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  1. We see that stinker all the time. It has a 10GbE NIC, so for sure it's max throughput AVAILABLE. Even though there's one HDD connect. Meh.
  2. What the crap are you talking about?
  3. Brian

    Copying files from hard drive to ssd

    Ensure external drive is formatted?
  4. I like the dedication, lol
  5. I have no idea how Android works or its file sizes etc. But I have a hard time believing that there's any perceived speed difference amongst any of the top branded cards.
  6. Brian

    Seagate Exos 7E8 vs 5E8

    We just gave away two of those Archive 8TB drives. Sloooooooow.
  7. I might be being dense, but what does this app do? I mean you could use virtualization to set up a VM and run it.
  8. Brian

    Portable USB HDD vs Powered HDD

    Functionally makes no difference. The portables are a little more simple I suppose in the event the power cables fail or someone wants to read the contents of the drive in a bank vault or something.
  9. With all of these have you considered going to rack mount systems? May be more space efficient at this point. Either way, Supermicro probably has a few options, are you looking to build a system or buy something complete off the shelf?
  10. Brian

    Will it fit?

    Good answer...yes they should generally work but as noted, not all will in every case.
  11. We've got this handy tool as well
  12. Brian

    Install Win10 on new SSD

    Are you trying to dual boot?
  13. What drive? Have you run the manufacturer tools to check it?
  14. Definitely doesn't sound normal. Assume you've updated BIOS, firmware, etc?
  15. Checked cables, ports, etc too? Sounds like a faulty piece somewhere in the line.