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  1. Been ages since I`ve spent any real time here...  Hi Continuum!!!  Anyways..   For business clients with mission critical pc`s, I`ve always set them up with 2 7200 rpm hard drives in Raid 1  thru an intel chipset to minimize downtime from a  hard drive crash..   Saved multiple customers  from downtime on on more than one occasion.    Then came along Intel SRT caching with a solid state drive.   This also has worked well in a hard drive raid 1 config.   Where is the industry/hardware at in 2018 regarding just running an intel Raid 1 with two ssd`s instead of 2 hard drives with an ssd cache?  Is Trim still an issue?     From the reading I`ve done off and on over the years, it seems the trim issue has never completely gone away?  Aka, you can run  2 ssd in raid 1, but if you want to run trim commands to speed the ssd back up, you need to break the array,   place one of the ssd`s in a system and format/let it trim, then reinstall in system and let the raid 1 rebuild it self.  Repeat for other ssd drive..    Am I totally off base here??