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  1. Hello, I recently bought a Lenovo ThinkPad T61P (model 6460-d8g, to be exact). It came with a Hitachi 7K200 160GB hard drive and had Windows Vista Ultimate 32bit preinstalled. Having installed all my necessary software (e.g. Office etc.) on it, I just happened to run chkdsk /r (or was it chkdsk /f, I can't remember). It found one bad sector. Well, I phoned Lenovo support and the hard disk was replaced. So far so good. Now, I have installed Vista again (and please note, using Vista restore dvd's provided by Lenovo, NOT the actual Vista installation dvd as I don't have one - should this make any difference), and just out of curiosity, I decided to run the chkdsk again. Quess what, it reported ONE sector as a bad again! After that I ... ... tried to check the drive with the latest version of Speedfan, but it didn't recognize the drive in either AHCI mode or Compatibility mode (BIOS setting). ... checked the whole drive with Hitachi's own Drive Fitness Test software (latest version). It reported no problems. ... checked the drive with the latest HD Tune Pro edition. It recognized the drive in compatibility mode and reported no problems either. ... checked the drive with Lenovos (?) PC-Doctor 5 (drive in AHCI mode this time), no problems reported there either. ... checked the drive with the Harddisk Diagnostics option in the BIOS settings of this notebook - no problems found. So I quess my question is: what the heck is going on in here?! * What could cause Vista's chkdsk to report a bad sector on the disk, when no other diagnostic software notices this?!? * What do you think - should I believe Vista chkdsk and replace the drive AGAIN or would it be safe to believe all those other diagnostics over the chkdsk's report? * What other known-to-be-good (-and-free ) diagnostic software could I use to verify the existence of a bad sector? * Has anyone ever experienced anything similar...? brgds, arto
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    Bad sector or no bad sector?

    Ok, thank you very much, "whiic" and "extrabigmehdi", for your time on this, and sorry it took me while to get back here . So, I installed HDDScan, but it didn't recognize the drive in either AHCI or Compatibility mode. I don't know whether this is already an indication of an actual problem with the drive? Anyway, I tried and installed HD Tune Pro Version 3.10. It seemed to recognice the drive correctly in Compatibility mode. Even HD Tune did not recognize it in AHCI mode, though. And here are the results shown on the "Health" tab of the HD Tune: Current Worst Threshold Data Status (01) Raw Read Error Rate 100 100 62 0 Ok (02) Throughput Performance 116 116 40 3373 Ok (03) Spin up Time 227 227 33 2 Ok (04) Start/Stop Count 100 100 0 80 Ok (05) Reallocated Sector Count 100 100 5 0 Ok (07) Seek Error Rate 100 100 67 0 Ok (08) Seek Time Performance 130 130 40 28 Ok (09) Power On Hours Count 100 100 0 53 Ok (0A) Spin Retry Count 100 100 60 0 Ok (0C) Power Cycle Count 100 100 0 49 Ok (BF) G-Sense Error Rate 100 100 0 0 Ok (C0) Power Off Retract Count 100 100 0 327684 Ok (C1) Load Cycle Count 100 100 0 853 Ok (C2) Temperature 171 171 0 1507361 Ok (C4) Reallocated Event Count 100 100 0 0 Ok (C5) Current Pending Sector 100 100 0 0 Ok (C6) Offline Uncorrectable 100 100 0 0 Ok (C7) Ultra DMA CRC Error Count 200 200 0 0 Ok (DF) Load/Unload Retry Count 100 100 0 0 Ok (Whoops, something wrong with the tabs, but I hope you can still read the list ) Are these normal values? Does it seem to you that everything is ok? At least the program seem to think so. The number in the data column on the line "(C2) Temperature" does seem a bit strange, though - does this mean the rest of the results cannot be trusted either? The programs main window showed the temperature to be on a bit more acceptable level of 33 degrees, though . "Extrabigmehdi", you said that if the drive is not formatted with Vista, this could cause all kinds of errors. How could I correct this situation then, as I don't have the Vista installation disk...? A