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    Areca RAID System Help

    I don't think I explained that well. I mean to power the RAID on with no drives in there. Then turn it off, insert all drives, and power it back on. Would that make it recognize them all and hopefully be ready to rebuild properly? I just didn't want it rebuilding without everything it should rightfully have (not really failed).
  2. cdh

    Areca RAID System Help

    Thanks again for the reply and info. I will check it out. I always thought Areca was one of the top names in RAID. One quick follow-up question. Is it of any harm of you remove all drives from system and power on? I wondering if it would be worth trying to get all drives reset, then insert them all so that they're all picked up and none out of the volume for it to rebuild. Last time I had it on myself (I can't say what happened while it was in the expert's hands), it was trying to rebuild. (but the files were not visible to the system like they were when first in degraded state)
  3. cdh

    Areca RAID System Help

    Thank you for the reply. It's an Area 5040 hardware raid system. The sad thing is that I had the most important stuff backed up until last week. I guess I won't get into all that, but I was trying to help out a family member. Anyway, the drives are all Hitachi except one (that is one thing I didn't know until this experience...that it's important for the drives to all be the same. They were when I first started with this system, but I replaced one since then. Sadly, I don't have the funds for another expert. The files are very important to me...I just can't do it funds wise.
  4. My Areca RAID volume failed (RAID 5). At first, I thought it was some sort of hiccup because it was switching which drive had fallen out of the array. However, I later saw read errors mentioned in the log file for Slot 1. I have a couple of concerns. When it first failed, the content of the drives was still somewhat accessible. I could see everything and copy some stuff, but then it started having errors and went downhill from there. So, I am fairly sure the slot 1 drive has read errors. However, after the RAID failed during the rebuild, the files are not accessible anymore. This has me very worried. I had an "expert" take the RAID system, wasted a lot of money for absolutely nothing. He didn't fix anything, and charged me anyway. He said he couldn't access the RAID system admin and said the RAID system must be bad. That much was working for me before I gave it over to him. I have not turned it back on since I got it back here because I didn't want it to start rebuilding again (assuming it would). Anyway, a problem is that both times the RAID failed, it reported a different drive as being outside of the array, and it was not the slot 1 that reported read errors either time. So, one of them will be reporting as out of the array. When I eject and re-insert slot 1, then there will be two out of the array. I know RAID5 only supports one being out. So, what should I do? Please tell me my data is okay still at this stage...
  5. cdh

    Areca ARC-5040-U3

    Any thoughts, continuum? Thanks much for any insight.
  6. cdh

    Areca ARC-5040-U3

    Scratch that about setting up. Actually, that is done over LAN.
  7. cdh

    Areca ARC-5040-U3

    It is done initializing. It does not show up at all in Disk Management. I am connected by USB 3.0. USB 3.0 is working otherwise, of course. It even must be working for the RAID or I would not have been able to set it all up.
  8. Yesterday, I received the Areca ARC-5040-U3 and 8 new 3TB drives. One of the drives was bad. So, I had to wait until today to get started. I have all 8 drives, green light. I initialized the RAID as a RAID5, which would give me a 21TB volume. I am using Windows 7 x64. As you can see from this attachment, it seems to be all setup on the Areca side, but it does not show in Computer Management / Disk Management to format. It has been a while since I have done this fresh. Am I missing a step? Thanks much in advance for help.
  9. I hope so much that someone here can help me (very worried). I was having trouble with my RAID5 recently. Drives were coming up as failed or missing. I was able to get them all back except for said failed, and the other said missing. However, I tried many times to remove and re-insert the missing drive. It would not come back up. So, after reading online, it seemed an option was to delete the RAID set and then re-create it. I did so, and my D and E drives were both visible as they should have been. The D drive seemed to work also. However, the E drive did not work, which is the vast majority of the content (the D drive is about 750 GB, and then the E drive is the rest of the 15TB). I remembered that I didn't select the "Greater than 2TB option when I re-created that RAID set (I thought the option was only if your operating system did not support more than 2TB...mine does...Windows XP x64). Since the other one worked, though, and it was not greater than 2TB, I figured that's what it must be. So, I went into the volume set options and changed that setting. It didn't say it was going to erase the disk contents, unless I missed it (I have 3% of my, it is possible, although I was looking very closely since this is extremely important to me). Yet, it began initializing, which to me means bad news. It was at about 15% by the time I got into the web admin to see what was happening now. I shut down the computer, turned off the drive boxes, and then rebooted so that I could send this message. Firstly, is it indeed erasing all my data? If so, can it be aborted/reverted at this point (long shot, I guess, but I am hopeful!)? I very much hope someone here will have good news for me. Thanks much in advance.
  10. What a week this has been already. I had trouble with my Areca RAID system, which was finally sorted out, except that after I got the drive back as a member and expanded it, I could not figure out a way to expand the GPT partition. Well, I tried some things that made it worse, it seems. I was trying the diskpart tool I read about online, using the Expand option (this was before I later discovered it does not work with GPT and to use a tool I couldn't even find anywhere...said to contact MS to get it). Anyway, after using that expand command, which it said was successful, my free space went away as being available, but it was not applied anywhere. So, it was just wasted, it seemed. I was reading through the diskpart commands, and saw the Clean command. I thought it might help. I read Clean All, and I knew that it not what I wanted because it deleted the files, which seemed Clean did not do. I thought it would just make take the parameters off and then let them be reassigned. However, what happened is that the drives went away completely, and Disk Manager in Windows XP x64 wanted to re-initialize them. I know all the files are still there because it did not take but a second for it to process. I just need to get the GPT table or whatever restored so that the OS can see them. A disk recovery would not be an option in this case since I don't have enough space anywhere else to put the data. There's about 3 TB. Thanks much for any info. I know this was a bonehead mistake on my part for not properly understanding what was going to happen, and I feel really disgusted with myself for the stupid mistake. As much as Windows confirms about anything that could cause such harm, I guess I expected to see a confirmation or such if it was going to do something major (I don't mind is too panicked at the moment). Diskpart is one tool that does not do this in any case, for sure.