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    Suggest me a setup

    I was going to ask too about the RAID0 setup. Are you married to that idea? Or were you just planning on that config for the OS?
  2. Brian

    Network Storage recomendation

    Is this for home or business use?
  3. Brian

    ioSafes Solo SSD announced

    Here's a few pictures and video from ExtrmeTech on the attempted destruction of one of these SSD systems.,2845...2129TX1K0000532
  4. This is pretty fun - if you need SSD storage that's protected from fire and uh, falling buildings. AUBURN, Calif., January 5, 2010 -- ioSafe today announced the availability of the new ioSafe Solo SSD - a solid state, highly ruggedized model of the award-winning ioSafe Solo desktop external hard drive. Combining ioSafe's new proprietary ArmorPlate, a military grade steel outer casing with SSD technology, the new ioSafe Solo SSD adds unprecedented shock, drop and crush protection to the existing fire and water protection. The ioSafe Solo SSD combined with ArmorPlate helps to protect data in a two story building collapse, 5000 lb. crush forces, 20' drop into rubble and up to a 1000g shock. In addition the original HydroSafe™, FloSafe™ and DataCast™ work to keep the drive cool during normal operation and protect the data from fires up to 1550°F for 1/2 hour and complete water submersion of 30' for 30 days in fresh or salt water. Like all ioSafe products, the ioSafe Solo SSD comes with ioSafe's Data Recovery Service, a "no questions asked" policy to help customers recover from any data disaster including accidental deletion, virus or physical disaster. "The new ioSafe Solo SSD is the world's most rugged and versatile desktop external hard drive. In addition to the USB interface, the new eSATA connection allows for fast data transfers and full compatibility with almost any Microsoft, MS Server, Linux or Mac operating system. The ioSafe Solo SSD can be used alone or in conjunction with any offsite or online backup strategy to add real time, zero data loss, synchronous disaster protection to any data that sits vulnerable," said ioSafe CEO, Robb Moore. "Businesses, especially small businesses, struggle with disaster recovery and regulatory compliance such as HIPAA, PCI or Sarbanes Oxley, can use ioSafe hardware to add simple, inexpensive and secure protection. The ioSafe Solo is one of the easiest, fastest and least expensive ways to protect your data." Pricing and availability Prices are $499 for 64 GB, $749 for 128 GB and $1250 for 256 GB. The ioSafe Solo SSD will be shipping in February 2010 and available through the ioSafe website, , Ingram Micro and international distributors.
  5. Eh, close but not cigar. You must own one of those binary clocks
  6. Seagate introduced its latest external portable hard drives with USB 3.0 at CES 2010. The BlackArmor PS 110 USB 3.0 Performance Kit for notebook computers includes several items. Full Story
  7. You're going to hit it with a baseball bat? LOL Putting a drive in the disposal...reminds me of Will it Blend. I wonder if they've done drives before.
  8. I guess we have a new testing criteria for SSD drives. Check out this video of a Kingston SSD drive getting driven out into right-center field.
  9. Brian

    TI PCIxx21 Newest Driver

    You can manage the auto-run behavior of the SD card slot, but it would affect everything that gets inserted there unfortunately. I have mine disabled, and just browse to the SD card when I want to get images, etc.
  10. Thanks for posting, I didn't even know about this. I actually use their Mesh service to backup my photos. But the problem is they only have a 5GB limit and there's currently no way to buy more space.
  11. Trend Micro and Iomega today announced that Trend Micro’s security products will be added to Iomega’s Protection Suite, which is bundled with Iomega external hard drives. Buyers of Iomega external hard drives will receive a complementary 12-month subscription to Trend Micro Internet Security as a result, which offers real-time protection from Internet threats. Full Story
  12. Iomega today launched its iConnect Wireless Data Station, a device designed to let you connect all of your USB storage to your network so you can access and share files anywhere. The iConnect does not have any onboard storage; instead, users connect their own external hard drives and flash drives into the device’s four USB ports. Full Story
  13. CES 2010 – Toshiba has announced an expanded line of solid state drives (SSDs) based on 32nm Multi-Level Cell (MLC) technology. Toshiba’s 128GB Half-Slim/mSATA SG Series SSD is an industry first and designed for netbook/mini PCs. The company also introduced its high performance HG3 series SSDs with higher read/write speeds for use in enthusiast consumer PCs. Full Story
  14. CES 2010 – Kingston has announced its SSDNow V Series 30GB Boot Drive, the latest addition to its V (Value) series of solid state drives (SSDs). The2.5-inch 30GB drive supports TRIM under Windows 7. The drive is designed for desktop users to be used in conjunction with an existing hard drive; the SSD is used for Windows and programs, while data (photos, music, and so on) stays on the hard drive. Full Story
  15. Promise Technology is introducing its SmarStor ZERO NS2600, a two-bay network attached storage (NAS) device and digital media server for home users. It is designed to make content sharing across a home network as easy as possible through DLNA compatibility and automatic network mapping. Full Story
  16. Brian

    Just got the Hitachi SimpleDrive 2.0TB in for Review

    Thanks for your vote of confidence, you're welcome to go wherever you want on the web. We'd like you to be productive and helpful here, but if you'd rather try to crap on what we're doing, so be it. Incidentally, let's keep the rest of this thread on topic please. If you want to start a new thread in "Site Suggestions" about how we'll fail, that would be more appropriate.
  17. Brian

    Storage Review Site Update

    As to what we're reviewing - we have our first external drive in from Hitachi. There's a thread just for the review in the HDD forum. For a little while at least, I think we'll post a thread for each review in progress so you guys can comment and ask the reviewer for specific issues. You won't always get what you want, but at least you can ask
  18. We've moved SR to the new server, please post any oddness here so we can address issues.
  19. Western Digital today announced its fastest-ever My Book external hard drives based on the new USB 3.0 standard. The USB 3.0 interface translates into a 5 Gbps transfer rate, about 4.7x the speed of the current-gen USB 2.0 interface. The new USB 3.0 My Books are backwards compatible with USB 2.0/1.1. Full Story
  20. That's what I thought as I burned through the survey. Everyone here should get a 10, but then again, it's easy to make a mistake.
  21. LaCie today introduced new waterproof USB keys with online storage. The USB keys are literally in the shape of a key and have an all-metal construction. Full Story
  22. Lexar today announced its Echo series of flash drives. The drives are designed for netbook and notebook computer users for file backups on the go. Full Article
  23. Brian

    TI PCIxx21 Newest Driver

    Do you have more than one notebook with the TI controller or did it just not work well for you?
  24. Brian

    Just got the Hitachi SimpleDrive 2.0TB in for Review

    Here's the update it looks like you missed -
  25. Brian

    SR moved to a new server

    Yes. Eventually everything will be on the .com site. We'll do that move with the forums probably when we upgrade them.