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  1. It's supposed to work. In the latest forums upgrade, we're seeing some issues with that username carryover. We're looking into it and I'll be sure to post here and PM you when it's fixed. Thanks for reporting the issue.
  2. Brian

    WD - Capacity 0 in the bios

    Someone can correct me...but if you're computer can't see the drive it appears unlikely that you can even attempt a firmware update. What happens when you try to run the diagnostic tools? Incidentally, this is also a good time to ask you to register your drive's status in the reliability database.
  3. Brian

    Any benchmarks for WD Scorpio 1tb 2.5" ?

    Not a typo, they use 5200 in the 1Tb and 750GB models. As to answering the drive recommendation question - I'd lean toward the Hitachi 7k500 in the 500GB version and use a workable external storage option. The USB 3.0 externals are pretty speedy at this point, we have the WD MyBook 3.0 in for review right now. I guess the ultimate issue is really about what's more important, performance or storage space. Another option, if you decide to go with external storage for the bulk of the load, would be to go with an SSD for the system drive. Again it's an issue of how much local storage you need.
  4. It's amazing to me that Sony is still so stubborn with their Mem Stick format. At least they're now admitting that other formats exist They've announced a line of SD cards today: SF-2N1 2GB SD Class 4 $14.99 SF-4N4 4GB SDHC Class 4 $29.99 SF-8N4 8GB SDHC Class 4 $44.99 SF-16N4 16GB SDHC Class 4 $79.99 SF-32N4 32GB SDHC Class 4 $159.99 SR-2A1 2GB microSD with adapter $14.99 SR-4A4 4GB microSDHC Class 4 with adapter $29.99 SR-8A4 8GB micro SDHC Class 4 with adapter $44.99 It's not huge news, but potentially a sign that they may transition off the MS platform some day. Their notebooks and other devices support other cards, the big holdout is their digital camera line. Sony Press Release
  5. Brian

    Any benchmarks for WD Scorpio 1tb 2.5" ?

    Right, but in this case the need is a notebook, so it won't fit. Now we need to get to the issue of what's important to the owner and what's the budget?
  6. I'm sure I've told you this, but you're at least partially insane. Though I do appreciate your stubbornness in seeing this through. Did you decide on a system to store the movies? A giant SSD NAS perhaps that costs as much as the remodel?
  7. Brian

    WD - Capacity 0 in the bios

    Another computer or in an external case?
  8. Brian

    Any benchmarks for WD Scorpio 1tb 2.5" ?

    Leave it to Charles to figure out that even though it's 2.5" the darn thing won't fit. Egad.
  9. Brian

    Any benchmarks for WD Scorpio 1tb 2.5" ?

    Looking around a bit, they appear pretty available in the $225-250 area. We do not have one in for testing yet, though I'll try to remedy that soon. That particular platform isn't going to be performance oriented though. With odd speed 5200 RPM platters and only 8MB's going to be more about low power and quiet than performance. What is it you're looking for in a notebook drive?
  10. Brian

    Intel, Micron to Intro 25nm NAND Flash on Monday

    What a tremendous step forward for SSDs. Not only from the potential cost savings, but Intel's next generation SSDs will be up to 600GB. Depending on how much these cost at retail, SSDs could see a nice spike in 2012 when these get to market.
  11. We've added Toshiba's latest generation 2.5" 5400 RPM notebook drives to the reliability database. Product Page
  12. Brian

    Forums software upgraded

    I like your stubborn ways But what I'm saying is the area on the left shouldn't be there and we can't replicate the issue with any modern browser. The issue of unutilized space on the right will hopefully be resolved with a new skin we're working on. The column will house useful data and we'll try to give registered users a way to minimize it.
  13. I like that, interrogation via that like drive water-boarding? We know from experience that the external drives often start off as one thing, but then supplies get low or there's an economic factor, and they switch to another drive type. Hitachi did this a while back, I have a 7K200 in an external which is actually better than the 5400 RPM drives they started with. But yes, the point is valid and we'll at least report on the drive that's in our review model and endeavor to track changes and update the review with user-reported data on teh drives being used, etc.
  14. Brian

    Forums software upgraded

    We'll look into DST now. What kittle is talking about is the blank space to the right. What you're talking about is bad formatting, pushing it all to the left. We saw that issue in older versions of Chrome, but the problem is not present in FF 3.6, IE8 or the latest build of Chrome. So I do think updating will help.
  15. Brian

    Seagate 7200.10

    The 500GB drives have been added. I'll try to get the rest of this family in shortly. Rate away!
  16. In some cases we'll be able to get to the internal drive, in some cases we won't. In any case it does void the warranty, so we'll have to see what the manufacturers will let us get away with.
  17. Brian

    Storage Review Site Update

    I'd kindly ask that you update your browser to the most recent version This is not the final design though, it's an interim step. We had to update the forums, there's a thread on this here if you want to discuss more.
  18. We've started a new forum here just for drive and storage deals. I update it as I find good offers...hopefully others will join in too I scour 3-4 tech deals sites for storage deals every day or two.
  19. Brian

    SSD SANs

    One application, but thousands of users across dozens of accounts...I think it will work out for them. As to the performance of the SAN, I was just mentally debating the value of SSDs.
  20. Brian

    Do I want JBOD or something else?

    Huh, quite slick indeed...nicely done discjet/Katy.
  21. You certainly have a right to be angry. I did a little searching around but didn't turn up too many complaints about Simpana 8. I know that doesn't help, but hopefully this is an isolated incident.
  22. Brian

    SSD SANs

    I'm working with a company that is putting in a new architecture for sering a web application. They've gone with a SAN for the data storage, allowing multiple servers to hit it. 15K drives, I'm not sure how many or what brand they ended up with, but I'll look into it further. I will say while I find the idea of jamming SSDs in there to be fun, these guys could barely afford what they bought already, so high capacity SSDs were out It would be pretty fun to test one against another though to see what the real world results would be, not so much at the sever, but if the user notices it through the browser.
  23. Brian

    Sarotech to Intro USB 3.0 HDD Enclosure

    I'm a little surprised we haven't seen more USB 3.0 enclosures yet. I no notebooks and desktops are just starting to adopt USB 3.0, but still. I'm sure in a few months there will be dozens of options.
  24. I just went through this three page thread, awesome that you got this worked out. Good luck with it.
  25. jedH - that post wasn't exactly on topic so it was split into a new thread here.