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  1. Goodness Deskstars are just getting destroyed by TB4.
  2. With an attitude like that you still actually expect people to keep trying to bash your head in with the wisdom that RAID will not help performance?
  3. hmmm

    Software Or Hardware Raid

    Well, if you just want to backup your data, there's really no reason you need to do RAID at all. You could just have two independent drivers which you keep synchronized via a Windows Briefcase or some such thing. That should give you redudancy in case of hardware failure. It also would provide redudancy in case of user error as far as partitioning goes. I'm sure you know what you're doing and wouldn't be inclined to FUBAR your partitions, but it is a silly mistake lots of people make. It doesn't matter how knowledgable you are if you are a little distracted. I screwed up an array once installing Linux when I hadn't gotten a ton of sleep. Just a thought. I'd save you some money as well.
  4. hmmm

    A..."must - Read".....

    I think some blogger "RickinVA" said that, not Jacobson. ---------------------------------- The rest of the KFI News story: AIR MARSHALS SAY PASSENGER OVERREACTED By ERIC LEONARD KFI NEWS LOS ANGELES | July 22, 2004 – Undercover federal air marshals on board a June 29 Northwest airlines flight from Detroit to LAX identified themselves after a passenger, “overreacted,†to a group of middle-eastern men on board, federal officials and sources have told KFI NEWS. The passenger, later identified as Annie Jacobsen, was in danger of panicking other passengers and creating a larger problem on the plane, according to a source close to the secretive federal protective service. Jacobsen, a self-described freelance writer, has published two stories about her experience at, a business advice web site designed for women. “The lady was overreacting,†said the source. “A flight attendant was told to tell the passenger to calm down; that there were air marshals on the plane.†The middle eastern men were identified by federal agents as a group of touring musicians travelling to a concert date at a casino, said Air Marshals spokesman Dave Adams. Jacobsen wrote she became alarmed when the men made frequent trips to the lavatory, repeatedly opened and closed the overhead luggage compartments, and appeared to be signaling each other. “Initially it was brought to [the air marshals] attention by a passenger,†Adams said, adding the agents had been watching the men and chose to stay undercover. Jacobsen and her husband had a number of conversations with the flight attendants and gestured towards the men several times, the source said. “In concert with the flight crew, the decision was made to keep [the men] under surveillance since no terrorist or criminal acts were being perpetrated aboard the aircraft; they didn’t interfere with the flight crew,†Adams said. The air marshals did, however, check the bathrooms after the middle-eastern men had spent time inside, Adams said. FBI agents met the plane when it landed in Los Angeles and the men were questioned, and Los Angeles field office spokeswoman Cathy Viray said it’s significant the alarm on the flight came from a passenger. “We have to take all calls seriously, but the passenger was worried, not the flight crew or the federal air marshals,†she said. “The complaint did not stem from the flight crew.†Several people were questioned, she said, but no one was detained. Jacobsen’s husband Kevin told KFI NEWS he approached a man he thought was an air marshal after the flight had landed. “You made me nervous,†Kevin said the air marshal told him. “I was freaking out,†Kevin replied. “We don’t freak out in situations like this,†the air marshal responded. Federal agents later verified the musicians’ story. “We followed up with the casino,†Adams said. A supervisor verified they were playing a concert. A second federal law enforcement source said the concert itself was monitored by an agent. “We also went to the hotel, determined they had checked into the hotel,†Adams said. Each of the men were checked through a series of databases and watch-lists with negative results, he said. The source said the air marshals on the flight were partially concerned Jacobsen’s actions could have been an effort by terrorists or attackers to create a disturbance on the plane to force the agents to identify themselves. Air marshals’ only tactical advantage on a flight is their anonymity, the source said, and Jacobsen could have put the entire flight in danger. “They have to be very cognizant of their surroundings,†spokesman Adams confirmed, “to make sure it isn’t a ruse to try and pull them out of their cover.†KFI reporter Jessica Rosenthal contributed to this report. Copyright 2004 KFI NEWS. All rights reserved.
  5. hmmm

    A..."must - Read".....

    Unless you were in fact hindering 14 secretive federal agents who were bunching up, passing gear, and communicating with each other covertly in preparation for an operation against terrorists on the same flight. You'd still be "non-racist", and if that's all that mattered, proudly so. Because then you'd be endangering everyone on-board, harming your nation's cause and supporting the terrorists, and opposing lawful federal authority. And in general acting much less intelligent and sexy than Halli Berry's character did in "Executive Decision", when she went around the plane looking for the hidden bomber by selectively checking on males with middle-eastern" features and skin color. OTOH, that's just Hollywood. But then again, no script writer could have imagined the immortal fight aboard Flight 93 by a bunch of ordinary people against implacably vicious terrorists. There are exceptions, extenuating circumstances, and even further rules in every given circumstance. Principles are mighty fine, but IMHO one must be flexible when needs must, and humans with Free Will are on the loose. Oh yes. Of course threre are 14 Air Marshalls on any given flight. And clearly the rule I advocate had to be enforced in all circumstances against all people no matter the explanation for suspicious behavior. Ner. Back here on planet Earth, it is pretty clear that if 14 federal agents are acting oddly, maybe someone should ask them about it. After all, wasn't that the problem with what happened on that flight anyway? Why yes it was. Once they prove they're law enforcement officers, just maybe they'd be allowed to go about their business. Honestly, you just said that we shouldn't question white people who act oddly because they are surely federal agents, but we should question (maybe more than question) anyone with brown skin. Grow up.
  6. hmmm

    A..."must - Read".....

    Yeah, because you're either with President Bush or you're with the terrorists.
  7. hmmm

    A..."must - Read".....

    Is this incident newsworthy? Yes. Is it being used responsibily? No. Tucker Carlson just used it on PBS to launch into a rant about political correctness. Dan Pipes is clearly a hateful man. Have you actually read his stuff? It speaks for itself. Ann Coulter speaks for herself as well. This incident indicates that security measures are inadaquate. I think the "no grouping together on planes" rule is a good thing; we should have had it a while ago. This incident does not, however, demonstate that political correctness is endangering the country or handicapping airline security. You make a general rule that covers this type of behavior. Then you apply it to any group that does it. It doesn't matter what color skin they have. You can be non-racist and still stop 14 guys from bunching up, passing items, and communicating with each other covertly. Now when people like Tucker Carlson, or God forbid Ann Coulter, use this indicent to pimp their own conservative (Carlson) or drakonian (Coulter) agenda, they politicize security and do much more harm than good. Any reasonable person would say what happened on that flight was no good and should not be allowed to happen again. But wielding it as a weapon in a culture war only divides us. We need to unite on security issues. I think the 9-11 Commision's report is pretty clear on that front. Pundits who use this to push their own narrow agenda do it at everyone's peril. As an aside, this talk about "political correctness" pisses me off. If you think what those men did was suspicious because they have brown skin (or you wouldn't have been suspicious if white guys had done it), then you are are a racist. Deal with it. "PC" is the codeword some people like to use in an attempt to legitimize subtle racism/sexism/classism/homophobia/whatever. Should government be in the business of mandating non-hurtful speech? No. But maybe people should try to be just a little considerate in their interactions with others. And if you choose to be an asshole, then don't feel sorry for yourself when people ostracise you for it. And Mustafa Hussein is one scary little man.
  8. The Northbridge on my P4C800-E got too warm with the stock hsf once I got over 230 MHz FSB. My friend had the same issue. I took and extra fan and mounted it over the cooler. Then it would be stable up to 255 MHz. If the fan wasn't there, it would lock up after 4 hours at 100% load.
  9. Don't feel bad. I had a friend who RMA'd a drive for that. He also RMA'd a motherboard after he got no video output when he hooked up an ancient 15" monitor and his display mode used too high a refresh rate. None of us had the heart to tell him.
  10. hmmm

    Onboard Sound Of New Mobo Pops

    The on-board sound is not going to be as good as an Audigy 1 anyway. I'd suggest just using that.
  11. Yeah, that site was the first thing I checked. I guess I was looking for recommendations from anyone who has used such a product. Thank you for digging up the link though; it is a very good resource.
  12. I've got a little small office with two users/two computers. Both people need access to the same e-mail and schedule data. They are quite attached to Outlook 2002. Exchange is out of the question. A web search turned up serveral programs that can manage this task. I was wondering if anyone has had any experience in a situation like this or happens to know of a freeware solution. Thanks much.
  13. hmmm

    The Death Of Raid

    That is an awesome article. Thanks much. I think that Figure 2 goes a long way toward explaining Picard and his ilk. Perceptions form quicky and resist change. People got the idea that RAID-0 helps performance in all cases. People got the idea that STR matters. Unfortunately, people have a hard time getting rid of those ideas.