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  1. Brian

    Drive recommendations

    How is it "supposed?" I've posted a picture of the darn thing.
  2. Brian

    WD 1.5 TB at a GREAT price!

    I'm moving this post to the deals forum.
  3. Hard to argue that price for perhaps the best performing notebook HDD.
  4. Awesome, glad you found something you think you'll like. Do us a favor please and when you get the stuff in, start a new thread about the WHS building process with some pictures. I think that would go a long way to helping people build their own. The pre-packaged solutions from Lenovo, HP and others are good, but there's something rewarding about DIY. I've been contemplating a similar build myself.
  5. Brian

    Drive recommendations

    Since we haven't tested them against each other I can't definitively say, though I wouldn't expect trouble from either. I would want the much larger cache of the WD though over the pretty limited F3. Not that cache is the only factor in performance, but still.
  6. With mirroring on, it sounds like it might be 1-1, which makes you'd need 5TB. Not ideal in terms of efficiency, but that's my take. I could be wrong however...I haven't used WHS in mirror mode before.
  7. I didn't build it, so don't worry about me taking it the wrong way I will say though, from a cost perspective, once you price out the components, you're not going to save much. The WHS license is $100, figure that much for a case, little more for a MB...still need a middish-CPU, 2GB RAM and the disks. I'm not sure you save much going the DIY route. On the cost front, Acer is the cheapest, they have one for a touch under $400.
  8. Well - I've spent time with the Lenovo model, it's very well constructed and on the software side I'd say WHS is one of the best things MSFT has ever done. I haven't tested the HP version personally, but I've talked with those who have a lot of hours on them and the main advantage is you get an iPhone application for viewing media, if that's important. They're the only ones that offer that as far as I know. Otherwise, they support up to 4 drives. It doesn't offer RAID, but they do offer data mirroring. There's a few other goodies too like auto backups of computers on the network and so on. Here's a review of the Lenovo D400 from the home theater perspective.
  9. The problem with the WD NAS is that it's very slow. Otherwise I'm sure it's fine, but I'd hate to get hung up with access time issues when trying to stream. Have you considered a Windows Home Server? This is kind of what it was designed to do.
  10. Thomas just polished off this review. It's posted here. Discuss the review at this link.
  11. We've just started playing with this new entry-level drive cloner. It was announced last week and provides a very easy drive duplication process. We fired it up and dropped two drives, pressed the button and an hour and 16 minutes later, a 320GB notebook drive was perfectly cloned. The box doesn't look like much but it does the job. It also connects via USB and will show up as external storage. If you have any questions or suggestions for the review, please post here.
  12. Brian

    Drive recommendations

    It's a 1TB with 64MB cache. More info
  13. Brian

    Any benchmarks for WD Scorpio 1tb 2.5" ?

    Ugh, the dreaded UK issue. They're widely available in the US, but I know people are having an awful time finding them in Europe.
  14. Brian

    Drive recommendations

    If you want 1TB performance drives, the new WD Caviar Black I posted about today might be a good candidate. It's pretty snappy.
  15. Brian

    Forums software upgraded

    How is it now for you? The align change was made.
  16. The answer is a little hard to capture in the context of our review, which will be posted today, but here's the response to the bad sector question from Aleratec: I guess this is about what you'd expect. Better than the duplicator creating bad sectors on the target drive
  17. Brian

    Upcoming drive from WD

    Funny timing - take a look at the post I just made on the new Caviar Black. As to the 640GB - nothing came out around CES in that regard. I'll have to poke around a little with our contacts and let you know what I can find...if anything.
  18. I guess if the site never did an SSD review before two weeks ago when the new team took over, then yes, this is the first. Don't worry though, just got another 128GB in this morning that will come right behind it.
  19. Imation just dropped off a box at our offices with one of the products being their latest SSD upgrade kit. In the box is their M-class 128GB SSD, USB external drive case, and Acronis True Image. The way it works is you slide the SSD in the USB case, run True Image and copy over the contents of the drive you're upgrading. Then flip out the drives and bam, you should be done. Then you can do what you want with the old drive, including putting it in the USB drive case and use it for external storage. Now, Imation isn't exactly working much magic here, but the entire kit is well put together and they make it so easy, that "anyone" should be able to do it. Not that it's a lot harder to buy these three components separately, but there's something to be said for the ease of use, especially for the non technical. We're going to test by going through the upgrade process, just as a typical user would. We'll also run before and after benchmarks. What else are you interested in seeing? This is the 2.5" M-class for notebooks upgrade kit. Imation Product Page
  20. Brian

    My children's future is ruined.

    LOL...nice. IE5 huh? Yikes.
  21. Brian

    remote backup

    Safety deposit box is a solid idea. It's not always convenient, but if your data is important, going there every week or so isn't that bad. When thinking about places to hide a drive in your home, I came up with a few ideas for you. Prison style - cut out the pages in a bible the size of your drive and hide it inside - a la Shawshank Redemption. Key hider - I don't think they make a giant faux dog poop drive container, but the idea is still solid, place the drive inside a container used for something else. Candies, cookies, etc. Other ideas, under floor boards, build a hidden wall, and the old classic, a safe behind artwork.
  22. Brian

    Buffalo Announces TeraStation ES High Performance NAS

    These storage-in-a-box solutions make it pretty easy to safeguard data. Businesses these days really have no excuse not to back up. Even the home users are more and more wise to the need to keep more than a single drive. Must be that losing all this digital media is more painful than folders of work documents, lol.
  23. It's supposed to work. In the latest forums upgrade, we're seeing some issues with that username carryover. We're looking into it and I'll be sure to post here and PM you when it's fixed. Thanks for reporting the issue.
  24. Brian

    WD - Capacity 0 in the bios

    Someone can correct me...but if you're computer can't see the drive it appears unlikely that you can even attempt a firmware update. What happens when you try to run the diagnostic tools? Incidentally, this is also a good time to ask you to register your drive's status in the reliability database.
  25. Brian

    Any benchmarks for WD Scorpio 1tb 2.5" ?

    Not a typo, they use 5200 in the 1Tb and 750GB models. As to answering the drive recommendation question - I'd lean toward the Hitachi 7k500 in the 500GB version and use a workable external storage option. The USB 3.0 externals are pretty speedy at this point, we have the WD MyBook 3.0 in for review right now. I guess the ultimate issue is really about what's more important, performance or storage space. Another option, if you decide to go with external storage for the bulk of the load, would be to go with an SSD for the system drive. Again it's an issue of how much local storage you need.