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  1. grandchehaw

    Playoffs For The Best Game You Can Name

    Calgary has no one to blame but themselves. That was a horrible game 7 for them. They played like crap for the first two periods. I was really pulling for Calgary but it seems they were drained from the game 6 loss in double OT. Props to Tampa Bay for putting the hurt on Iginla. How do you get all the way to game 7 and then go almost 15 minutes with only 1 shot on goal? It seemed as if I was watching a different team. I think Calgary was granted a gift with the power play which allowed them to score the goal. IMO that was a bad call. Until next season. Well lets hope for a next season.....
  2. grandchehaw

    Any 9700 Pro Owners Out There?

    I am running an Asus A7N8X Deluxe motherboard with my 9700 Pro and I am running in 8x AGP mode with no problems at all. I play a ton of games including DAoC (Guine and Bors for those who play) with no problems. My roommate is also running a 9700 Pro on DFI Lanboy II in 8x AGP mode with no problems.
  3. Hello. I have some relatives that want to upgrade their computer. After taking a look at it the motherboard is a Luckystar 6ABX2V version 1.2. They currently have 64Mb of RAM and a P2450Mhz processor. I am trying to find out what is the max processor and memory I can throw into this system. I have seen conflicting reports on the net. Some say that this motherboard will support a P3 750 and 512 Mb of RAM. According to the site the FSB can only go to 100 MHz. It looks like the chip set is an Intel 440BX chipset. TIA. -JR
  4. grandchehaw

    I have a question about Lite-On CD-RW Drives

    Thank you. This is what I wanted to know. -JR
  5. grandchehaw

    I have a question about Lite-On CD-RW Drives

    OK. Maybe my question was worded incorrectly. I found the firmware at the Lite-On website. My main question is such a thing possible? If I can buy a cheaper drive and then upgrade the firmware to the fastest out why would anyone bother buying the faster drive? Is there some trick to upgrading the firmware that doesnt make it user friendly? I would guess if someone can upgrade their own BIOS that they would be able to update the firmware.
  6. I was reading some where on the Internet that I could download a firmware upgrade and could make my CD-RW drive faster than what it currently is. Is this true? My current drive is a 24x - 10x - 40x. If it is possible to make my drive burn faster where can I download the firmware? TIA. -JR
  7. grandchehaw

    Any NY smokers here? Personally I think this is a step in the right direction. Of course I say this because I am not a smoker. I think if other states follow this it will be better for every one in the long run. Maybe in some way this might help with underage smoking too. What are your thoughts on this? -JR
  8. grandchehaw

    Old PC & New HD

    I would only consider using EZ-BIOS as my very, very last option. That software is such a PITA. My dad used that software and made like 3 or 4 partitions on the hard drive. When he wanted to reformat one of those partitions he ended up taking the whole hard drive. Come to find out EZ-BIOS puts its self on each of the partitions and when you nuke one your screwed. I got that information from Maxtors Tech Department when this happened. There is no way to get rid of the software without having to reformat the whole hard drive. I would assume since it is a 120 Gb HD that you are going to be using it as a storage drive and not want to have to reformat. If you can get around the problem by buying a IDE controller card I would do that. Just my 2 cents. -JR
  9. Yes Newegg does carry the Antec True line. Click on shop by brand, then click on Antec, then PSU and scroll down a lil bit you will see em. The Antec True 430W and it goes for $78. -JR
  10. There is no such thing as a good/cheep PSU. You can either buy a cheap one that will be rather loud and not product jack on the rails that you need or you purchase a Antec True Power PSU and not have to worry about if you have enough power. I just recently built a new system and spent the extra few bucks and went with the 400W Antec True Power. This is a great PSU and is pretty quiet for having two fans. My PSU in my other computer is a Sparkle which is no slouch but sounds like a jet engine when I start up my system. If you are a member on the AnandTech boards check out their FS/FT forum. I just recently saw two 400W Antec True Power PSUs for a great price. -JR
  11. Ya I understand what you mean about dealerships. I had to go to one once for a problem with my sensor for my airbags. Turned out it was a recall issue so it was for free. But they did show me the final bill. Lets just say I was really really happy that it was free. Luckly my best friends dad is an ASE master tech that owns his own shop and used to work for Ford. He is the only one who touchs my car now. He can undercut everyone in town. -JR
  12. WOW. How can you drive for any extened period of time with out listening to a radio? I don't care whats on but I need to listen to something. One time the installer screwed up my installation so I had to break out the walkman just so I listen to some tunes during my daily commute.
  13. grandchehaw

    Semi-Christmas joke

    That was a good one. Keep em coming. -JR
  14. grandchehaw

    A Hard Lesson - Engine Timing Belts Are Important

    I would think that a person would have to totally ignore their car for quite a while before the damage from a piston striking a valve becomes that severe Of course I am no mechanic. -JR
  15. grandchehaw

    Ghost or DriveImage? Burining image to CD-R

    I perfer Ghost over DriveImage. The one thing that I love about Ghost is the Multi-Cast feature. I know that doesn't apply here. I think Ghost is much easier to use. I have an image of all of my family computers. Burn the image to a CD-R and make it bootable and have it automatticaly start Ghost and the ghosting process. Very smooth. I have a very old copy of DI that I recieved with a motherboard package. I haven't used the newest version. I would be interested in hearing what sram finds out. I never tried burning the image directly to a CD. I have a seperate HD where I keep all of my ghost images. Then when I get into Windows I dump them to CD. If you are burning directly to CD is Ghost smart enough to split the image into chunks to fit it on a CD? I know there is an option in Ghost that you can tell it split the image into what ever size to tell it. -JR