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  1. Synology has announced a slate of a new XS/Plus/Value-Series DiskStation NAS solutions, which is comprised of the DS3018xs, Synology’s first 6-bay tower NAS with optional 10GbE and NVMe SATA SSD support; the DS918+, DS718+ and DS218+, which are designed for intensive daily workloads; and the DS418, which features optimized 4K online transcoding capability. Also announced is a brand-new lineup of surveillance products, including NVR1218, an all-in-one, standalone surveillance solution; and the VS960HD, a compact surveillance monitoring and management device. Synology Announces a Slate of new XS/Plus/Value-Series DiskStations and Surveillance Products
  2. Vexata is all about eliminating I/O bottlenecks and letting business applications realize high performance and scale by leveraging the latest flash technology such as NVMe Flash and now 3D XPoint SSDs. This is achieved through the company’s patent pending operating system, VX-OS. This performance would be especially beneficial to database and analytics platforms such as Oracle, SAS, SQL Server and emerging NoSQL and cognitive computing platforms. Vexata states that optimal performance can be hit across large active data sets, without application re-writes or infrastructure re-architecture. Vexata Comes Out Of Stealth & Launches Its Active Data Fabric
  3. U.2 I assume. The other form factors make a lot less sense from a support perspective.
  4. From a design perspective, HPE has done well to double-stack the SSDs get get to the 24-drive density of 2.5" drives in 1U. The NVMe drives offered are 1.92TB Samsung PM963 SSDs, while the optional dual SATA drives are 1.92TB Samsung SM863a SSDs. In the eight DIMM slots, HPE supports 16GB, 32GB and 64GB modules. The chassis supports a single CPU, in this case an EPYC 7351P or 7601. HPE Cloudline CL3150 Launched
  5. The SE730H is also built to last' this tough little enclosure features IP68 dust and waterproofing (ADATA indicates it can withstand an hour in 1.5m of water), as well as military-spec shock proofing and MIL-STD-810G 516.6 impact resistance to protect against accidental drops. Using its USB 3.1 Gen 2 (10Gbps) interface via a reversible Type-C connector, ADATA quotes the SE730H to deliver 500MB/s for both read and write activity. ADATA SE730H Portable SSD Review
  6. The new R-Series SSD solution is a rugged portable device, as it has an International Protection Rating of 67 (IP67) for water and dust resistance as well as the ability to withstand up to a 3-meter drop on a carpeted concrete floor and 1000 lbs of pressure. Ranging in capacities up to 2TB, the new G-DRIVE mobile SSD R-Series is lightweight in design and can easily fit into a pocket. WD Announces New G-Technology G-DRIVE mobile SSD R-Series; New SDK for G-RACK 12
  7. Western Digital has announced the expansion of its WD Gold hard drive family with a new massive 12TB model. Designed to address demanding enterprise workloads, the 12TB WD Gold will provide a significant increase in storage density for a range of enterprise and cloud storage applications. WD Gold 12TB Model Now Available
  8. For editing, you're not going to get a lot form an SSD, though keeping it as the system drive and for your editing applications would make sense. The data on an HDD, not really a big deal. As to which one, in quantities of one, it doesn't much matter. If it were me, I'd go HGST, but everyone has an opinion.
  9. You lost the entire RAID?
  10. Toshiba has announced the new MQ04 Series 1TB HDD, a thin client drive designed for notebook PCs, gaming systems, all-in-one slim-line desktop systems, set-top box appliances, and other use cases that require high-capacity and durable storage. Toshiba MQ04 1TB Thin Client HDD Announced
  11. Dubbed “the world’s most powerful workstation,” the new HP Z8 features an all new ID with ducting that routes fresh air to the second CPU rather than using the warm air expelled from the ducting on the first CPU. Additionally, it sports a split chassis architecture, which gives rear access to the massive 1700 W power supply, 24 DIMMs, and the 9 PCIe slots (7 full length, full height PCIe slots and two internal PCIe slots) for some pretty versatile customization. Compared to the Z840, HP indicates that the new Z8 Tower has 67 percent more memory bandwidth, 27 percent greater processor core count capacity, 40 percent greater PCIe I/O bandwidth and 29 percent greater power supply capability. The Z8 also supports the latest professional graphics, 384GB of system memory, and dual M.2 slots for HP Z Turbo Drive PCIe SSDs, so users in the visual effects and design visualization industry will have the power they need. HP Announces Next Generation of Performance-Driven Z Workstations
  12. VMware has announced updates to its Cloud Provider Program today at VMworld 2017 in Barcelona; including the new VMware Cloud Provider Platform, which offers rapid deployment and scale up an environment to build value-added differentiated services; advancements to its cloud management platform to help customers deploy, operate and manage IT infrastructure and application services across a multi-cloud landscape; and the newest release of vSphere Integrated Containers v1.2, delivering new capabilities including provisioning native Docker Container Hosts. VMware Announces Major Updates to its Cloud Provider Program
  13. Dell EMC has announced the DSS 9000, an open and agile rack scale infrastructure designed to aid carriers and service providers in accelerating the adoption of software-defined data centers and cloud computing initiatives. The DSS 9000 offers organizations compute, storage, networking, power, cooling and open management in a pre-integrated rack with up to 96 nodes--as well as various Intel Xeon processors--to allow for unique builds based on customer needs. Dell EMC claims also that the DSS 9000 will promote a future of composable infrastructure, provisioning and managing at the rack level--and across the entire infrastructure--with a single interface. Dell EMC DSS 9000 Rack Scale Infrastructure Announced
  14. With this new raw multi-CPU and GPU power, the updated ThinkStations are set to boast fast processing of complex datasets and calculation intensive rendering, editing, and VR stitching, giving professionals the speed and performance they need for their specific use cases. In addition, the ThinkStation P920 and P720 both feature onboard M.2 NVMe SSD support, which offer some of the fastest I/O in the industry. Lenovo Announces ThinkStation P920 and P720 Desktop Workstations
  15. Another substantial upgrade to the HP ZBook is its dual Thunderbolt 3 ports via the USB-C connector, both of which support DP 1.2, USB 3.1 Gen 2 and PCIe technology. The display can also be upgraded to FHD Touch UWVA and UHD DreamColor options, the latter which boasts a bright 4K resolution, making it ideal for those working video and photo editing industries. Moreover, with its support for HP Fast Charge, HP states the ZBook 15 G4 can go from 0 to 50% in charged capacity in just a half hour, which is rather impressive. HP ZBook 15 G4 Review
  16. Dell Technologies has announced that the newest version of its REX-Ray technology, the company’s open source container orchestration engine created by open source organization {code}, has marked a new breakthrough: version v0.10 offers the first-ever plugins enabled by the Container Storage Interface (CSI) that implement a pre-release of the CSI 0.1 specification. Dell indicates this means major cloud providers and software-based platforms are now immediately interoperable through CSI. Dell adds that REX-Ray is the first CSI plugin implementation acting as an early validation of the CSI specification, which will likely aid in mainstream industry adoption and container orchestrator implementations. Dell Announces Container Storage Interface Support for REX-Ray v0.10
  17. At Huawei Connect 2017, the company released its new-generation intelligent cloud hardware platform, Atlas. Atlas follows along with several other key cloud products announced at the event Along with new cloud products, Huawei is heavily investing in a strategy that will aide companies that are currently in the process of their own digital transformation. Huawei Releases Atlas, Its Intelligent Cloud Hardware Platform
  18. Digital Transformation is the buzzword (or words in this case) that has been used ad nauseam. While it is true that several organizations are in the throes of this transformation, many have moved beyond the transformation phase and are ready to start creating new value. In order to facilitate this, Huawei is taking its cloud technologies and adding Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques. This techniques range from basic AI needs to more sophisticated aimed at satisfying all aspects of small to large enterprises including the supply chain, manufacturing, and management systems. Huawei Debuts Its Enterprise Intelligence Solution
  19. Helium will not dissipate in the lifetime of that drive. At 1TB it's probably traditional tech. They've done up to 2TB I think with SMR and not sealed.
  20. We've had a lot of conversations as to why this is and a lot of it comes back to the way government agencies procure hardware. There's a nuance of discounting that would be impossible if they started out by quoting a "real" price.
  21. As good as the advancements in storage and smartphone technology are, exposure to water can still damage them. How this service will work is DriveSavers will take one device per business or household and recovery the data. Since there is only one free one, make sure that it is the primary device of the household or business. DriveSavers will also offer 50% discounts on multi-disk devices such as RAID, NAS and SAN devices. DriveSavers Offers Hurricane Harvey Victims Free Data Recovery Of Wet Phones & Hard Drives
  22. I think that's why we're seeing action like the Tegile deal, where they couldn't IPO and couldn't continue operating at a loss. I haven't seen a concrete number of what WD paid, but it was certainly less than Tegile wanted to IPO for. We've already seen that with Nimble (HPE) and others.
  23. I've been thinking a lot about how to better socialize street prices for storage. The vendors will tell us, but of course don't want to let us post such things. That said, it seems like anyone who buys has a pretty good idea of what the street is anyway. I'd love to be able to anonymize the proposals and post them in a repository by vendor. For now, you guys chatting about it here is a good start.
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  25. Huawei Connect is the company’s annual event held in Shanghai both this year and last. Much like Connect 2016, this year’s event focuses quite a bit of its attention on the cloud. The company has moved beyond providing hardware and software for the cloud, and has extending its reach into operational services as well. This plays well into the overall industry that is undergoing a massive digital transformation and is looking for new business models and tools to increase connection, engagement, and get a competitive advantage. Huawei Unveils Its Platform + Connection + Ecosystem Strategy At Connect