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  1. Hi: I just bought a new Velociraptor to replace my 150GB Raptor. I wasn’t expecting miracles with increased speeds but I noticed that at least in one area it was slower than my Raptor. When booting my Windows XP SP3 Home it takes about 5 secs longer than it did with the old Raptor. I am comparing an image that I took directly from the Raptor and put on the Velociraptor. I think it is being held up in the first part of the boot. I noticed that it takes about 5 secs longer when the computer says “Verifying DMI Pool Data.†Does anyone know why my boot would be slower with the Velociraptor. Is XP taking longer to recognize the new drive or what else could be going on. Also, I am in IDE mode. I wonder if AHCI would be better for the Velociraptor. Thanks for your ideas, Kent