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  1. It's unfortunate that Intel won't send one for detailed review. Kind of hard to tell how real it is. We worked with a server vendor on Intel's launch partner list and they only had access to 175GB dev samples. So far this launch is pretty meh.
  2. Well there is no profitability and revenue growth is a big problem with the current stock price. But that aside, I hope they make it, despite my disdain for their marketing team.
  3. Supporting NVMe isn't really all that impressive. All the other major vendors will have NVMe announcements this year in all likelihood, but ultimately, NVMe is just a technology and *most* organizations aren't going to want to pay the premium anyway. Then again Pure is always a mystery to us given their refusal to let us see any of their systems. Their share price isn't exactly reinforcing a healthy business model either.
  4. Well, we didn't even want to review this because their devices have been awful for a long time. Drobo convinced us new management had solved problems. Clearly they have not. It's sad, Drobo was cool once, but they've really thrown away a good opportunity.
  5. The new WD *might* have the Black inside it, we don't have one yet to test. I haven't seen any accessories to do what you want. I'd guess though that Samsung will hook you up with a proper option this year. I don't have any special insight, but the trajectory makes sense.
  6. Of course, but they're enterprise grade and much more costly. That's where you see guys like HPE and NetApp using the 15TB Samsung drives in their arrays. I'm sure you could snag one for $30,000
  7. You can run SMART tools to ensure they're new, but I'd not worry.
  8. This post gave me a very good chuckle. Thanks. We used to keep that database but gave it up some time ago.
  9. Received word back.
  10. Yes, even comes with a poster to walk you through it
  11. What are your PCIe options?
  12. We see a lot of roadmaps and the funny thing is they never include pricing targets. I wouldn't expect a lot of downward pricing pressure on SSDs, we're actually seeing prices rise in some sectors. I'm afraid your dream of high capacity client drives is some time away, not for technical reasons, but just because they're going to be so expensive and without volume...the sweet spot for some time is going to continue to be 240GB and 480GB class drives. It may take QLC NAND to make that happen.
  13. Good question, I'll reach out and see what I can find out.
  14. Unless you have a specific issue this firmware resolves, I'd not even bother with it. If you must, back up the entire contents of the drive. There's a decent chance the process could go wrong and corrupt the entirety of the drive.