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  1. O great ones of digital storage...hear my plea...if money was no would you rule this world of xbox newbs and playstation 3 wankers. Bust forth the knowledge of hard drive our eyes to the world of raid. Thrust forth your mighty hand of back up and teach us the way of benchmarks. I humble myself before you...let your wraith rain free upon the idoits of best buy believers and fools of the pre-configured systems of online debauchery. O great ones, please tell us, what hard drives would you use, what raid would you enslave, what motherboard would you command, what CPU would you break upon the torture of overclocking....o great ones...teach us....strike down the idoits of common brand name beige boxs and bring forth a new era of power users. I await your reply....
  2. Hi, I'm a newb and have only been using single drives for years. I need some questions answered about raid 0. Just how many drives can you put together in raid 0 on the motherboard chipset( X58 )? Or seperate raid controller? Is the motherboard raid good enough for everyday tasks/gaming or do I need to buy a controller? One last thing...would it be better in terms of performance/price to buy, say, 4 cheap drives or 2 of the best drives ( think raptor ) for raid 0? I'm going to be building a new computer soon and I'm still on the fence as to which way to go for storage. Mainly going to be using the new computer for games and lite stuff. Data safety is not a issue. ( dont need raid 10 or NAS ) Thanks