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  1. It may. The ISP already warned me that the range you gave is full of bad actors...or was at least. If you can me more specific about your IP range I can let them know.
  2. I confirmed that range was blocked for bad behavior prior. The block is being removed but if the malicious activity starts up again, I won't be able to do anything about it.
  3. We don't manually block IPs. Our ISP could have your I on a list perhaps. PM the IP to me and I'll ask.
  4. QoS was always the hook that people liked early on with SolidFire. Glad it's working out for you. I know there's a lot of early interest in the HCI version. We may end up starting there with them. We'll see...
  5. I'm glad you asked We're talking right now about what's next and SolidFire is definitely on the list of reviews we're discussing.
  6. For which, the 64TB? Nah, it's going to be much more, I'd guess $125k. These aren't client drive economics.
  7. We don't typically run the same set of benchmarks on client drives, not sure anyone is cross shipping an expensive SAS drive with the 960 Pro for instance.
  8. What we hear is that SATA isn't worth investing in and most vendors see it going away entirely in the client space first, within the next year or two. NVMe will be the clear leader in all new client systems going forward. This includes to a lesser extent IoT devices as well. On the enterprise side, we'll probably see the same thing on a slightly slower cadence.
  9. This is an interesting concept and surprisingly to me, that article got a ton of reads. Acceleration cards have a checkered past though, pretty difficult to get just right, especially for a mass audience.
  10. The HDD economics are swinging the wrong way. We're already seeing Seagate starting to fall, will be interesting to see what happens in the HDD space the next year or two. Move will primarily be toward 3.5" capacity...but even that is a long term loser.
  11. Some people like it I think for the bandwidth that ca pass through if you daisy chain a bunch of crap together. But yes, for this use, TB3 doesn't do a lot to help.
  12. The demand is outstripping supply at the moment...well, really for the last 18 months or so. All the suppliers and buyers are saying the same thing. There's just not enough NAND production to go around. These die changes are critical to being able to hit the capacity targets the market expects.
  13. I'd do a fresh install to be honest. The migration tools usually work...usually. But Windows being what it is, I prefer to start clean.
  14. I'll kill it.
  15. Most people can get by with 256GB, especially with cloud storage for less used files. And the question isn't dumb, sizing your drive is an important decision. You need to count up what you have no and see if 256 is enough, though if you have budget, there's not much downside to going up to a 512GB.