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  1. Does this same protocol hold w/ new nVidia 700-series chipsets?
  2. Does anyone know how to align a NTFS partition in XP? Apparently, the "align" function isnt included in diskpart.exe under XP, only 2k3 or vista. ...Or, does anyone have a Q&D guide on how to align it w/ a partition editor? Thanks! FK
  3. How do you actually get diskpart to create the proper alignment/offset? I'm trying to follow the high-level instructions that qasdfdsaq outlined. I have a 5-drive RAID5 (5x 320MB drives = 1.16TB) on a nVidia 590 SB (MCP55) w/ a 16KB stripe size, and I'm running XP Pro SP3 (32-bit). When I use diskpart per Microsoft's instructions (, specifically, on the "create partition primary align=1024" command, I get a "The arguments you specified for this command are not valid" error. Additionally, when I try to use the "offset" argument, it only lets me specify the offset in terms of MB instead of KB (and it only allows integer values). Any guidance anyone could provide regarding how to apply a partition offset/alignment using diskpart would be greatly appreciated. I can't say I'm advanced enough to handle a manual (hex) partition table edit, but I'm pretty able up until that point. This is non-bootable NTFS drive where I'd like to set up a single partition. Thanks! FK