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  1. qasdfdsaq -'re my new best friend. 6_6_6: You know you seem to be a pretty good, albeit overambitious, programmer. It's too bad that you're a jerk. I knew you would blame me for your overambitious, and, I've decided, buggy code. >If you are trying to delete these fonts, why the heck are you keeping backups of >them to start with? We are trying to save space from system drive! *You* are trying to save space on your system drive. You should not try to speak for what *I* am trying to do, because you don't know. I don't like to browse through all those garbage fonts when I'm in Word, that's why I want to unload them. However because I'm not as reckless as you, I took the prudent step of backing up the fonts before I uninstalled them. In case I trimmed a few too many, I had a backup from which to restore. After a certain time I could burn that folder out to a DVD or move it elsewhere or whatever. As for storing the backup in the windows folder, that's a perfectly good place to put it, right next to the fonts folder where it's nice and visible and convenient. The only thing I didn't expect was for some yahoo like you to go searching through my windows folder indiscriminately deleting files on a wildcard basis. Your code is buggy. It should not search through the windows folder and delete the font files anywhere it finds them. That's dangerous, reckless, and wrong. Instead, it should target the folders where you know the fonts will be and delete them there only. Also your code should go ahead and move the files to a backup location for human disposal, just in case the dog blows up. At the very least you should advise your readers that they should backup the font files before running your program. Let me ask you this: is it your script's intended purpose to delete fonts from c:\windows\Fonts_R_Junk? No it's not, so therefore by definition your code has a bug. I've run in to many programmers like you. Unwilling to accept feedback. I know I'm preaching to a wooden board, but you should not resist feedback. No one knows everything, no matter how smart they are. A know it all like you resists learning and therefore resists growing. Instead you should be grateful and gracious when feedback is offered and you should consider it carefully before deciding its value.
  2. I think this exe is over ambitious. I know you'll blame me for not reading your code, but you deleted my backup fonts in c:\windows\Fonts_R_Junk and I didn't expect or want that. I notice that you also found fonts in several other places. Why not just limit to the system font folder, usually at C:\windows\fonts? That seems like it would get 99% of the job done.