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  1. My goal is to archiving data to one sata-disk for offline-storage (archive) once a week or month. Storage-source are two CIFS volumes on two Netapp Filer. A simple usb 2.0 hdd with robocopy differential copy doing the job very well and in short time! -->The only problem is that a USB-SATA enclosure not let me now about realtime SMART-data. That is not reliable for me! I have also tried with small Synologie 2bays products: They doesn't support more than 255 chars. -->no-go At a "remote" location I have IBM x3650 & x3650 M3 Server with Windows Operating System. The "old" x3650 has an external SAS-connector, Controller is a IBM ServeRAID 8k-i SAS/SATA2 (DIMM-format) Can I use this external connector with a external 3.5" SATA-enclosure? It should support hot-plug. (The x3650 was bought with 2.5" drives so I can't mix with 2.5" & 3.5" drives.) Thanks und grettings, Zelda PS: Other disk-based solution over 2TB uncompressed data are welcome!
  2. When I did the first benchmark, it probably build the mirror. Thanks for all the keywords, quick init, cluster size, etc. Until now, I don't have align the partitions, I'm still learning alot of things I did some reading-speed benchmarks and put it an a pdf file: http://www.file-upload.net/download-159902...aid-8k.pdf.html
  3. I'm ussing 64k cluster size with all standard settings. I don't "tweak" other settings, because I don't know the effects. As example: VSS, will DRM with TSM 100% work?, defragmentation issues, etc. It could awake other problems. After the weekend, I did a cold boot and tried the benchmark again with a good result: RAID 1: 75MB/s RAID 5 with 6 disks: 128MB/s I changed nothing, very strange...
  4. Screenshot from the benchmark with 8 disk in raid 0 configuration:
  5. Currently I configured a IBM x3650 Server with a ServeRAID 8k controller an eight 72GB 10k 2.5" SAS disks. I did a benchmark with 8 disk in RAID 0 just for fun and the reading speed was only around 150MB's with hdtach on W2k3 x86. So I tought it was an issue from hdtach, then I configured a Raid 1 & Raid 5 volume and did the test again. ==> I got an incredible number of 14MB/s reading speed for both volumes! Whats wrong with the controller or disks? Controller firmware 5.2.1 Build:15421
  6. (The scsi controller is the only pci device I use.) First I changed the terminator, Its from a IBM server marked with U320. Second, I changed the cable, comes also from a IBM server: no improvements... zelda
  7. @Fedor I checked the card settings twice or more, but I never checked the stock active-terminator and cable I will check it today. @meteordnf1 126MB/s should be possible, but how know. A PCI-E SCSI card from my dealers is not aviable. http://www.storagereview.com/TCQ_RAID_SCSI_SATA.sr Thanks, Zelda
  8. I'm ussing a Maxtor Atlas 15K II 72GB (8E073L0 ) as system disk with a 2 channel U160 controller in a 32-Bit PCI Slot http://www.domex.com.tw/support/product/3395u3.htm While benchmarking with hdtach it starts at 74MB/s readspeed and will not get higher than 78MB/s. It should end at 97MB/s. My System runs very clean and fast, but the drive or controller or what ever is hitting a 80MB/s wall... My system data: Vista Ultimate X86 Intel C2D E6600 2.4GHz 4 GB DDR2 800MHz Intel D975XBX2KR Any suggestions? Zelda