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  1. Here are my scores: First is a Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 (ST31000528AS): Second is a Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 (ST31500341AS): And finally min main drive - Intel 510 (running SATA-II): And it's running on this homebuild: MB - ASUS Sabertooth X58 CPU - Intel i7-970 (clocked to 3,6 GHz) RAM - 12 GB DDR3-1600 Regards

    Disc Wizard Seegate/Maxtor

    Brian. The Seagate Tool is just that! It's made by Acronis, and can do an exact copy of an OS-drive! Cheers!

    WTB: WD2500BB-00gua0

    Hi Nemo. Has already contacted the eBay seller, but hasn't got any reply yet. Thank you for the answer anyway. Regards
  4. Hello all. I have a WD disc, with all of my LP's recorded to it, which I dropped onto the floor. The head has broken, which mean that I need a new comparable specimen, to retrieve the data from the old drive. So if you can help me - or point me in direction of - a: Western Digital 250 GB WD2500BB-00gua0 Produced in: Thailand Produced: 01. february 2005 DCM: HSBHCTJAH Regards

    How to Format a drive to EXT, from Windows?

    Hello DJ_Farid. Thanx for the reply. Your suggestion sounds like a good - and cheap - idea. Alternatively, I've found Partion Manager 8.5, from Paragon Software. which also seams to be able to do the trick. It is however more costly, as well as I'll need to install additional software. Once again - thanks Cheers!
  6. Hello all. You've in the past proven to be in possesion of "knowledge of everything". There this question here: How do I create and format a new drive, with an EXT2-partion, when I'm running my PC with Vista 64-bit Business edition? Is it possible - via software - or is it a question of booting on a CD/Floppy and do it from there? The drive will be connection via SATA, and will, once formatted, be used in an external case, for backup, connected to my Router. So You guys, any helpers? Cheers.

    3Gb/s SATA?

    Oh bfg9000 - You can't use your speedometer to it's full extent? Mayby you should upgrade the engine! Cheers!
  8. Hello there. Since you are a valuable source of technical insight, I turn to you. Setup: ASUS P4P800-E DeLuxe MoBo Seagate SATA-HDD Plextor Premium CD-R (IDE) Plextor PX-712A DVD-R (IDE) Both Plextors are running on seperate IDE's, both being Master. It has worked like this for a year or so. Now, suddenly out of the blue, both Plextor's are acting up. When I put at CD in either of the drives, the drive starts to read - but the light on the other drive starts to flicker as well. As soon as the drive spins up, an the light on the other drive lights up, the drive (with the CD in it) spins down again. This happens over and over, and it doesn't matter, which drive I try - it's Vice Versa. What the heck is suddenly going on? Regards
  9. Veyron. Saying that the 7200.7 SATA-drive is loud as hell is a load of bullocks!

    Seagate 15k.4 Scsi Drives......when ?

    Hi Dr. Ralph. How can 4 discs in a Raid-0 setup produce more noise than the same 4 discs in a non-raid setup? Is it pure read/write-noise you're referring to? Cheers!
  11. Hi. Is it possible to put drives on one controller (ASC-29320 single-channel) and run the two drives in raid-0 and the third drive normally? Thanx.
  12. And remeber to keep me in mind, once you sell! Regards VIKINGMAN - also known as "Henrik B" on diff. newsgroups.
  13. Hi Ralph. Personally I think you should go for the Raptors and the sell the 15K.3's to me. Regards }()

    It has arrived!

    Hi Darking. Denmark, huh? You wouldn't be looking to hire someone else in your IT-department, would you? Regards
  15. Hi all. Been using, reading and answering this forum for years now. The expert-capacity is overwhelming. I've now come to a point, where I need to get a few ansers, so fire away: 1. What's the quality of Soltek MB's? In particular SL-86SPE-L. Anyone have any links to tests of this MB? 2. Been using SCSI for years now, I'm about to experiment with RAID-0. Anything I shall be aware of setting this up? It'll be an Adaptec 29320-R controller and these two drives: Seagate's - ST318432 and ST318452. Thanx in advance. V - - - - - - System: ASUS P2B-S, Intel Celeron 1,4 GHz (socket 370), 1 GB SDRAM, 2 x Seagate X15, 1 x Seagate 10,000 rpm, 1 x Seagate 6,5 Medalist Pro, Plextor Premium, Plextor PX-116A (DVD), Plextor TS-32, Matrox G550, SB 64 Value.
  16. Hi all. Where will all you guys be hitting of to, once SR is no more? One would deff. wanna run along. After more than 3 years in this place, Ive truely learned alot.... Cheers! 8)
  17. Hi all. What scores do you get with HD Tach on your Seagate X15's (18 GB)!? I'm using NTFS. Thx.
  18. Hi all. I know I've read it before - in here! :oops: But at the time it wasn't actual - now it is! Q: I'm getting my brand new X15-36LP in a matter of days. I'm gonna do a fresh install of Win XP (NTFS) on it. How should I format it, together with my old Cheetah 10k (9.1 GB). What I've thought of is: Make two partitions on the X15, 9.2 GB each. Same on the Cheetah, 2x4.5 GB each. I'm then gonna boot from the first partition on the X15. Would it be an idea to move temp and/or IE-cache to the Cheetah's first partition!? :? Thanx for any suggestions. Cheers!

    Once again! How was it with partitioning!?

    Should of course read: "How should I partition it" - NOT "How should I format it" !!! Cheers!