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  1. I am shocked that you are not having issues. Are you using software or hardware RAID 5? If software, what OS? If hardware, what RAID controller are you using? Just curious. Thanks! Frank
  2. Just one more thought... which variety of the Velociraptor are you running? I have the 3.5" backplane-ready, 300 GB model (WD3000HLFS). Just wondering if there might be some commonality there. One of the reasons we went with these drives is that they're listed in WD's "Enterprise" section of their products page, so it's unfortunate that they're not being more proactive in getting this issue straightened out.
  3. My client is running Windows Server 2008 x64. But bear in mind that Windows is "talking" to the RAID controller, which is abstracting the hard drives as a single disk entity. Not sure if that matters... maybe the RAID controller is running a linux kernel of some sort.
  4. Gentlemen, What is your current status on these drives? I'm working with a customer that has five Velociraptors configured in RAID 6. Drive failures aplently.... sometimes two in the same day (thank God for RAID 6). We replaced / RMAed drives for a while but have gotten to the point where I think the RAID controller (Intel SRCSASJV) is crying wolf. At this point, when a drive fails, we just rebuild it. I'm going to be on-site over the weekend to pull drives one at a time and test them with the Lifeguard Diagnostic in a 2nd system, so we'll see what comes of that.... but I've been down this road before with these drives. This RAID controller is a SAS RAID controller which is talking SCSI to the drives. So, the error I'm getting is sense code that translates to Medium Error - Record Not Found, which seems to translate to "IDNF" in the SATA world. As mentioned, I'll know for sure over the weekend if this is *actually* a physical drive problem, but I really didn't think so until I came across this forum posting. At this point we've replaced the RAID controller and cabling, so I feel as though those things can be ruled out. The only other possibility could be the drive enclosure, but I think that's kind of a stretch. Power is fine... server has dual PSUs connnected to a UPS. No power fluctuations or other issues are logged in the UPS. Also, I've kept the RAID controller firmware up to date. Thanks, Frank