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  1. Thanks for posting, I didn't even know about this. I actually use their Mesh service to backup my photos. But the problem is they only have a 5GB limit and there's currently no way to buy more space.
  2. Trend Micro and Iomega today announced that Trend Micro’s security products will be added to Iomega’s Protection Suite, which is bundled with Iomega external hard drives. Buyers of Iomega external hard drives will receive a complementary 12-month subscription to Trend Micro Internet Security as a result, which offers real-time protection from Internet threats. Full Story
  3. Iomega today launched its iConnect Wireless Data Station, a device designed to let you connect all of your USB storage to your network so you can access and share files anywhere. The iConnect does not have any onboard storage; instead, users connect their own external hard drives and flash drives into the device’s four USB ports. Full Story
  4. CES 2010 – Toshiba has announced an expanded line of solid state drives (SSDs) based on 32nm Multi-Level Cell (MLC) technology. Toshiba’s 128GB Half-Slim/mSATA SG Series SSD is an industry first and designed for netbook/mini PCs. The company also introduced its high performance HG3 series SSDs with higher read/write speeds for use in enthusiast consumer PCs. Full Story
  5. CES 2010 – Kingston has announced its SSDNow V Series 30GB Boot Drive, the latest addition to its V (Value) series of solid state drives (SSDs). The2.5-inch 30GB drive supports TRIM under Windows 7. The drive is designed for desktop users to be used in conjunction with an existing hard drive; the SSD is used for Windows and programs, while data (photos, music, and so on) stays on the hard drive. Full Story
  6. Promise Technology is introducing its SmarStor ZERO NS2600, a two-bay network attached storage (NAS) device and digital media server for home users. It is designed to make content sharing across a home network as easy as possible through DLNA compatibility and automatic network mapping. Full Story
  7. Brian

    Just got the Hitachi SimpleDrive 2.0TB in for Review

    Thanks for your vote of confidence, you're welcome to go wherever you want on the web. We'd like you to be productive and helpful here, but if you'd rather try to crap on what we're doing, so be it. Incidentally, let's keep the rest of this thread on topic please. If you want to start a new thread in "Site Suggestions" about how we'll fail, that would be more appropriate.
  8. Brian

    Storage Review Site Update

    As to what we're reviewing - we have our first external drive in from Hitachi. There's a thread just for the review in the HDD forum. For a little while at least, I think we'll post a thread for each review in progress so you guys can comment and ask the reviewer for specific issues. You won't always get what you want, but at least you can ask
  9. We've moved SR to the new server, please post any oddness here so we can address issues.
  10. Western Digital today announced its fastest-ever My Book external hard drives based on the new USB 3.0 standard. The USB 3.0 interface translates into a 5 Gbps transfer rate, about 4.7x the speed of the current-gen USB 2.0 interface. The new USB 3.0 My Books are backwards compatible with USB 2.0/1.1. Full Story
  11. That's what I thought as I burned through the survey. Everyone here should get a 10, but then again, it's easy to make a mistake.
  12. LaCie today introduced new waterproof USB keys with online storage. The USB keys are literally in the shape of a key and have an all-metal construction. Full Story
  13. Lexar today announced its Echo series of flash drives. The drives are designed for netbook and notebook computer users for file backups on the go. Full Article
  14. Brian

    TI PCIxx21 Newest Driver

    Do you have more than one notebook with the TI controller or did it just not work well for you?
  15. Brian

    Just got the Hitachi SimpleDrive 2.0TB in for Review

    Here's the update it looks like you missed -
  16. Brian

    SR moved to a new server

    Yes. Eventually everything will be on the .com site. We'll do that move with the forums probably when we upgrade them.
  17. Brian

    Just got the Hitachi SimpleDrive 2.0TB in for Review

    Thanks Charles. For everyone else, this would be a good time to either ask questions to tell Charles what you want to see in the review!
  18. Brian

    Storage Review Site Update

    Edit was there, but only for 3 minutes. I think I fixed it to give you the ability to edit whenever. Also enabled avatars.
  19. Brian

    Storage Review Site Update

    We're aware of the FF bug, the site was that way when we got it Not getting the DNS issues, but we're moving the site to a new server before the weekend.
  20. This is interesting for those who follow the home theater space. LG is integrating a hard drive into their BD590 player due out this spring/summer. The 250GB drive is designed almost as a home server light. No pricing has been announced yet.
  21. Brian

    Storage Review Site Update

    We plan on getting into enterprise level gear, but that will probably be a phase II kind of thing. We need to get current on the mainstream consumer/biz gear, then expand out from there.
  22. You're right on all counts I think. It's an easy buy for the mainstream consumer perhaps. But even then, as cheap and easy as home servers are, thanks to Acer, Lenovo and others, it may not be long before even the "mainstream" has their media on a centralized server.
  23. Rocstor Unveils Its Newest Line of Encryption Products the COMMANDER 2UE; Highly Secured and Encrypted by Hardware Based and Real-Time AES-256 Encryption. In Addition to Performance, it is enclosed in a Ruggedized Aluminum and Shock-Absorbent Casing for Secure Mobile Storage Applications For Immediate Release: Canoga Park, (Los Angeles County) California – January 4, 2010 – Rocsecure a division of Rocstor, a leading provider of fast, high-capacity data storage and encryption solutions, is announcing its new line of COMMANDER 2 encrypted external hard drives. The COMMANDER 2 Pocket Drives deliver exceptional security, performance, and reliability. Designed and engineered in USA to meet the needs of secure mobile data storage market, The COMMANDER 2UE 2.5” external hard drive is also compatible with both Windows® and Macintosh® Operating Systems. “The COMMANDER 2 series contains unique features over the last generation of our Rocbit series TDES drives with the AES-265 bit Hardware, Real-Time encryption and key-token authentication,” according to Mr. Asher, Director of Business Developments. “Additionally, the encryption contains “ECB”, which is one of the most secure encryption modes. This drive is both bus‐powered and bootable.” The new COMMANDER 2UE with Key-Token authentication Pocket Drives contain a fast, high capacity 2.5” SATA drive mechanism, with up to 3,000Mbits/sec transfer speeds and silent operation. Design Technology: The first of its kind in Ruggedized design; The COMMANDER 2 series Pocket Drives are designed to satisfy the sophisticated Military and Government requirements, and they provide unprecedented quality for the consumer as well. The COMMANDER 2UE, with its High Speed USB 2.0 and eSATA is cross platform compatible with Mac and Microsoft® Windows®” OS. The ruggedized and enduring Aluminum chamber and shock‐absorbent (patent in process) casing protect the drive against impact damage, accidental drops and bumps. These outstanding design features prolong product life and protect data integrity under toughest working environments. Wide Range of Applications Operating with Mac OS, Linux®, and Windows®, this external drive offers storage capacities ranging from 160GB to 640GB. In addition to encryption security, this will allow users the ability to quickly, and with no down time in encryption or decryption, archive valuable data, large video or audio files or simply backing up important data. The bootable features of this hard drive allows the user to boot, access and operate all programs and data via any another computer under the same OS environments. Special Features: Ruggedized Pocket size external storage drive Encryption: AES-256 bit, ECB Mode Hardware based (not a software imbeded in a chip) Real-Time (No, down time in encryption or decryption) No software is required Independent of Operationg Systems Robust and tough Aluminum Casing Enhanced Shock-Absorbent casing despite its small size Incorporates SATA Hard Drive USB and eSATA connections Enables USB bus powered and bootable Speeds up to 3,000 Mega Bytes per second Cross‐platform compatibility (Mac or Windows® or Linux® …) Includes all necessary cables Specifications: Capacities: 250GB, 320GB and 500GB (750GB and 1TB will be available in 2nd and 3rd Quarter, 2010) Rotational Speed available with 5,400 or 7200 rpm Interface: High Speed USB 2.0 (1.1 Compatible) and eSATA Transfer Rates: Up to 480Mbits/s USB and up to 3,000Mbits/s eSATA Dimension: ~2.95 x 5x 0.63 (0.75) inch ~75 x 12.7 x 16 (19) mm Weight: ~0.5 lb (~0.2Kg) System Requirements Mac or PC computers with USB (1.1 or 2.0) or eSATA Apple: PowerPC ®or Intel® Core Duo® processor PC: 266MHz or faster Intel or equivalent processor Recommended Memory: 512MB RAM Operating System requirements: Apple: PowerPC ®or Intel Core Duo® processor running Mac OS 9, X or Snow “Leopard®” PC: Microsoft®, Windows®, 2000, Me, XP, Vista or Windows 7® Power Requirements: USB Bus Power
  24. Brian

    Hard Drives for Cars?

    While we're on the car topic, here's a nice piece that shows off some of the latest Ford/MSFT integration.
  25. Brian

    Storage Review Site Update

    Hah, we'll be on it. I assume there was a lost copy of the forums at one point?