With many more announcements at CES, we'll be ramping up the review engine hard in the next month or two. And if you decide you have the inclination to write, we're going to be looking for guest posts, how to guides and the like.
  8. Brian

    God Mode

    Your assery would have never been know, I deleted that post Linking policy = link to whatever you want. Hopefully, some of those people will link back. Thanks for posting, I thought it was interesting.
  9. Brian

    Drive testing methodology

    Dustin, thanks for all the input, those are great thoughts.
  10. If you buy both, NewEgg has a combo deal on these units. Unfortunately, the WD TV is an early model and isn't HD. Solid value though if you need both products.
  11. The rebates are good through 2/28/10. Fantom Drives GreenDrive Quad Interface 2TB 7200 RPM External eSATA / FireWire 800 / FireWire 400 / USB 2.0 with NTI Shadow Backup Drive / Oxford Chip Set (GD2000Q)
  12. Brian

    God Mode

    Thanks for the CNET link cont. I love the last line: Yeah, I'm sure MSFT wishes most people didn't know about this. All they need is a bunch of people who shouldn't be messing with their systems, messing with their systems.
  13. Hah, nice take 6 6 6. You'll get an idea as to why I posted this in a bit. Was just testing the waters.
  14. Hah - just trying to bring a little activity and new info the forum. Do with the post what you like.
  15. Brian

    NFL Playoffs

    Well, my Bengals look like poop tonight, but at least they're in the playoffs, probably playing at home next week against these same Jets. I'm thinking it's the Vikings and Colts in the Super Bowl though.
  16. Brian

    NFL Playoffs

    Fox Soccer is going HD you know? I just wonder how long it will take for DirecTV to offer it. After that, I need Setanta in HD.
  17. Brian

    NFL Playoffs

    Hah...Jacksonville could be on the move soon, would that help you? I do know how it's hard to follow "local" sports though. TV coverage makes it easier however. I watch every Arsenal game (soccer you know?)....only they don't come in HD yet. That part is the worst.
  18. This is pretty cool. NatGeo is offering every edition ever published in digital form on an external 160GB drive. I'd say the $199 asking price is actually not bad considering. More info at the NatGeo Store -
  19. Brian

    Happy new year to all at

    I agree, hopefully the new year will bring excitement to all.
  20. Brian

    Shuttle XPC NAS

    The NE link didn't work for me, is this what you're looking at? If so, I would think that would do the trick for you.
  21. Brian

    OCZ Vertex 2 Pro Preview

    Well , they're not rally going for enterprise with this, but the progression is nice to see, specially from someone other than the name brands. Should make for a nice user-upgrade drive of for those building their own machines.
  22. Normally these IP lawsuits are about as exciting as watching paint dry. Trying to define who owns what, even when things are patteneted is not even close to clear-cut law. Seagate is being sued by Convolve for stealing their HDD technology. Convolve is also after Dell, Western Digital and others too. But the Seagate case got interesting last week when a former employee came forward and dropped this litlle bomb on the court: Hard to prove, since the evidence was allegedly destroyed, but is it that hard to believe? Eh, who knows. Fun reading at NYT -
  23. I work 85% on a notebook, and of that time, 70% is with an external display. There are times when it fluctuates, but I prefer a tiny notebook for travel, so I *need* a larger display when in the office. But I know a bunch of people that use a notebook without external monitor all the time.
  24. I checked with a friend in the notebook space, he says the only 4:3 to be released recently was a ruggedized unit. Unfortunately the earlier advice of an older Thinkpad is probably your best bet.
  25. It's a Korea only launch for now, and is a pretty standard USB drive that comes in 1, 1.5, and 2TB sizes. People seem excited though that it's "stylish" and comes in white or black. I guess I just don't see it...