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    Hitachi 2.5" 7K500 500GB 7200RPM in for review

    We can probably do something about the PS3, but I think we'll do that outside of the main review.
  2. CommVault, a data management software company, today released the results of a survey that reveal corporate demand for cloud storage is growing despite concerns over security and reliability. Out of 535 companies surveyed, 52% are considering the use of cloud storage services now or in the future. Full Story
  3. We've added the 5400.6 notebook line so we should now be up to date in the reliability database for all of the current Seagate drives. I realize there are some Seagate gaps still, please start a new thread as you see them and we'll resolve as quickly as possible.
  4. Silicon Alley Insider has a few pretty funny and/or sad stories straight from Apple store support guys. As a pet owner, I really liked this one...but would be too embarrassed to ever take it in for service. I love customers... Via Silicon Alley Insider
  5. Brian

    SSD Sales up 14% in 2009

    Eh, yeah it's not a rocket shot...but it is steady growth in a crap economy when there's been little downward decline in pricing.
  6. IDC is out with a new report today indicating that despite a weak economic year, SSD drive adoption continued to grow. Solid state drives accounted for over 11 million units sold in 2009, a 14% year over year growth. Full Story
  7. The entire family of Momentus 7200.4 drives have been added to the reliability database.
  8. I'd like to try shooting the drives...anyone have good pictures of a drive you've shot? Preferably with a .45 or large slug? I just can't find a local range that will let you shoot anything but paper...I know, silly rules about projectiles bouncing back and so on.
  9. They're just now getting to OEMs, but we've added the two Seagate Momentus Thin drives to the reliability database.
  10. The Barracuda low power consumption drives have been updated in the database. All four form 500GB-2TB have been included.
  11. We have added the entire Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 family to the reliability database.
  12. Brian

    Seagate Barracuda 7200.11

    This entire family has been added to the drive reliability database, please add your reports when you can
  13. Thanks K-Tron. We have a long running thread in the site suggestions forum about new testing benchmarks. Feel free to drop additional comments here -
  14. Brian

    Seagate Barracuda 7200.11

    Thank you - this drive has been added. I'll get the rest of the 7200.11 family in ASAP.
  15. I've looked into the Runcore, that one seems to make a lot of sense. $230 or so for the 64GB version seems to be worthwhile.
  16. No - with quality enterprise class drives this would happen less often than getting struck by lightning. With 6 drives I don't think this benefits you. I've never used 5EE but my understanding is that it's most effective in smaller arrays as it gives you more usable space, rather than having an idle hot spare. As to stripe size I'm not sure...that's a bit beyond me, but I will say that more likely, users will have other factors slowing them down, like connection speed, that would make any stripe size gain difficult, if not impossible, for the end user to detect.
  17. Brian

    Thousands of USB Flash Drives Go Through Dry Cleaners

    4500 at the cleaner' many more left in cabs, accidentally throw away or swallowed by pets? And that's just the UK. This USB security issue dovetails well into a piece we'll be posting tomorrow.
  18. Brian

    Configuration suggestions

    I'd pick what is affordable out of the Adaptec performance line. They should all be Windows compatible. When I set up a server I like to go one of two routes. With a a nice budget, RAID5 with 4-5 disks. On a tighter budget we sometimes go with RAID1 and just 2 disks with a 3rd as backup...depends on the server config too as to what your options are. The 1U Dell's I like are obviously less flexible when it comes to multiple drives. But in either case, I typically have the OS and data on the same server, with a partition large enough for the OS, software and future updates, etc. You could certainly run the OS on a dedicated drive, SSD or otherwise, but unless you do a separate RAID there, you're opening up yourself to more risk IMO. Of course all of this gets mitigated somewhat with redundancy for the servers and some sort of NAS. But I don't know enough about your environment.
  19. Are you looking for drive recommendations? As to that Adaptec card, the 5805 is very well respected and is designed to be used in performance environments.
  20. Brian

    Configuration suggestions

    Is this server needed for high availability? What's it's role... As to giving up on RAID, I know you feel burned right now, but the only reason your data isn't permanently toast over what might be a hardware failure is the RAID. If you were running a single disk or even a backup you'd be worse off. As to the software RAID, it kind of goes back to what is this machine doing. Software RAID is not ideal for many/most uses.
  21. NewEgg has been doing a little more couponing lately, which is a good thing if you pick your spots.
  22. Fair many times have the likes of Amazon's S3 cloud, etc been down? It seems to happen more often than it should.
  23. Brian

    Super Talent Announces Enterprise SSDs

    Hah - good's all about adoption at the OEM level. It will only take a few good sales to get these guys cranked out into the market. I wonder long term if all these second-tier, and lower, SSD manufacturers will beat the big boys at the game with superior controller technology, etc.
  24. Brian

    Free Online Storage

    Hah, the bad translation is for everyone else then I agree that they have the capability to do it whenever they want, but I'm not sure if the economics are there. Not that that's stopped Google before, but all indications that I see currently point to them leveraging the Docs interface to let people manage files there and pay a modest fee for extra storage. It would be nice though if you could set that up as a virtual drive.
  25. Brian

    Super Talent Announces Enterprise SSDs

    Another SandForce enabled super-speedy SSD...the only thing that I don't like about this announcement and the Viking one from the other day is that there's no pricing or availability data. Really would be nice to know these are for real and not just product announcements. I guess we'll wait and see.