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  1. Well, reformated in 64k clusters, left at 32k stripe, and now my 2nd run at atto looks like yours . Same low preformance 32k and below but 140mb + after that. Find it odd, but hey, it works!
  2. The option is to "enable advanced performance". Properties -> Policies -> Check the box. Tried it and reran atto and got similar numbers as before (almost exactly the same as your first run). I wish i could pull out the numbers like your 2nd D drive test
  3. Hi guys. I found this thread when i was looking for advise on setting up my raid 5 on my nforce 570 board. I setup the raid 5 w/ 3 1tb discs in win Vista. Set stripe to 32k and Vista picks it up ok as 1.81 tb. Formated using 32k cluster. As far as i know vista takes care of the rest. also disabled NCQ on the channels. However after all this i test it and still get about 40mb write and 150mb read. Is this average or should i be seeing better? I was considering trying again we 32k strip and 64k cluster, or 64/64, but from what i've read here 32/32 would be the best for my setup. Any suggestions?