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  1. on page 2 the user Wiinter is doing this procedure on a 780i and its working too.
  2. maybe you have to turn on the option, which i described in the posting above. you find it in the properties of your array in the device manager. if you have an english os installed, please tell me, how this option is named and described there. (the german version of this text does not explain what this option is doing.)
  3. ok, i have some news: after activating this option (red marked): (i dont know what it means or what it does. the first option turns on the disk cache, the second -> ? maybe RAM caching, but this wouldn't speed up the raid itself i think.) the results look like this: partition C (system partition, standard cluster size): partition D (data partition, 32k cluster size): why 32k is so slow and 64k so fast?
  4. ok, i understand. my config now: windows server 2008 sp1 stripe size: 32k cluster size: 32k this are the atto results: it's better than before with win2003, but i think there's something wrong. i expected "a bit" more. i have installed win2008 on a partition (exactly 30720 mb...this looks better ) of the raid (cluster size: win standard) and then i have partitioned a second one with cluster size 32k (partition D).
  5. Hi! My config: MSI P6NGM-FD Mainboard with nForce 630i chipset 3x 500gb Disks for Raid 5 OS: Windows Server 2003 or 2008 (If 2008 has a lot of benefits I would take it.) I have a few questions: 1) Partition offset: I don’t understand what is meant with the first sentence, please explain it to me („Your partitions on the array must be offset to a common multiple of both the number of drives minus one (for e.g. 3 Disks * 2 – 1 = 5 partitions?), and the stripe width (With 3 Disks it should be 3?).“). At which sector Windows Server 2003/2008 places the first partition? 2) Stripe size: I would take 32k for 3 Disks Raid 5. 3) I/O block size: What’s Windows Server 2003/8 default? 4) Cluster Size: I would take 64k. Thanks and regards from Austria!