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  1. Carpe^Diem

    Multiple Controllers - One Array ?

    As much as I can possible get My goal is at least 3gb/s, and that should be pretty easy to obtain. You are right with the controllers not being fast enough. I think that 4-5 SSD will max each controller, and therefore I'm not going to attach more than that. Any good suggestions to benchmarks ? I got some but don't know what kind the "professionals" are measuring performance with - IOMeter maybe ? Thanks for the input, I appreciate it!
  2. Carpe^Diem

    Multiple Controllers - One Array ?

    Hi guys, Well this is a performance thing. I'm an extreme overclocker and I want to see what we can do with lets say 30-40SSD's and 4 controllers. Maybe even get my hands on a motherboard with 6-8 pcie ports, and even more controllers. I just though that I could obtain even better thoughput with multiple controllers and one array. Is there by the way a better (faster) alternative to the Adaptec 5805? My experience is that it can provide in the region of 800mb/s.
  3. Carpe^Diem

    Multiple Controllers - One Array ?

    Hi stevecs, Thanks for the answer I think I will go for two arrays.. not that keen of the software abstraction!
  4. Hi guys, Im trying to find out if this is posible. I got a Adaptec 5805 with 8 SATA HDD's in Raid5. Im thinking about expanding the array, but I would still love to have only one array. So is it posible to have fx. 2 5805s' with 8 HDD's on each and create 1 array consisting of all 16 drives ? Regards