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  1. Huawei Connect is the company’s annual event held in Shanghai both this year and last. Much like Connect 2016, this year’s event focuses quite a bit of its attention on the cloud. The company has moved beyond providing hardware and software for the cloud, and has extending its reach into operational services as well. This plays well into the overall industry that is undergoing a massive digital transformation and is looking for new business models and tools to increase connection, engagement, and get a competitive advantage. Huawei Unveils Its Platform + Connection + Ecosystem Strategy At Connect
  2. Brian

    WD To Acquire Tegile

    I have no visibility into what WD's plans are from a systems perspective, but fighting against your OEM customers doesn't seem like a good idea to me.
  3. It's feasible in that if it meets your needs, so be it. But if you have highly compressible and dedupable workloads, there may be better options pending your reply to Mitch.
  4. You'd have to email Supermicro. Unfortunately we can't discuss the pricing of this system.
  5. Believe me, we'd love to test both. We're making progress with HPE, we have the hybrid MSA in for review now. Yes, it's entry level storage, but it's a good first step. In terms of a Pure Storage review, they've been very clear that they'll never let us review their systems. We've had a few chances to work on a POC system that we've been offered by Pure customers/prospects, but we don't want to get them into trouble. As to Fujitsu, we reviewed a prior model a year or two back also. They're trying to get more mindshare in the US, though they have a lot of marketing work to do. Huawei is doing the same thing, we're seeing a big push from the APAC OEMs trying to get more North American exposure. The good news is that there are a lot of options and hopefully for Fujitsu they'll get a couple more looks now.
  6. The new mobile thin clients are pretty impressive, looking forward to getting one of those in the lab for review.
  7. Brian

    Crucial M500 alternative

    That's the problem with embargos...
  8. We don't have it handy any longer. I presume you have some SAS drives sitting around. Probably best to ask them to see what its supports. I'd worry some about cooling depending on what else you have in there.
  9. Review of a nifty little Thunderbolt enclosure that provides access to three PCIe slots and 4x2.5" drive bays. Netstor TurboBox Review
  10. Brian

    Off roader anyone?

    I have a growing appreciation for autocross but not off road per se.
  11. Brian

    Crucial M500 alternative

    We do have an embargo drop on an SSD next week that you may find interesting.
  12. Brian

    HPE MSA 2042 vs NetApp E-2724

    Well, that's the good news though with the hybrid value prop still, even if all the marketing dollars are going into all flash. If you can get a lot of your workload in that small pool of 4x800GB SSDs in the MSA, you're going to be thrilled with that investment. We just want to use the 1.6TB SSDs in the system to show peak controller capabilities. I do wonder if internally the HPE people ever think about what the MSA can do with more flash compared to low-end 3PAR. Different systems and targets, but I think the MSA would put up quite the fight.
  13. The cynic in me says they want to move two units for volume reasons.
  14. Brian

    HPE MSA 2042 vs NetApp E-2724

    We're gathering data now. Adding a larger SSD pool to run some additional tests, but the review is likely to be posted in 2-3 weeks. VMworld next week slows us down some. The early results with just 4x800GB SSDs are very good though. We're impressed with the early results.
  15. Brian

    Cisco To Acquire Springpath

    That's actually not the worst idea. At least more people would take a flyer on it. They claim 1800 HCI customers now, but with vSAN being over 8,000 - probably closer to 10,000 at this point, that's pretty small.
  16. Brian

    Cisco To Acquire Springpath

    I'm sure they're all hoping Cisco does better with this deal than the Whiptail acquisition. Honestly though, $320 million doesn't sound too bad. Unfortunately they haven't wanted to let us review a cluster yet. Not sure if they don't feel it's up to snuff yet or what.
  17. Brian

    10TB WD Black alternative?

    WD took over the helium drives as soon as it was legally possible.
  18. Brian

    10TB WD Black alternative?

    Man, we haven't seen HGST 3.5" drives to review in a while.
  19. It may. The ISP already warned me that the range you gave is full of bad actors...or was at least. If you can me more specific about your IP range I can let them know.
  20. I confirmed that range was blocked for bad behavior prior. The block is being removed but if the malicious activity starts up again, I won't be able to do anything about it.
  21. We don't manually block IPs. Our ISP could have your I on a list perhaps. PM the IP to me and I'll ask.
  22. QoS was always the hook that people liked early on with SolidFire. Glad it's working out for you. I know there's a lot of early interest in the HCI version. We may end up starting there with them. We'll see...
  23. I'm glad you asked We're talking right now about what's next and SolidFire is definitely on the list of reviews we're discussing.
  24. For which, the 64TB? Nah, it's going to be much more, I'd guess $125k. These aren't client drive economics.
  25. We don't typically run the same set of benchmarks on client drives, not sure anyone is cross shipping an expensive SAS drive with the 960 Pro for instance.