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    U320 Poor SCSI Performance

    I agree. I've used the Adaptec 2100s and it's was the worst performing card i've ever seen. I'll never go with Adaptec when raid is concerned. I've got no problem with their standard SCSI cards though.
  2. Dink

    Which IBM IDE drives are "bad"?

    Why even bother? Very little difference price and performance anyway. Just avoid em all together and you won't have to worry about it. If you didn't get what you ordered, send it back and make em send you what you ordered.
  3. Mac nor LInux will help. They are already working to code TCPA compatible MAC and LINUX OSes. According to Intel and AMD, NON-TCPA enabled hardware won't work with TCPA enabled software, as well and the other way around. They will eventually not function together at all. If you want to upgrade, they will force you to adopt to the standard. Forget the average Joe even knowing anythign about it or even caring. I remain confident that it won't inhibit anyones functionality if they REALLY wanna get by it. A good opinion read on it is here. http://overclockers.com/tips044/
  4. Dink

    Monitoring Download limits?

    I believe it's controlled in the modem. The DOCSIS standard allows for this. THis is why people have been getting in trouble for Uncapping their cable connections. They DL the DOCSIS config file from their modem and change the settings they need to. Here is a good write up on it. A little old but it's good non the less. http://www.cable-modems.org/articles/uncapping/ You will need to make this change often because once the modem is rebooted, it will talk to the head end and get a new config file. WARNING, there have been arrests made from people tampering with this file and "stealing" bandwidth so use this next link as INFORMATION only. http://www.netwide.net/users/CableGuy/Howt...CableModems.htm
  5. I was wondering about Virginia as well.
  6. newegg and mwave as well.
  7. Yeah, the network will be a bottle neck long befor even IDE is taxed. If you arn't gonna have any more than a single 100mb network connection to to server for file sharing, IDE will do fine. I trust SCSI more from a reliability standpoint though, so that is somethign to consider as well as speed concerns.
  8. I would Ditch the IDE raid card as well. NT software raid will work fine. It's been shown to outperform many of the IDE raid cards anyway. Ditchign the useless card will save money as well.
  9. Dink

    News from Matrox...

    Dunno how much truth is in this, but this link was posted by Cryect earlier in another thread. http://www.tecnation.co.uk/picture.php?url...pics/matrox.jpg
  10. Yeah, I've got one myself. Pretty nice drive. If you're thinking of going SCSI, plan on headding this direction.
  11. er, here's a link. http://www.storagereview.com/articles/2001...336752LW_1.html
  12. It's not new. It's a 15k RPM SCSI drive and very fast. About the fastest hard drive available. It has been reviewed here. Check the database.
  13. Yeah, Regedt32 was what I was gonna say. Annoying limitations are, at least when you want to connect to another PCs registry remotely is, the only branches you have access to are Hkey_local_machine and Hkey_users. Also, the users are sorted by their SID. So, you'll have to know the users SID to know what user it is you are working on.
  14. Dink


    My take. I wouldn't go raid0 unless my data wasn't important. I wouldn't go IBM unless my data was unimportant. The 2 together is just stupid. hehehe Anyway. SCSI all the way. I've got an X15 and an Atlas 10KIII with a 39160 card. I love em. The X15 is just a hair faster than the 10KIII, but the Atlas is cooler and quieter, and about 30 bucks cheaper than the X15 in the 18GB range. The only time I can see a difference in the 2 is in benchmarks, and even that is small. Anyway, Just my thoughts.
  15. I agree with Jeff as well. I to own both the X15 and 10K III and would get another 10K III over the X15 for all the same reasons he stated.