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    Samsung Internal HDD fried

    Check the burned drive and see if it's the HDD's motherboard that's fried (some components on it may look burned). If that's the case, and it usually is, just try to find an identical drive (in some local second hand stores or maybe on eBay) and replace the motherboard. And you can get your data back for the price of that extra drive, which should be WAY less than 2K.
  2. This is not an answer to your question, but a warning. What you are doing there is a risky business. Each drive comes off the production line with bad sectors on it due to manufacturing media defects, as it would be prohibitively expensive to produce disk drives with no defects. Those bad sectors are then detected and written into an internal table so that the drive's controller knows about and avoids them when writting data. So, when you switched the boards, you also switched the bad sector tables. a. you lost some good sectors which now are marked as bad in the "foreign" table. b. you have some bad sectors available for writting. You need to perform a full format of the drive so that you make sure the bad sectors are marked by the file system in this case. That is a must each time you repartition the drive.
  3. Katy

    Is Defragment Still Needed?

    Brian, I had some tests regarding the defragmentation capabilities built in Windows and let me tell you that they are acceptable at best. Why do you think there are so many defrag utilities out there and they all sell well? And defragging your HDD it's not like messing around with the registry or something. It's a trivial operation with less than 1% risk of corrupting data. One must have pissed off the gods really bad to get a power outtage in that very small time frame when the TOC it's being updated. And if one has an UPS, then the risk goes down to zero.
  4. Katy

    Is Defragment Still Needed?

    Well, if you don't care about performance, you don't need to defrag it. But if you do care, you definitely need to. I've seen HDDs performing at 60% of their capabilities solely because they were suffering of massive fragmentation. For example, if the OS is installed on that drive, then you definitely need to defrag the OS partition. On the other hand, if the drive only stores your media library then you don't really care about fragmentation.
  5. Hey, continuum, that did not occured to me. They would have a perpetuum mobile. Nice one
  6. continuum: he already told you that, read again his post, only the 250 GB drive (the system drive) has this problem.
  7. Well, I can't tell for sure that it isn't possible, but if I think about it I'd say it isn't. The process of aligning the magnetic vectors on the plater surface needs constant speed, so when power goes away, the platters begin to slow down. Writting at a constantly decreasing speed will lead to vector corruption. I really doubt that any HDD producer would take such a chance. Better lose the unwritten data than corrupting the data that is stored safely already. But the technology advances, so nothing is 100% sure. I will watch this topic, so please, if you finally get a reliable source of information, please share it here.
  8. How is your SATA controller configured, SATA or IDE mode?
  9. Katy

    most reliable hard drive?

    I can't give you a list, but I can tell you from my personal experience. I have two friends - well, many friends - both of them working in diferent IT stores. They told me the most reliable consumer HDDs, regarding the warranty returns, are Western Digital. In my notebook I have a 320 GB HDDs Black Caviar 1 year and a half old. In my desktop I have two WDs, the older one having over 4 years. My desktop runs continuously since 6 years ago, as it hosts my email on my own domain. So that older WD has by now over 4 years of non-stop activity.
  10. Katy

    Fastest external 2.5 drive

    I concur with dietcokefiend. I also want to tell you somehting about the cache. Everyone runs after drives with bigger cache without knowing if it'll really help. When reading large files like movies or high quality music, the cache will not help you at all. With or without it you're in the same boat. The cache will only help you when manipulating lots of data in small chuncks, like lots of small files as there are on an OS drive. So, buying the fastest drive with the largest cache for a multimedia storage it's a waste of money.
  11. Katy

    IDE to Sata Connection

    Well, you will get somewhere in the middle of pure SATA environment and pure PATA. The PATA controller puts the processor in more wait states than SATA. That is, you will actually gain extra processor cicles (around 10%) by using the SATA controller. But the actual speed of the drive will not increase. That stays the same as the bottleneck is not the bus but the drive itself.
  12. Katy

    AMD vs. Intel

    I think you came to the wrong forum, as this topic has nothing to do with storage and HDDs. When it comes to heavy math stuff, Intel still outperforms AMD. For example, Maya is rendering faster by 10-15 percent. For gamers, AMD is still preferred as it supports massive overclocking thus gaining processor cicles. And is cheaper.
  13. Have you tried to revert the system to original config? I mean, remove the newly added controller. Maybe there is a conflict of some kind.
  14. Katy

    How to detect HDD

    What hardware are we talking about here? Only HDDs or just about any? My first suggestion is to open the Device Manager and see if everything is ok in there. If you have any yellow signs, then you have a missing/wrong/corrupted driver.
  15. Maybe I'm asking the obvious, byt have you checked for viruses? Also, you could check the list of running processes and see if there are any strange looking ones. I myself have Win7 x64 with two external harddrives and everything is peachy here.
  16. Katy

    Do I want JBOD or something else?

    After connecting the two harddrives to your machine, boot into Windows and go to Disk Manager. I will assume here you are familiar with it, so I will only emphasize the one important step in the process. If your are not familiar with disk management, let me know and I will elaborate. When Disk Manager will ask you to format the disk and assign a drive letter, do not assign, instead select the "mount in empty NTFS folder" and browse for an empty folder where to mount the drive. For example, you could create a folder "Media Library" on your C: drive and inside it create two folders D1 and D2. When mounting the first drive you would then select the D1 folder and for the second drive the D2 folder. This way you will have the two harddrives accessible through D1 and D2 folders from "Media Library".
  17. Katy

    Do I want JBOD or something else?

    Hey discjet, that is one great idea. That way each disk would be physicaly independent and still logically grouped. Hats off.
  18. Katy

    Do I want JBOD or something else?

    The TOC is managed by the OS, that is, by the file system driver. So, no, there is no such manager. Since you have only two drives in this array, you have a 50% chance to lose the TOC drive. The way I see it, you should go with RAID 0 nevertheless. And pray for a long and healthy life for your two harddrives
  19. Katy

    Do I want JBOD or something else?

    You don't need RAID for that, Windows is able to build logical volumes that span acros multiple physical disks. JBOD will do just fine. RAID cofigurations have other purposes. RAID = Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks. Hence the "redundant". But when it comes to data safety, a multi disk volume it's a poor choice. Any file system has some kind of TOC. If the supposedly failing drive is the one holding the TOC, everything is lost. In terms of speed, it's also a poor choice. If data safety is not the main concern, then RAID 0 is your choice, as it offers you improved speed. Why is RAID 0 not ok with you? Storing data on a JBOD volume will not be a lot more safer than on a RAID 0 disk, especially if the volume spans over only 2 or 3 disks. The probability for the TOC hosting drive to fail is pretty high.
  20. Hi there I recently bought a DELL Vostro 1700 notebook which has two HDD bays. The SATA drive is connected to the motherboard using a strange adaptor from SATA to whatever-slot-that-may-be. My problem is that I want to add a second 7200 rpm harddrive and I need that adaptor. I called the DELL guys and they told me I have to buy a new drive in order to get the secondary adaptor (and "drawer"). But the cheapest option they offer is a 160 GB for $360 which is outrageous. Any of you knows where can I get such a weird piece of hardware? I am only interested in the adaptor, I can easily improvise that "drawer". The hidden side of the adaptor (see pictures) has standard SATA mother connectors (power & data). adaptor and "drawer" adaptor detail slot on motherboard Thanks a lot in advance.