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    Heat transfer foam

    Thanks. I checked at McMaster-Carr, but didn't find what I was looking for. I have contacted Bergquist about how to obtain their Gap-Pad products.
  2. flynace

    Heat transfer foam

    When you take apart some DVR devices or retail external drives, they often have a thick, oil impregnated foam between the drive motor and/or some PCB componants and the drive frame or case. Where can you buy this type of heat transfer foam? I wanted to use some when I installed a drive in a SmartDrive 2002C enclosure, but haven't located an online source. I see various forms of tape, but not the thicker foam. Thanks
  3. flynace

    7K100: Are they available?

    Is the 80gig 7K100 in stock at ZZF? It has only and still does show as Back Ordered for me. I wanted a new drive before I left on summer holiday and the ComputerGiants place was the only one I could find that was actually shipping.
  4. flynace

    7K100: Are they available?

    Oops...they only have the 80gig drive not the 100.
  5. flynace

    7K100: Are they available?

    I ordered one from ComputerGiants. Says it is in stock and my order shipped, but won't arrive until Monday.
  6. flynace

    New SSD disk from Gigabyte

    Additional info including a hard to read benchmark...
  7. flynace

    Integrated Ram Drive

    Does the HD-3 hold 6 or 8 dimm slots? The pictures seem to show 8, but the website claims only 6. And is registered and/or ecc memory required?
  8. I have an older laptop that I have begun using to capture DV video with (which is then recoded to WMV and/or burned to a DVD). I would like to upgrade to a larger harddrive and I am interested in the 100gig Seagate Momentus drives. Right now I have a 4200 rpm drive and it works ok although very sluggish. Should I wait for the 7200.1 drive to be released or go with the current 5400 rpm drive? Is there a significant difference between the 5400 and 7200 rpm when recoding to WMV format or using Premier Elements to edit and burn to a DVD? If the 7200.1 Momentus is an overwhelming recomendation, will it be out early next year? I thought it was supposed to be released at the end of '04. Thank you
  9. flynace

    Intermittent Bios Drive Recocnition

    Thanks all. The system is a Shuttle SB61G2v3 which only has only the original bios release. I tried different cables, but that also didn't help. Warm boots also do not help. When the drive is detected, it will always be detected with a soft reset. This is also true when it is not detected - soft resets will not allow the system to find the drive. The drive only goes missing or is rediscovered with a power down situation. Thanks.
  10. I have just installed a new Seagate 200gig SATA 7200.7 in a system based on the Intel 865 chipset as the main boot drive. The only other drive in the system is Plextor DVD on the IDE Secondary Master. The BIOS is set for SATA Auto mode which makes the SATA drive the Primary Master. When I power up the system, once out of every 5 times the drive is not detected by the BIOS. The boot then fails. If I power down and then on again the drive will reappear usually by the third try. Everything is fine for a while then it disappears again. Is this a symptom of a faulty drive? The problem didn't exist with the PATA drive that the Seagate replaced and I don't have another SATA drive to check. The problem doesn't occur on restarts, only when the power is shut off and on again. I completely reflashed the BIOS and that has not helped. Thanks.
  11. flynace

    Corrupt Mbr: Is My Data Gone?

    Svend just pointed out the 'showsys' flag which I missed in the documentation. Great program.
  12. flynace

    Corrupt Mbr: Is My Data Gone?

    I just used FINDNTFS to recover from a "missing" drive and it worked very well. However, the program did not recover hidden files or directories. Is this a limitation of the program? Is there a way to tell it to recover files or directories that were hidden? Would GetDataBack for NTFS be able to recover them? Thanks
  13. flynace

    Suggestions For Drive Recovery

    TwoJ - I tried searching under various keywords like "missing file system" and "NTFS recovery" but I didn't turn up any instructions on how to turn a partition that no longer believes it has a file system into one that does and perferably keep the data readable. I'll start looking some more...
  14. One night a Windows XP machine was shut down like always. The next day the system would not boot, not in safe mode or to the Recovery console. I have the drive plugged into another machine and windows shows a partition but no file system. Is there any way to recover the data from this drive? Any idea how this happened? Thank you.
  15. Thanks peroni So it looks like you can use ntbackup.exe and shutdown in a batch file. I'll start working on one and see how it goes.