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  1. I got a friend from school thats so damn stubborn. He means that his acard ata-133 raid is hardware based with a prosessor. And it's almost impossible to get him to think otherwise. Anyone got some nice sites that can get him to think otherwise? And as a sidenote are there any recent reviews about different ide raid cards with cpu usage and performance?
  2. knut

    ide hardware/software raid

    Thanks for the links, although to get him convinced he needs it written Unfortunately this chip is not widely used, so it's almost impossible to find any useful information about it.
  3. OMG! the final version is alot faster with most applications than the preview. And some more performance in the server benchmarks. Btw eugene: is that whining gone with the final version? or does it still make the same amount of noice as the preview?
  4. Yeah the pictures are taken from a computer with the asus a7n8x deluxe board. The 2.00 drivers installed without a hitch.
  5. If I remember correctly the 2.00 drivers came the 20. november. and looking at the screenshots here: Nforce Soundstorm The nforce-info.jpg shows the driver details, and I really think thats the driver included in the 2.00 drivers. And I think that the asus a7n8x (non deluxe) doesn't use the nforce apu. Am I correct? The Chaintech board does not use the nforce apu, it uses the CMedia 8738 chip. Chaintech at anandtech
  6. First the nforce audio is NOT worse than the Audigy. Actually I find it better, with easier controls and way better positioning in surround mode. And the Nvidia drivers does work great with the asus board. I have tested it for two weeks now, and havent had any problems.
  7. reduced warranty According to this site (actually a magazine in norway) says that IBM will also reduce their warranty, and as every other manufacturer they will obtain the 3 year warranty with their 8mb cache drives. Is there any truth in this?[/url]
  8. knut

    Dell sucks

    I have had great experience with dell computers. I sat up one poweredge 1400sc for about a year ago, and it runs great, good performance, great upgradability, and best of all the price! I have also put up around 10-15 dell dimensions (from xps r350) to 4550, and none of them have failed me yet. Even my old netplex 433 is running 24/7 (been up for over 300 days now). The last year I have also been configuring a few inspiron notebooks, although the "feeling" to it feels el cheapo, it does work well and I havent had many problems with the 10 I configured. I had a few problems with one of them, around 10 pixels were dead. I called dell and two days later they were on my door and changed it! Even though it was sold with a 1 year CAR warranty. Another small thing that happened for a year ago was that the mbr record became corrupted. The company I work for called dell before me, and a tech was on its way when I came out and fixed it. (This company havent bought more than around 5-7 computers from dell within the past two years so it isn't a big customer). Although I know several people that have had a few problems with the dell customerservice, I have had great experience. This is btw in Norway. And the support site is alot better here than in the US.
  9. knut

    Lies, damn lies, and nforce2 availability

    well this shop in norway got a board The believes they will get the board around the 15 november. Im really looking forward to the nforce 2!
  10. My experience with wd harddrives are also that they are alot quieter than the 75gxp and 60gxp. So there must be something strange going on with your drive! I also feel that the 1200jb drive is ALOT faster than the 40gb 60gxp drive i had before.
  11. South Korea seems to be the country with most "broadband" users per capita in the world. Here in norway there is around 200 000 with adsl and around 50 000 with cable. Fortunatly for me as a student I got a whopping 100mbit line. Although we are not alone on the internet line there are several gigabit fibres out of the student village. you could see most of the network from here: Just click wherever you want to get more details. Just note that there are over 15 000 computers on that network. I have had downloads from servers in norway, sweden, denemark and finland around 6-7MB/s. And locally with the local DC hub up to around 9MB/s. It's just so great to see 700MB beeing downloaded within 3 minutes. Although there are very few sites I can get that kind of speed from. Im really not looking forward to moving out from here, and getting a 0,384Mbit adsl line, or a 56,6 og 64kbit modem or isdn (perhaps I will be a student till I get OLD?).
  12. I would guess it has either two 30gb platter, or a 60gb platter. Unfortunately for us WD doesent change the drives names when they change the platter density for older drives. BTW a norwegian review of the wd2000jb drive (with hd tach scores)
  13. (look at the bootom of the page) The price is high.. 1200jb are around 1700 nok at the moment. finally WD drives with FDB
  14. I moved 35gb data and defragmentated the drive and got these results: Business disk winmark 4190 High-end disk winmark 12300 The drive is formatted in ntfs. (and now around 3 gb used)
  15. Well lets see here. Winbench 99 ver.2 Business disk winmark: 4160 high-end disk winmark: 11 600 Disk transfer rate: beginning: 42 100 End: 24 800 Disk access time: 14,1 CPU disk utilitation: 2,35 Do you want more results? The drive is filled up with around 35gb of data, and are on the same ide channel as a ibm 45gb 75gxp drive (still living after 1,5 years).
  16. I recently bought two 1200ab drives and they are damn fast! Here in norway are the wd drives at the same price as ibm, maxtor and seagate. And the 5400 rpm drives are around 20$ cheaper than their 7200 rpm brothers. I got these results with the 1200 ab drive: (hdtach 2.61) transfer rate beginning: 42 000 end: 28 000 Average: 34 000 Seek: 14,2 Burst: 72 cpu: 11% The system I testet with: Athlon 1000 mhz (200 mhz bus) Asus a7v-133-c 256 mb ram new winxp install
  17. knut

    IDE-disks for small server

    The latest wd harddrives have been great for me, I have buildt around 10-20 computers the last two years with wd harddrives and not a single one have failed. I have used 200bb, 400bb, 800bb, 800ab, 1200ab, 1200bb and 1200jb. I have also had 5 ibm drives where 3 of them have died, 4 maxtor drives where 2 of them have died. I have only used one seagate drive in my life, it is still running but I do not trust it because some bad sectors. I would not hesitate at all to buy another wd harddrive. And to Tomato: the wd1200jb is a great drive, and the fastest of the bunch you mentioned.
  18. knut

    Looking for very large, very quiet hard drive.

    The what about the wd1200ab? I have two coming to me in a day or two. Im not sure if they are officially released yet, but they are in the stores here in norway. And by looking at the 800ab test here, it does seem like it is extremely fast for a 5400rpm disk. And the noice level was really good to.
  19. I Have buildt several computer tha last months with the wd400bb hd's. the last three has the 32clb0 revision. I got another disk last night. That drive had another revision: 00caa0. I felt difference immideately. First the 00caa0 revision was alot quieter. I hardly heard it at all, I can't hear the seek times when it is in my computer room/lab. But the other drive I can clearly hear when it seeks. Then I shock came! I tested the drive on a asus tusl2-c, celeron 1,2 ghz, 196 mb ram, tnt2 on win98. The new drive scored around 31500 (sisoft sandra 811) While the old one scored around 24000. I am now testing both drives (both new out of the bag), and with the exact same data on the disk. More detail information: wd400bb - 00CAA0 Buffered read: 92mb/s Sequential read: 46mb/s Random read: 7mb/s Buffered write: 85mb/s Sequential write: 46mb/s Random write: 11mb/s Avarage access time: 8ms Sisoft points: 31 284 wd400bb - 32clb0 Buffered read: 100mb/s Sequential read: 35mb/s Random read: 7mb/s Buffered write: 92mb/s Sequential write: 33mb/s Random write: 12mb/s Avarage access time: 7ms Sisoft points: 24 345 I know that sisoft sandra isn't the best to test harddrives, but this is a big difference, anyone knows what they have done?
  20. What about the canon n1240u? small, uses power from the usb cord, therefor no need for ac adapter. Nice scan quality, and great twain drivers.
  21. knut

    IBM Deskstar 120GXP Seems like the smaller wd drives uses 40gb pr. platter.
  22. knut

    Wd400bb revision changes?

    HD tach scores (the first one system specs, msi k7t pro2a, athlon 1 ghz, winme, new install, only 4-1 4.37, nvidia 21.83 installed and nic drivers installed. Read speed: maximum: 49 201.0kps, minimum: 20 291.0kps, avarage: 40 385,1kps random access time: 13,5ms read burst speed: 77mbs cpu utilization: 6,7% I don't have the older version of the drive for more testing, but it does seem like it is a new version that uses a single 40gb platter! the old hdtach scores (only the first 8gb, and with asus tusl2-c, celeron 1.2 insted of the msi k7t pro2a +athlon 1 ghz) New Drive: Read speed: Maximum: 49 318,0kps , Minimum: 44 166,0kps , Avarage: 47 994,0kps (remember only the first 8gb tested here) Random access time: 10,6 ms Read burst speed: 80 mbs Cpu utilization: 9,4 Old drive: Read speed: Maximum: 37 670,0kps , Minimum: 22 341,0kps , Avarage: 35 516kps Random access time: 9,8 ms Read burst speed: 80 mbs cpu utilization: 18,3 Why haven't wd told anyone about this? it does seem like a single 40gb platter version, insted of 2X20gb platters.
  23. knut

    Wd400bb revision changes?

    Yeah it could be. But I haven't seen anywhere that wd changed the 400bb drive. I Thought they would keep on using the 2X20gb platter. And yeah I do know that sisoft sandra isn't the most reliable hd test utility. The thing is that I haven't got a hand on hdtach 2.61 yet.