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  1. I'm no expert but with my limited knowledge EXT3 offers more speed and CPU efficiency over EXT2 while managing to be almost entirely backward compatible. Where did you see the data protection note? From what I've read it appears the EXT3 journaling system options are more robust and "better" in terms of data protection, especially when it comes to crashes and hardware failures.
  2. Brian

    My children's future is ruined.

    Chrome is about all I use any more - it's fast and rarely crashes. Even then it often is able to restore all my tabs. And now with the plugins available in the latest Beta build of Chrome, there's even more flexibility, including an option to open an IE tab within Chrome, for those times when you have to access a non-conforming site.
  3. I could totally see the value in a decent quality projector instead of a monitor, in certain work environments. It would also be neat if it worked wirelessly, but that adds a bunch of cost. I just don't think many people will move off the tactile keyboard experience any time soon. Those laser style keyboards have been trying to work for at least 4-5 years and to this point have failed to gain any mass appeal.
  4. Okay, the entire Deskstar 7K1000.C family is added.
  5. This drive has been added. I'll add the rest of this family next.
  6. I left EARS and AARS in 4th gen, as they all they all have the 64MB buffer. Does this make sense?
  7. Brian

    Muscle Beach

    I was watching Mecum Auto Auctions this morning in bed...they had a special hour on muscle cars. I'd be all about a Shelby Cobra if I had the temporary lapse of sanity and excess funds it would require.
  8. We've added the Toshiba MKxx56GSY family of 7200RPM 2.5" drives to the reliability database. There are four drives in total up to 500GB capacities.
  9. That's a great point. We're reviewing external drives and yes, I think it makes sense to include them in the database as well. We need to make a few changes to better accommodate SSDs in the database. When we do that, we'll make space for the externals as well and try to select a few common failure points to include as well.
  10. Zip Zpom Fly has a nice deal on the 500GB Seagate 7200.12. Take advantage of $10 instant off, $15 rebate and this coupon code (ZZF1029) to get the drive for $39.99.
  11. Starting today you can get free WiFi at about 11,500 out of McDonald's 14,000 locations. They used to charge $3 for the service, which I never understood. Starbucks, okay, I can linger there for a while and work. But McDonald's? I don't care that most have a McCafe in them now, I'm just not sitting in there longer than I have to. And $3 for 10 minutes of WiFi is a Vegas-hotel stype WiFi ripoff. It's free now - so enjoy your #2 with no onions with a side of WiFi.
  12. I've added the two Samsung Spinpoint F3 drives to the reliability database. The 500GB and 1TB are in there now.
  13. Okay, all of the F1 drives have been added.
  14. Thanks, this model has been added! Please submit your reliability report. While I'm in there, I'll try to get the rest of the F1 series added.
  15. Totally agree, an admin would approve it. I just want it to be friendly for people to request new drives. The forums might work okay, or a contact form. We'll see what people respond to. It certainly not terribly difficult to add some standardized reasons for failure. Let's definitely discuss this further when we come around for a revision of this tool. And with your other suggestions too, makes sense, you're just looking for more data points as to what and why a drive failed.
  16. My fault, I thought all the ones listed on the site currently were gen 4. Let me clean that up...
  17. Still setting aside some of the fundamental questions about the database, I've just added all of the current Caviar Green drives to the database. If you have one of these drives, please submit away
  18. Brian

    Seagate 7200.10

    This drive has been added, please rate away.
  19. Brian

    Star Trek

    It seems the follow-up is in the works now, but no JJ. Eh...I enjoyed the first one but can't say I loved it.
  20. I don't know, I always thought you had to be crazy to go to space, but it seems the ground crew has their own way to get high. Uh what? MSNBC
  21. The funny thing, to me anyway, is how old school IBM/Lenovo used to be with the Thinkpad. When I was running NotebookReview - I would have never thought they'd go all mainstream and consumer with these widescreen resolutions. Lenovo really bought that business with the intent on bringing it to the masses. It's a little sad, but what can you do?
  22. Shhhh, I'll send you the photos - have your way with them
  23. Brian

    Seagate 7200.10

    I've been working on Seagate this afternoon and tonight. I think I should be able to get the .10's all in tomorrow. The 250GB version is there now.
  24. I don't have pricing info yet, but I suspect we will by the time we post the review.
  25. I was debating the use of date too, right now it's with the family but would it be more appropriate with the product model? Maybe not, since they typically use the same or similar hardware. As it stands, I don't want to change the framework much, if at all, but we should feel free to discuss making this better, so we can address these issues progressively. Step one is adding a SSD switch, right now the database assumes they're all HDD.