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  1. Hi All, I'm running WinXP with one of the first editions of the 15K RPM Seagate Cheetah drive. I never had a SCSI drive before this one and I have been rather unimpressed by the performance. For example, watching file copies on my Western Digital drive beat the pants off the Cheetah, and having very average bootup times. Maybe the performance gains are in areas I'm not aware of, I dunno. But I did get into some detailed discussions on these forums earlier this year about some kind of flaw in XP that doesn't let SCSI drives perform at their optimal levels. Anyway, if I dump this SCSI drive, what would be the fastest drive to replace it with? I have a Asus board which supports the serial ATA. I was thinking of that new Raptor drive. What do you think? Thanks much for any comments.
  2. I guess dynamic disks is a one way process. I'm thinking of using windows to make a full backup of my C: drive and then reformatting and reinstalling windows on it. Then once I'm back up and running with a basic install, I would restore my backup. Is this the correct procedure to get rid of my dynamic disk but retain my current system settings and programs? The main reason I want to get rid of my dynamic disk is that partition magic will not allow me to partition my second drive, because when it restarts XP to do it, it dies, and I found a KB article that said the problem is caused by the boot drive being a dynamic disk.
  3. Could someone explain this to me... 1. Perform a fresh boot of WinXP. Using 15K SCSI (boot disk), I un'rar a 600 MB file. It completes in 40 secs. 2. Reboot the machine (15K drive still the boot disk). I un'rar the same 600 MB file on my IDE drive. It completes in 25 secs. I haven't read through all of the posts, but what I did read made sense. That was, only the copy command was slow, and other uses you would see the performance you expect. That just because a large copy was slower, was confusing people. So, add unzipping to the list.
  4. logicprobe

    Terrible SCSI performance in Windows XP

    Ah, sorry, I incorrectly assued the option was to enable the option which I thought XP was ignoring. The cascopy program definately shows the kind of performance I expect from the SCSI drive. Fantastic demonstration of this xp flaw, thanks. I can provide Win2000 scores as well, but I'll need to partition my IDE drive and install it :-). Will post later.
  5. logicprobe

    Terrible SCSI performance in Windows XP

    Ok, I should've done this as well.. Here is the results from my IDE drive. 13,723,178 4,589,936 (with -writecache)
  6. logicprobe

    Terrible SCSI performance in Windows XP

    Well, what the heck does this mean then? I got the cascopy program and ran it on an 800 MB file. Now, my story is that in XP Pro my IDE is aprox twice as fast as my 15K Cheetah when doing a same disk copy. It's embarrasing for the SCSI drive. What I was expecting was this thing to fly when the -writecahe option was on, right?? On thing I noticed was my drive got really loud when I used that option. 27,596,379 4,628,519 (with -writecache) ??????
  7. I have an older IDE drive which I wasn't sure worked. But the drive appears to run fine and passes all tests when hooked up as a slave. I tried to install WindowsXP on it, but when it comes time to boot off of the HD I get an error. Is there some special tool or repair I can perform on this disk to fix the boot block? Thanks for any info or suggestions.
  8. If I try to run the scandisk for xp, I have to reboot, but when the blue screen comes up it says it can't get acess to the volume. My C: drive is configured as a dynamic disk. It worked before. Only thing I did recently was install Norton anti-virus and uninstalled it after it messed up my TV card's sound. Anyone know why?
  9. I have both of these drives, a Cheetah X15 and a WD 1800JB. My Cheetah has WinXP, and I use the WD for my programs. However, I bought a Adaptec 19160 (Ultra160) controller so I could get the max performance. 1. This generation Cheetah is very loud, and has a constant click sound, which is normal. 2. SCSI feels a little more responsive, but not too impressive to me. Meaning, if my Cheetah is loading something which takes a 30 seconds, I can open up Outlook Express or Internet Explorer and not have to wait a long time for it to come up. But, it isn't amazingly responsive. 3. When copying a file to itself, the Cheetah is takes aprox. twice as long! The same goes for unzipping/unraring a large file. This is the WinXP bug I guess and miserable write speed. To me, this is real-world stuff (maybe not the copying), and the SCSI drive is jus dismal, and happens to be rather common task. 4. Tranfer Rates (winbecnh99) however on both drives shows the Cheetah starts at 60 MB/sec and can sustain that fairly well. The WD drive starts at 50 MB/sec and has a sharper drop as the test progresses. So I'm confused why I get a much better transfer rate through this benchmark for the SCSI drive. I'm planning on installing either XP and/or Windows2000 and boot off of my WD drive and see how the system feels. For all I know, the SCSI drive is performing very well for OS functions and maybe I have a more responsive system than I realize because I'm just use to running off of a SCSI drive. If you want to run XP, and you wanna buy now and not wait a couple months for MS to release some kind of "fix", I'd say get one of the new IDE drives with the 8 MB cache. They seem very good, and you gotta love that massive storage!
  10. logicprobe

    Radeon 9700 XP problem

    Yep, known issue. www.rage3d.com will have many answers. Last I heard ATI knew about it.
  11. logicprobe

    Terrible SCSI performance in Windows XP

    Where can I download that cascopy? I'd like to try it in XP.
  12. logicprobe

    Is my cheetah crap on win xp pro??

    Ok, that's what I thought. Thanks :-). I'm gonna try to get an install of Win2000 on my IDE drive and see what kind of performance I get.
  13. logicprobe

    Should I even bother with XP?

    We need some people with confirm that 2K does indeed show better performance on their drive compared to XP. I guess there probably have already been a few who've done this. What I'm going to do, though it may take me a few days, is to install 2K on a partition of my IDE drive and then see if my 15K drive still runs like mud. If it doesn't, then I'll know that my dismal SCSI performance is XP.
  14. logicprobe

    Is my cheetah crap on win xp pro??

    Could someone interpret the last few posts for me? What is this telling us? Pradeep doesn't seem to have any problem, though he's running a super high end system! I don't know how that helps determine if others are seeing very poor disk to disk copies for SCSI drives compared to IDE.
  15. logicprobe

    Is my cheetah crap on win xp pro??

    Thanks, I tried the RC1 drivers, and no change. Oh well, I appreciate all the help. I had wondered if I just discovered a real-world case where the WD drive with the 8 MB cache simply can outperform the scsi drive, but from what people are telling me, that shouldn't be so. I'll just wait it out a couple more months, and if the MS doesn't release something, then I guess it's back to IDE for me.