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  1. I actually went ahead and took a chance with the WD20EARS drives. I have 8 of them in RAID-6 on my ARC-1222, and they've been working flawlessly so far. Random drops probably have to do with lack of TLER on these drives, which is problematic paired with some controllers.
  2. Does anyone have any experience using Areca RAID controllers with advanced format/4k sector drives? Areca themselves have an FAQ that says, "there have no special settings needed for controller to be able to works with them." However, I'm always hearing bad things about 4k sector drives in hardware RAID-5 arrays, and I'm having a hard time finding accounts from anyone who actually has first-hand experience with compatibility. I've been running an array of WD10EADS drives on an ARC-1222 controller for two years now, and I'd like to upgrade those drives. I'm nervous about doing so though, as availability of WD20EADS drives is questionable, and I don't have much confidence that the 4kb sector WD20EARS drives will work.
  3. vaultdweller

    Need a CHEAP SAS controller recommendation

    The tape drive is an HP, and the controller they recommended is of course their own (the SC44GE). I unfortunately can't find any information on what chipset it uses.
  4. First, the question: Can anyone recommend a PCI-E SAS controller that: - Supports tape drives - Is quickly available in Canada - Is as cheap as possible If absolutely necessary, I could go with a PCI controller instead. Those are my only criteria, any other features like RAID support are completely irrelevant. The cheapest option I can find is a Promise FastTrak TX2650 for $87.49, followed by a SuperMicro AOC-USAS-L4i for $162.49. I've sent inquiries to Promise and SuperMicro regarding SAS tape drive support, because I can't find any compatibility info to confirm or deny it. I need the controller right f***ing now, though, so if their response time is bad I can't wait for them. I absolutely cannot delay ordering past Thursday, so if I don't have a cheaper alternative by then I have no choice but to by the cheapest card that I'm certain works, which is an HP SC44GE. Now that the question is out of the way, here's the background: At long last I have my tape drive, my Areca SAS controller, and a SAS breakout cable (the latter item taking weeks to arrive). Now I'm cooking with fire... or so I thought. I couldn't get my tape drive to work on the ARC-1222, and further research reveals that no Areca controllers are compatible with tape drives. That's not so good... if I hadn't already been planning on buying the card for a RAID array anyway, I'd be supremely pissed off with myself for not better researching compatibility in advance.