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    Any word of new 2.5 drives above 2 TB?

    Why would you get a 2TB SMR drive, when there are 9.5mm 2.5" 2TB drives that don't use SMR? Spinpoint M9T and whatever Seagate calls it now.
  2. My Samsung/Seagate 2TB M9T 9.5mm 5400RPM drive has been working flawlessly with a power on time of 638 days spinning and I think reviews of it generally are very good. I would get the FireCuda model, hybrid is better than straight mechanical. Same with vehicles. A bit extra cost with good performance boost at times.
  3. danwat1234

    Any word of new 2.5 drives above 2 TB?

    Still nothing more than 2TB for 9.5mm/12.5mm after 3 years with the free Samsung/Seagate Spinpoint M9T I got from Storagereview, LOL. Come on HD manufactures! Bring out a 4 platter 1TB/platter 12.5mm thick drive for me and 3 platter 1TB/platter 9.5mm drive too!
  4. Since they have been doing the study for 6+ years now, I'm curious what the percentage of failure rates are for 5, 6, etc year old 24/7 spinning consumer drives are. https://www.extremetech.com/computing/170748-how-long-do-hard-drives-actually-live-for <--- 2013 article
  5. danwat1234

    Seagate Mobile HDD Review Discussion

    How many platters? SMR? If 2 1TB platters, hey let's get on with a 3TB 9.5mm drive!
  6. I wonder if the Western Digital / Hitachi Scorpio Black 1TB drive WD10JPLX is a rebadged Travelstar 7K1000.. Probably so.
  7. It takes 12V not just 5V for chips?
  8. How has the specification adopted SMR and what were the goals of that? More efficiency/speed with writes to an SMR drive somehow and reporting of potential performance degradation?
  9. So,.. 2 platters at 1000GB/platter? That's quite a jump from the 667GB/platter Samsung M9T 2TB or 750GB/platter Toshiba MQ03ABB300. Hope they make a 3TB 3 platter 9.5mm and a 4TB 12.5mm drive too and 64GB NAND hybrid models of each! Does this use HaMR or SMR or just traditional PMR? It's quite a jump, gotta be more density/area than the 1.2TB/platter of the WD 6TB green drive for instance.
  10. Laptops are used as the primary computers for a lot of people. We can use external drives but more capacity internal to the laptop is welcome. Some high end laptops have m.2 SSD slots and also a mechanical drive bay. I see a M9T 2TB for $75, new, free shipping on Ebay right now and usually about $95. Cheap too. A lot of laptops you can't configure from the factory with this drive even. EDIT:You could argue that with desktop PCs and external 3.5" drives, that there really isn't any demand for larger drives their too, because 6TB is enough. But that space will still grow from helium/SMR and later, HaMR after the server market even if most people don't need it. So why not laptop drives too. First the external 2.5" 4 platter ones, then the 9.5mm 3 platter ones and 1 platter 5mm and 2 platter 7mm ones. EDIT: Also amazing laptop manufacturers like Lenovo and others still don't allow this drive as an option from the factory. "Up to 1TB" blah blah
  11. Pretty amazing, 2 years later, still WD and others have not made a 2TB 9.5mm 2.5" hard drive to match this drive.
  12. 10.8 watts at idle, 16.3 watts when operating. That is unlikely for both 5V and 12V to combine to that amount of power/waste heat at the same time for any length of time. Using Helium, it's supposed to be quit energy efficient. 7 platters PMR+SMR+helium
  13. Wonder if you can put in a Samsung M9T 2TB drive in the SATA slot.
  14. danwat1234

    Crucial BX200 SSD Review Discussion

    The pricing isn't that great. Go on Ebay, good deals on higher-end SSDs. I think I saw a 480GB 850 EVO for only $20 more than the 500GB Crucial on Amazon