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  1. Eh...that's a shame. It's too bad our reliability database is out of date...that's what used to be "the" metric for drives. Incidentally, please report your failures there. If your drive isn't in our database, I can add it. We're getting dozens of submissions daily now as more drives are added.
  2. K-TRON - are you talking about Seagate's reliability overall or mostly in the enterprise space?
  3. Brian

    Forums software upgraded

    @Spod - we'll look into the text link. Would you want it to the right of the forum name? Right now there's also the dropdown menu that can get you home. @Kittle - The user block is being problematic...we'll get it worked out. The big thing for us was to upgrade to the new version of the forums software, we know the prior version was so old that issues like this would occur. If it makes you feel any better, we do intend to popular that right side column with relevant data.
  4. Brian

    Adaptec 3200S Raid 5 Degraded

    Yeah, I've never done anything to a drive when rebuilding a RAID - just unpack it, and re-mount it.
  5. Brian

    Adaptec 3200S Raid 5 Degraded

    I'll show my Linux ignorance here, my experience is limited to Windows, but when I've had drives go out in RAID arrays, just replacing the failed drive with a new one kicks off the rebuild process via the RAID controller. Well, sometimes you have to press a button, but you get the idea. If the Adaptec 3200S supports SCO you should be fine going that route I would think.
  6. Brian

    Super Talent Announces Enterprise SSDs

    LOL - I thought about that Spod. Who knows...I'm not going to worry about it right now, but the issue was worth noting and we may reference this post in a year or two as the harbinger of something.
  7. Obviously there's no reason to argue against Intel at this point, but I am seriously interested to see how the market will respond. With fewer barriers to entry in the SSD space than the HDD space, and at least three times as many substantially-sized companies already cranking out market ready SSDs, it will be interesting to see how fast the performance, reliability and special features progress.
  8. continuum is right of course - there's a reason you can walk into any electronics stora or office store and pick up a $GB card for free, or near free after rebate. Cost vs. quality.
  9. Brian

    Do I want JBOD or something else?

    If you go this route, along with praying - you could run backups to an external drive. While you won't be able to do an easy restore off that drvie, if you're worried about losing your content, it would make sense.
  10. CrunchGear has a review of the Iomega ix4-200d NAS. $700 seems a little pricey, and they make you buy the Overall they're pretty impressed - here are the highlights. Pros: Supports Bittorrent Compatible with most backup programs Crazy number of features Cons: Cost – you can’t get it without hard drives Too many features, might be intimidating Setup can be tricky
  11. is rebuilding

  12. Brian

    Super Talent Announces Enterprise SSDs

    Well, I received an email from the company indicating they couldn't get us any review units due to financial problems. I'm not sure what that means, but that framework makes me think this product announcement may be of the somewhat vapor-type.
  13. I haven't tested any of these cards yet, but I understand they're extremely fast, making the NAND a potential bottleneck instead of the conenctor. Pretty awesome in terms of potential.
  14. The problem with SD cards is there are actually several points of "failure" from bad pins at the conenction point to simple damage, as the cases aren't that strong. I will say though that generally the leaders in the space, Sandisk, et al, are typically solid. I actually prefer the microSD format as it's a little more flexible in terms of the devices it works with, and sits inside a full sized SD card dummy connector when needed.
  15. Brian

    uallocated hard drive issue

    I have no idea why the extra space was left unallocated, and I'm glad you have a backup, I mis-read that. The Easeus should do the trick for you. I haven't used it but it sounds like it should be able to join the partitions, which is exactly the same issue I had.
  16. Active Media Products has announced a 128GB SSD to their SaberTooth ZX line of 1.8" PATA ZIF SSDs. The tiny SSD format is designed for ultra-portable notebooks, netbooks and the like that use the ZIF connector. The new 128GB drive joins their 32GB and 64GB models and features sequential read speeds up to 80MB/s and sequential write speeds up to 38MB/s. Full Story
  17. I don't see your motorcycle parking spot in the mock-up. Are you going to do a home theater PC with internal storage...NAS...WHS?
  18. Brian

    Forums software upgraded

    I think we got the quoted text issue, the code block tool wasn't quite right. I've also disabled the reputation system. If there's demand, we'll put it back in. It was turned on by default in the base system upgrade. Understand that we felt getting the updated and more secure version of the forums live was more important that ironing out every design issue. We're not done and will review your list. Thanks for submitting your concerns.
  19. Spod - excellent and fair questions. Expect a follow-up piece on software soon.
  20. Brian

    Drive recommendations

    I'm confused. Are you Jalyst on the other forum or just trying to help this person? It might be helpful to post the relevant data here so we don't ahve to bounce to another site to read that entire thread.
  21. Brian

    uallocated hard drive issue

    You'll need software to get it done. I've looked and for the life of me can't find the freebie I used. But you have to do a full backup...messing with partitions without one is silly. Is there a reason you don't want to back up your data?
  22. Glad it worked out for you.
  23. Hmmmmm. These delicious looking bite-sized...maybe two bites, 2GB USB drives run $45 or you can get the whole set for $160.
  24. It's not ideal, but I've uploaded all current models into Caviar Blue. If you see something that's missing let us know. I'll get teh WD Black in soon too.
  25. We've added the ultra-popular Hitachi Travelstar 7K500 to the reliability database today. This includes the BDE and EA models as well.