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  1. Just check the post history... /r/homelabsales
  2. Yes, we could do better to provide context there. It's dissimilar to other attempts in the past.
  3. When compared to other CPUs in the SKU list we can see that they have relatively more cores and have a lower base speed then other CPUs around this price point. This allows the CPUs to service more VM’s, albeit at a lower speed then other CPUs at this price point. One of the keys to having good performance on a server running virtual workloads is to have the VMs run on the same cores in a CPU whenever possible as this will result in better usage of the CPU’s L1 and L2 memory cache. So when running many VMs on a server having a CPU with more cores running at a slower speed will give better overall performance than having a CPU with fewer cores running at faster speeds. Full Story
  4. Brian

    2,5" 2TB HDD

    Right, there were certain product lines and tech that Toshiba ended up getting. They're largely closed the gap now though.
  5. Brian

    SSD life expectancy

    We post you mean something else?
  6. We don't have a big pool of Intel NVMe drives unfortunately. We have more coming on this though, early days still.
  7. We modified the way we test QLC drives after that initial run. We went from testing 5% to 1% of the drive capacity. Essentially we tested too hard for these value drives early on.
  8. We just got the 250GB in. Not expecting much but we'll see.
  9. Brian

    Seems there is none new member here

    Welcome! Would love to hear about your experiences.
  10. Normally there's a screw to secure the tail end of the drive or a rubber stopper (for lack of better word). Yes, take a photo.
  11. Did it end up working? Never shut off power during what appears to be a sluggish firmware update.
  12. Brian

    New BackBlaze Stats

    We're at the point now with some NAS reviews where it takes a few days to get to the point where we can test. It will operate, just not at best performance levels.
  13. We already gave it away on Reddit
  14. Hah, I can't tell you how many times I've done that in testing portables over here. Wow, that HDD is FAST!
  15. All the SSDs should work in a QNAP or Synology for instance. The enterprise drives largely add endurance as you note. We've used a lot of DCT 860s and they've been great. Even used them in a white paper for QNAP/Veeam that was pretty fun. Anyway, if the price is close, I'd lean toward the enterprise drives. You'll get much better support too, no arguing about workload if there's a problem.