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  1. Telstar - we'll get there. We have two Hitachi drives in now, but they're not comparable. We'll certainly ask them and WD for their larger enterprise-class drives though so the performance comparisons can be made.
  2. You're definitely right - extra space...and cost.
  3. At CES Sony announced their Z-series notebooks. Possibly the biggest highlight in the soon-to-be released notebook is the quad-SSD that runs in RAID0. From Sony: Is anyone buying this? I think it's funny that they compare the SSDs to 5400 RPM drives, not the best in class drives they're directly competing against. The VAIO VPCZ11Z9E supports 256GB of total storage and the VAIO VPCZ11X9E does the quad SSD thing in a 128GB configuration. Sadly, no US pricing data yet - but I'm sure they'll cost a mint. The feel details are here.
  4. Brian

    Avatars enabled

    I'm glad you can work around the avatar issue... discjet - I don't blame you, but it's safe now
  5. This isn't about reliability, with Sony it never is. It's about marketing, and from my perspective, this is largely bogus. Forget about eh price tag for a minute, which will be excessive...some poor guy's going to buy this rig thinking it's the best ever and well...I guess it will be in his own mind. I do wonder which SSDs they're using though.
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    Avatars enabled

    On the main site...yes. Credit score ads, etc...all gone now, along with the Kontera text links in the content.
  7. Right, so if we've learned anything here, it's that new tech costs more than the most precious metals on Earth, LOL.
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    Avatars enabled

    LOL - and no one even noticed that we got rid of the interstitials on the site - those are more offensive IMO.
  9. Brian

    Avatars enabled

    LOL - there's about four images on the entire site. A few tastefully done avatars won't bother you
  10. The MWAVE deal has expired, but NewEgg has the Intel X25-V now for $144.99. $15 instant off and free shipping.
  11. MWAVE has a nice deal on this consumer-level SSD drive from Intel. It's $124, plus another $10 off with orders over $100, see the banner at the top of the page. Deal Page Intel Product Page
  12. I thought this was pretty funny - Germany and France have joined to recommend against using IE. Certa, the French agency that protects the country from cyber threats indicated that no version of IE is safe. France did not specify their preferred browser, but I think they'd be happy so long as it's something other than IE.
  13. Lockheed Martin and IronKey today announced IronClad, secure computing in the form of a USB flash drive. The IronClad USB key shrinks an entire notebook’s hard drive, including the operating system, programs, and files, onto a secure flash drive. This allows users to have access to their own desktop and files on nearly any computer. Everything is run off of the flash drive; none of the data is passed to the hard drive of the computer IronClad is plugged into. The IronClad key has 256-bit encryption and hardware-level protection. Full Story
  14. Silicon Power has announced their 400X CF card with capacities up to 128GB and write speeds of up to 90MB/s. Silicon Power’s 400X cards support PIO Mode-6 and Multi-Word DMA 4 transfer mode in quad-channel configuration. The cards also feature Error Correction Code for data accuracy and Wear Leveling technology to prolong the card's lifespan. Full Story
  15. Active Media Products has introduced the 600X Compact Flash card family designed for DSLR-toting photographers. The 600X CF cards can write up to 90MB/s, relieving the bottleneck slower memory cards can cause while shooting photos in rapid succession. Full Story
  16. Sony formally announced their 8GB memory stick in Japan yesterday that supports Transfer Jet wireless transfers. With a properly enabled memory card and receiver, presumably in your notebook or computer, you can transfer files without having to insert the card in a reader. The trick though is you have to be within 3 centimeters, which isn't much further than just dropping the card in a card reader, but who am I to argue with the advancement of technology? The theoretical transfer rate is 560 Mbps, though that number is disputed. Sony intends to release 16GB and 32GB models as well. via AkihabaraNews
  17. Brian

    Drive testing methodology

    Kittle - that won't be a problem. We've already planned to do that test from a fixed distance each time. We're also working on another method that may mitigate some of the ambient noise issue.
  18. I'm no expert but with my limited knowledge EXT3 offers more speed and CPU efficiency over EXT2 while managing to be almost entirely backward compatible. Where did you see the data protection note? From what I've read it appears the EXT3 journaling system options are more robust and "better" in terms of data protection, especially when it comes to crashes and hardware failures.
  19. Brian

    My children's future is ruined.

    Chrome is about all I use any more - it's fast and rarely crashes. Even then it often is able to restore all my tabs. And now with the plugins available in the latest Beta build of Chrome, there's even more flexibility, including an option to open an IE tab within Chrome, for those times when you have to access a non-conforming site.
  20. I could totally see the value in a decent quality projector instead of a monitor, in certain work environments. It would also be neat if it worked wirelessly, but that adds a bunch of cost. I just don't think many people will move off the tactile keyboard experience any time soon. Those laser style keyboards have been trying to work for at least 4-5 years and to this point have failed to gain any mass appeal.
  21. Okay, the entire Deskstar 7K1000.C family is added.
  22. This drive has been added. I'll add the rest of this family next.
  23. I left EARS and AARS in 4th gen, as they all they all have the 64MB buffer. Does this make sense?
  24. Brian

    Muscle Beach

    I was watching Mecum Auto Auctions this morning in bed...they had a special hour on muscle cars. I'd be all about a Shelby Cobra if I had the temporary lapse of sanity and excess funds it would require.
  25. We've added the Toshiba MKxx56GSY family of 7200RPM 2.5" drives to the reliability database. There are four drives in total up to 500GB capacities.