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  1. Hello, I run a software RAID 5 on a patched WinXP-SP3. HDDs involved are 3 Hitachi 7k1000.b 1TB. I have one RAID 0 for Games with around 3x81.5 GB, a RAID 5 had performed very bad (5 to 6 mb per second write speed) and I was looking for an solution. The disk were replacement for 3 Samsung 250 GB, which had wiriting speeds around 20 to 30 mb per sec. The starting offset for the new RAID 5 was around 8xxxxxx somewhat. I would like to set the offset to 8388608. This should be one of the "magic offsets" if I did not miscalculate the values. Is there a way to do it? btw: o&o partitionmanager2 showed something like 850 gb total space, 1200 free (139 %) when it show sth. like 1700 gb totaL; 1200 FRee, . I deleted the volume by trying to create a new one with better starting offset by using the PM2 boot disk. Didn't work. I guess because of the limited feature set of "native XP". Creating a volume with diskpart failed with a paramter error (create volume raid disk=2,3,4 offset=8388608 size=870400) Please ignore my word-bumpyness, English is not my native language. (PMs in German words will be welcome. )