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  1. Highpoint Technology today announced the industry’s first SATA 6 Gbps SATA RAID host adapter, the RocketRAID 620 series. The RocketRAID 620 has a PCI-e 2.0 interface and supports RAID 0/1/5/10 and JBOD. Full Story
  2. We moved the URL of the forums today, please report any problems here.
  3. It's good to see Kingston voluntarily stepping up and replacing these drives. If anyone here has one of these drives, please post about the return experience. Kingston has announced that owners of secure USB drives that were affected by a security flaw are eligible for a replacement drive with an updated security suite. The affected drives include the DataTraveler BlackBox (DTBB), DataTraveler Secure – Privacy Edition (DTSP) and DataTraveler Elite – Privacy Edition (DTEP). Full Story
  4. Brian

    Who uses ReadyBoost?

    Spod, good summary. For those of us with tiny notebooks, more RAM isn't always a viable option. I have 2GB in the Sony which is probably why I've never seen much help.
  5. I have to say, I'm not terribly familiar with IronKey. But if you need that level of safety and security, it sounds great, very Jack Bauer Les, there's another secure card from MXI that we covered news on this week. Have you encountered them? They claim to be the most secure.
  6. Brian

    Reliability database gone?

    Alright, there's a new forum explicitly for the reliability database and performance testing metrics. Please take a look here and add drives you wish to be included.
  7. The Reliability Database has not been added to in some time. I have added a few drives tonight to ensure all it working well, and it is. The nav item has been added back to the site and we're ready to start populating data again. It's nearly impossible to get all the drives inputted with a magic wand, but we'll get to work on it as best we can. To facilitate the process, please use this forum for suggesting new drives. Note - we are not adding drives that have been out of production over 3 years. To do this, start a new thread with the drive name and provide as much of the following detail as possible. The more you can help us with, the faster a drive will be added: Manufacturer: Family: Released: Notes: Model Name (product family): Model Number: Capacity: gigabytes URL: Interface: Spindle Speed: rotations per minute Seek: milliseconds Buffer: kilobytes Density: gigabytes per platter
  8. I'm really at a loss. I'd probably go so far as to put each in an external case to try to isolate a hardware problem. After that firmware updates...but if the drive can't be read. I'd normally call drive failure, but the timing is really odd, feels like something else is amiss. Perhaps those smarter than I can help
  9. Brian

    Reliability database gone?

    Good news, we got the code issues resolved today and it's back in the most recent form. The database needs updating, but it's back.
  10. AnandTech has a detailed take on the OCZ Vertez 2 Pro SSD. They call it the "Fastest MLC SSD" they've tested. Pretty cool - tops the Intel drive too, making this early edition from OCZ a very promising player in the SSD space.
  11. Forget about showing up then, go back to the basics. Do they power on and spin to warm up?
  12. Brian

    Any of you guys ride motorcycles?

    My wife would harm me if I tried to get a motorcycle. I did have a moped from ages 14-16 though. At the time, it was pretty hot. I have been trying to talk her into letting me get a Vespa, so far no go with that either.
  13. scud, thanks for joining. Your post is a bit difficult to sort through though, how about some paragraph breaks next time have you tried each drive individually to try to isolate the one(s) that is having trouble?
  14. NewEgg has a $10 coupon, making this the best price on the EcoGreen F2 1.5TB drive. Use coupon code EMCLMMN53 for $10 off. Good through 1/18. Product Page
  15. VIA today introduced its M’SERV S2100 home mini server. It features a VIA Nano 64-bit processor, dual gigabit LAN ports, two onboard RAM slots, a Compact Flash slot, and a low-noise 8cm fan. Full Story
  16. Brian

    Who uses ReadyBoost?

    It was only $8. I cry at the price I paid for mine...3 years ago....sob. At least I've used it a lot, that makes me feel somewhat better.
  17. Brian

    Who uses ReadyBoost?

    I have a Lexar 8GB express card flash drive on my Sony TT. I slammed it in there and gave the system the 4GB ready boost. Does it help? I can't notice a difference. In real world usage, if I run a few apps with it in, then do the same with it out, I wouldn't know. What I would miss though are the files, I use the 4GB that's not Ready Boost for storing most of my work files. The SSD that comes with this Sony is tiny.
  18. Intel's value-line 40GB SSD "boot" drive has started shipping. NewEgg has it for $130. That's quite a bit more expensive than the Kingston version, which is only 30GB, but $80 after rebates when it ships next month. Even so, options are a good thing.
  19. Brian

    Reliability database gone?

    Well, we we get it figured out, I'll probably start a forums thread for drive requests and we'll add them that way. Unfortunately we can't just import every drive released in the last several years.
  20. A thumb-sized 64GB embedded storage option is pretty darn cool. And a 32GB microSD card is perfect for mobile phones, etc. I'm sure both will be pricey though. Samsung has announced two new storage solutions designed for mobile devices; a 64GB moviNAND embedded memory device and a 32GB micro secure digital memory card. Full Story
  21. TweakTown has a detailed first thoughts of a pre-production SandForce SSD. They're obviously pretty enthusiastic about it.
  22. Brian

    Storage Issues

    You'll need to provide more detail on the hardware and the issues you're seeing.
  23. Let us know how it goes over time. That's a surprising boost for such a simple issue...glad it's working out for you.
  24. Brian

    Other forums

    Spod - I think you're right. The main two things I was thinking about were forums by brand or forums by use (home servers, enterprise, etc). But for now I think we'll see how this goes.
  25. Brian

    Other forums

    What other forums do you guys want to see? Is there enough interest in Enterprise? Perhaps home servers? I also want to see if there's enough interest to justify brand forums - for the big guys at least. WD, Hitachi, etc.