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  1. Interesting comparison of three versions of Maxtor's DM+ 9 in the Database. Clearly, they have different destroke schemes as shown by various access times. Eugene should have some interesting and enlightening comments in his review. Can't wait to see it. Looks like decent performance, but there are some surprises when comparing the Maxtor 80GB/platter to WD and IBM's latest lower density contenders.
  2. Bojangles

    IBM Deskstar 180GXP

    I guess I should apologize for starting the bashing in this discussion. I meant for it to be more "tongue in cheek" than it apparently seemed. (Gosh guys, lighten up a little - don't take this so seriously!) :wink: I certainly wouldn't expect a 50% failure rate with the 180GXP. I did have horrible experience with the 75GXP - half of the eight drives I bought failed either immediately or very soon afterward. Then I had two of five 60GXP drives fail. But without a doubt, IBM seems to have cleaned up their act since. Perhaps the bashing wouldn't continue as much if they had owned up to the problem and worked a little better PR to soothe their angry customers...
  3. Bojangles

    My WD 1200 JB just slighty Died :(

    This sounds like it might just be a poor power connection to the drive. Before you go through the hassle of an RMA for your drive, you might want to try a different connector from your power supply and see if the problem clears up.
  4. Bojangles

    IBM Deskstar 180GXP

    Interesting comment Eugene: "Our first evaluation sample turned in a rather nasty-looking sawtooth transfer rate graph. The dips are similar to those experienced while running the transfer rate test with a stray background test running; even so, this drive was tested in conditions identical to that of all others. A second sample rectified the problem. Our first unit was likely defective." I guess we still have a 50/50 chance of getting a good IBM drive... Impressive performance, but Big Blue reliability still makes me nervous.