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  1. FC and it's guaranteed lossless capabilities will ensure the protocol's continued acceptance and use. FCoE will probably break in and replace a lot of legacy FC implementations, but I don't see FC as a protocol going away.
  2. Sorry, really late to this conversation - if you're still looking, it really depends upon the connectors that you have on the switch and on the HCA. I've used a variety of CX4 and SFF8088 cables, really depends on the exact cards and switches you're getting.
  3. mbreitba

    Responsibility for Storage Administrator

    It varies from company to company. Sometimes it's provisioning LUN's, sometimes it's configuring NFS volumes, sometimes it's zoning on an FC switch, sometimes it's managing the backup systems, sometimes it's all of the above. Really really depends on the company, the size of the company, and the infrastructure implemented.
  4. mbreitba

    iXsystems Titan 316J JBOD Review Discussion

    Software RAID - Lets see - Sun/Oracle/Nexenta ZFS based storage systems? Those are all software based, and most decidedly "enterprise" ready storage solutions. Next question - Any reason to lean towards the iXsystems? Isn't this just a rebranded SuperMicro SBB?
  5. mbreitba

    Virtual machine host spec

    I'd suggest multiple drives striped into a RAID5 (or 10) array, then partition that array up into drives for your VM's. That allows you to have a lot of disk I/O available to each individual VM. This is the way I've done it for my webservers. Currently running 10 VM's on a single core2quad xeon w/ 32GB RAM. Connected to a 16 drive external Promise iSCSI box. I have configured it as a 15 drive RAID5 array (1 hot spare) and it is running quite well. Unless I am building a new VM and dumping data to the iscsi box, it works without a flaw. I still expect to put 5-10 more VM's on the iscsi box before I get another iSCSI box.