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  1. Some people like it I think for the bandwidth that ca pass through if you daisy chain a bunch of crap together. But yes, for this use, TB3 doesn't do a lot to help.
  2. The demand is outstripping supply at the moment...well, really for the last 18 months or so. All the suppliers and buyers are saying the same thing. There's just not enough NAND production to go around. These die changes are critical to being able to hit the capacity targets the market expects.
  3. I'd do a fresh install to be honest. The migration tools usually work...usually. But Windows being what it is, I prefer to start clean.
  4. I'll kill it.
  5. Most people can get by with 256GB, especially with cloud storage for less used files. And the question isn't dumb, sizing your drive is an important decision. You need to count up what you have no and see if 256 is enough, though if you have budget, there's not much downside to going up to a 512GB.
  6. Yes, MSA has that goodness. Our system is coming with 2 SSDs installed and a second set of 2 we can add if we want to test with a little more flash. We're pretty excited to see the new controllers, the last set was good, so not sure how much improvement there will be...we'll see. For an entry storage box, it's pretty hard to beat MSA, especially if you're getting a nice price
  7. The MSA systems are nice, we have a lot os hands on experience there via Dot Hill. We're actually about to review the refreshed HPE MSA system, should have it in a few weeks. We're also reviewing the NetApp AFF A200 right now, beauty of a system. I know you're not looking at all flash, but it's probably worth pricing out a tiny one to see if you can make it work. In the end though, you already know NetApp. With similar pricing, I don't see a reason to move to a new platform.
  8. What are you using now I suppose is the big question. 120GB is still the most popular SSD size, with 240's maybe taking over recently or soon. Anyway, I'd base my decision entirely on your current situation and what you think you need going forward.
  9. Welcome, glad to have you.
  10. We review everything we can get. We do not currently have any cards in the review queue.
  11. We didn't do an acoustic check...I'll have to ask around to make sure the spec is correct.
  12. We've stopped really caring too much about the underlying NAND as few end users make decisions based on controllers, NAND and whatever else is inside the case. That said, yeah, this is older gen, not the new 64 layer.
  13. The P1000 is equipped with a 640 CUDA core Pascal GPU, 4GB GDDR5 of onboard memory and advanced display technologies, all of which are tightly packed inside a low-profile form factor. In addition, it supports up to for four 4K displays with a native resolution of 4096x2160 (60Hz) and does not require any additional power connector, as its maximum consumption is quoted at just 47W--less than half of what the P4000 pulls out. NVIDIA Quadro P1000 Review
  14. Thanks for the legwork on price. It's so variable and vendors don't even list an MSRP, so we try to avoid that, but I'm glad you shared what you found. Yes, SAS and SATA aren't comparable for many reasons, but SATA is getting to the point where it's replacing SAS in a lot of scenarios, including software defined. I think you'll see SATA increase in popularity in many cases and we're asked by several readers to show as much data as we can in these reviews.