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  1. If you do not integrate SP, slipstreaming is not used. I take Vista with SP2 from MSDN Subscriber Downloads and remove components (no SP/hotfiex/drivers integration) with vLite. As far as I know, slipstreaming is not used at this stage.
  2. That is not backups, but hard links. Hardlinks don't take space (only record in MFT). User software (Explorer or another file manager) do not distinguish files from hardlinks, therefore reports wrong size. You can count actual size by looking at free drive space before and after cleaning.
  3. Thanks! Script is good for cleaning already installed OS. But if there is need to install OS, I prefer to delete crap from distributive and than install. Vista_x86_RTM_SP2 original size = 2.76 Gb, without crap = 0.73 Gb When installed, it takes 2.47 Gb on system drive (+ pagefile + hiberfil). After installing IE8 and performin full WU, it takes 3.4 Gb on system drive
  4. You can clean some space after installing SP: - vsp1cln.exe (SP1) - compcln.exe (SP2+) Using vLite you can wipe out up to 1.7 Gb of junk in distro (2-3 Gb on installed system), mostly noticeable (with SP1 integrated): - printer drivers - 438.5 Mb - Media Center (Live TV/Radio/Photo) 252.4 - Tablet PC 132.3 - Simplified Chinese 109.5 - Help - 88.9 - Natural Speech recognition - 83.0 - Card games - 75.2 - Movie Maker 71.2 - Music and Video Samples 68.2 - Traditional Chinese 67.7 - Japanese + Corean 58.9 - Wallpapers 43.7 - speech recognition 43.6
  5. WFP does not use backups. It only uses %windir%\system32\dllcache\ folder If 'dllcache' content is lost or corrupted for any reason, you can force re-create by 'sfc /scannow' since 'administrators' group is hard-coded, it doesn't work with non-English Vista. Can you take it from parameter? 'delete_crap_full Administrators'?