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  1. I'm in the act of returning my 40gig gxp drive... I'm so pissed with them... they send me this lameass reply to my complaint "well we have caching problems with win95, 98, and 2000 so that's what it probably is... this is what we get back the most for rma's" I'm using xp... I did a complete partition copy to my new WD drive and it runs flawless... I reformatted the IBM and it's still working but it makes a clicking noise and runs slow as stinker... no happy fellowing thanks IBM. I'll never buy another IBM drive.
  2. Mark... I'm only going t use the program once... ONCE! I am not a corporation running a server, I expect hd's to last longer then 3 months, and I will not pay $50 for a one time use program. Drivecopy 5 should be something like $14.95 (I'd probably be more inclined to purchase it)... I mean how many times is a home user going to utilize a program such as this? It will be outdated by the time I buy my next hd and I'll have to upgrade for another $40-60 bucks. Heh... on a side note, if I stuck with IBM drives... I'd probably get a lot of use out of Ghost and Drivecopy.
  3. How about a free option? I think it's ridiculous that I have to pay $50 for a program that I'll only use once! I just want to copy one disk to another.
  4. I loaded up my pc today to find the HD jittering and very slow... It is an IBM deskstar 60 gxp 40 gig... and the the first one I got failed after 5 months... I just go this one in October and it's already starting to fail... but I'm not getting any errors yet... it's just really slow and making noise. I bought a WD 60 gig and have it formated and partitioned... in ntfs... but I can't figure out how to copy my entire IBM disk to my WD disk so I don't have to reinstall every damn thing over again. I don't wanna have to buy a $50 program to do this... is there a way to do this using Winxp utilties? Or maybe a free program or demo that I could use? I tried Norton Ghost evaluation but it's the version that doesn't support ntfs. Any feedback/suggestion would be appreciated.