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  1. I'm afraid you are right... I also think Storage review should use that "2 parallel instances of HD Tach 3" method of testing because it seems to give closer to real world benchmarks.
  2. Just my opinion but it is about faith. Or stronger: knowledge. If they think they can bump it up to 10 years they surely will do so because it makes great advertising. The fact that they need to reduce operating costs by reducing from 5 to 3 years proves the drives get to many RMAs. Afterall if drives aren't RMAed within 5 years dropping to 3 years won't make a $1 diffrence in operating costs. 3 years tells me that the RMA curve starts to get steep at that point.
  3. Does it really matter when the heads are parked? Anyway the RMAs from WD have zero bubble wrap. Just the egg carton typ off things and a tiny cardboard box. I don't have a VR300 but none other Raptors I have made it through their 5 years of warranty...
  4. FileNerd

    WD Velociraptor - BLFS - GLF - GLFS

    Thanks but no performance data there. Still missing the other types.
  5. Hi, I'm concidering a WD Velociraptor. What is the meaning of BLFS, GLF, GLFS, HLFS etc. The perfomance database compared 2 versions but there are also others for sale. Is there some sort of list with more details? Thanks for any fast input! I like fast accesstimes! Nah, just kidding. Take as much access-time as you need.