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  1. We've talked about it but just haven't put the time in to create one.
  2. Really depends on your workflow, but I'd go straight to the NAS if the transfer times work for you.
  3. They're really all about the same honestly. I'd buy the one that looks nice to you and fits in the budget. I will say though that you need to be sure to back this drive up. If you're more paranoid you could get a dual-bay RAID enclosure that offers a little more redundancy. Better yet, get a NAS.
  4. This new integration with the Veeam Data Mover Service (VDMS) enables DXi deduplication appliances to support the full breadth of advanced Veeam features such as synthetic full backup creation and instant VM recovery. The two companies state that using Veeam with DXi deduplication appliances can both maximize availability of production environments while minimizing backup storage costs. Aside from the above mentioned benefits, DXi appliances will also be added to the Veeam user interface in the next software release. Quantum Announces Tighter Integration With Veeam
  5. The new VM Backup and Recovery offers the “full experience” of Commvault’s software to back up and recover virtual machines and structured/unstructured data. Users can also leverage physical machines as the destination. In addition, it provides customers with a both the simplicity and cost of down-market solutions all the while offering comprehensive capabilities and features, and integration with cloud and on-premises solutions. Commvault VM Backup and Recovery Trial Software for Customers Launched
  6. The main use cases for the new Ultrastar SS300 drives are virtualized storage systems, databases, and private and hybrid cloud environments. The drive come in capacities up to 7.68TB, enabling customer to consolidate their data centers a bit and get the same data in a smaller footprint. Not only does the new drive have high random performance and high capacity, it is also offered in several endurance classes and power settings (high power consumption for more performance and lower for energy savings). The levels of variety give OEMs lots of flexibility as they create data center gear. WDC Announces HGST Ultrastar SAS SS300 SSD
  7. We use what we've been sampled. Unfortunately that means we don't always have all the capacities.
  8. Intel wants "Optane Memory" to be used with their cache software, though you can use it without as a tiny SSD if you want. I'm just saying I think the idea is dumb and they should have just waited to launch a proper SSD. That's probably what Micron will do, instead of trying the interim step that Intel is taking. My read is that the Optane media is just not ready for prime time yet but Intel is trying to build it's brand in the interim.
  9. Agreed, though I'd probably just add a second drive rather than migrating OS and such to a new one.
  10. I think Micron will forgo this silly cache idea and just go straight to a traditional SSD package.
  11. What are you doing that you're hoping to see a performance gain in? I can't get behind what WD is doing with SSD right now, there are many other better options.
  12. Yes, all of this and budget would be helpful to send you in the proper direction.
  13. If it's me, I'd just buy on price at the capacity point you want to hit. In quantity of one, it won't matter. Personally, I prefer HGST, but again, everyone has their favorite/horror story. Just back up whatever you buy and all will be good.
  14. It's something we've considered but don't have a great answer. In our lab, we don't hear any of them, but we have 5 racks of gear I do understand though if you're putting a NAS anywhere other than a closet or basement, noise may be a concern.
  15. For what you're doing, the low cost alternative is probably the right call. I certainly wouldn't pay up for a 7200RPM drive.