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  1. Katy

    Need a new 1TB drive for main drive

    Well, Seagate are realy bad, from my experience. They have a high rate of failure. And this is a conclusion I reached over a few years of working in an IT store. Seagate HDDs are, by far, at top of the list with the drives returned for warranty while WDs are way down that list. The cherry on top of this cacke is that just yesterday a friend of mine bought a 1TB Barracuda ST31000528AS (yes, exactly your model) which, when installed at home in his machine, just didn't start. Brand new piece. So, my strong advice is to go for a Caviar Black.
  2. Katy

    Hitachi 7K2000 IDLE NOISE?!?!

    The way I figure it, that noise is caused by some kind of diagnostic, but since you say at the beginning the noise was not present, the diagnostic clearly does not belogon to the drives themselves. My guess is that the diagnostic is performed by the BIOS or the OS. I would do the following two tests: 1. If the drives are in RAID, take one out from RAID and see if the noise is still there. 2. If no RAID or the noise is still present after removal from RAID, also try the drive on another machine with a different OS.
  3. Katy

    Laptop HDD Ugrade Question

    Yes, it will work.
  4. The performance depends heavily on the content hosted by the drives. If they will host a large number of small files, you are interested in a better RA and a larger cache. If you will be hosting a small number of large files, you definitelly want a better AR. If these drives will be hosting the OS you are in the former situation.
  5. Katy

    Stange HDD Problems !

    Ok, so I'll say again, apparently it lacks logic. But the HDDs, mobo, controllers etc. are all interconected. So, when one faulty component starts introducing weird spikes in the system, any other component can go boom. Usually is the PSU, but when that is strong enough, the weirdness begins. The electronics in a PC is way to complicated to tackle it so simple. I had a case when a faulty graphics card has fried 5 network adapters until we (me and two other coleagues) figured it out. When elemetary logic does not apply it doesn't mean that there is no logic at all. It could be a more complicated logic, not understandable by me (and you, maybe) because we don't have the knowledge to fully comprehend the phenomenon. So, long story short, when I encounter a case with no obvious resolution, I start testing even the craziest ideas. It payed off many times.
  6. Katy

    WD Compatibility With Abit MoBo

    I'll second Brian. If you are willing to spend money for a 2TB drive, then half of that money wil buy you a decent modern motherboard. Put that aside, all the SATA II drives can be switched (by means of a jumper or a vendor utility, depending on the HDD model) to SATA I mode. That should do the compatibility trick.
  7. Katy

    Stange HDD Problems !

    I said "apparently". Can you read "apparently"? Say, A-P-P-A-R-E-N-T-L-Y. Apparently, that was the triggering event, so what's the harm in testing without that 1TB drive? I have also emphasized the situation with the last sentence of my first post. Why do you come to this forum? Are you trying to help or are you actually trying to start unfruitful debates? If the latter, I'm done conversating with you.
  8. Katy

    Stange HDD Problems !

    Since, apparently, the 1TB drive is the cause, have you tried removing it from the system? See if things are improving in any way after a few reboots (that is, give the OS a chance to repair corrupted files, if any). I know it sounds crazy, but it's worth a try.
  9. Well, I used to work in an IT shop until last year and Seagate drives were by far the most noisy. Now that you're telling me otherwise, all I can think of is that the HDD manufacturers do what car manufacturers do: the quality of the product depends of the market it is targeted at. So, here, in Romania, Eastern Europe, WD drives are way quieter than Seagate drives. And this is based not on a few samples, but on lots of them. Also, when it comes to drives returned for warranty, Seagate is at the top of the list. As far as I can tell, Segate should be avoided.
  10. Hi there, Well, you should't have bought a Seagate in the first place, they are well known as being very noisy. Now that you've "oops, I did it again", I can tell you what I did when I was in the same boat. You know that some electronics, especially the large ones, come with a sponge like polystyrene pieces to protect them from shocks during handling & transportation. I cut some thin (1-2 mm) bands and inserted them between the case and the drive, so that the drive won't have direct contact with the case. Obviously, I removed the screws, so the drive was only held by the pressure from those bands. Make sure that the polystyrene is the soft type, like a sponge. There are two types of polystyrene: soft and hard. You want the soft one.
  11. Yeah, nice, but how many of us have all the materials, tools and knowledge for doing that? I mean, come on, this guy works in some research lab or in some prototyping facility. What he did is way too exotic for most of us.
  12. Katy

    Still need external HDD's?

    Well now, unless you have to nurture it, I don't see any reason to throw it away. It's pretty bad not to have 300 GB of storage when you need it. But, if you still consider it's not worth keeping it, at least dispose it at a reciclying facility.
  13. Katy

    Samsung Internal HDD fried

    Well ... break a leg
  14. I have two friends working in different IT shops. In terms of warranty returns, WD outperforms BY FAR Seagate. That is, they get a lot more Seagates returned than WDs. Also, in benchmarks, WD is better. I say go with WD.
  15. Katy

    Spin up loop

    The startup of the drive until ready condition doesn't need connection to the PC. So, you only need to power it as a first test. Hook it up with another PC to rule out possible faulty PSU. If it still does the same thing, then the drive is dying. If it doesn't you might be lucky: hook the data cable as well and see what you get.
  16. Katy

    Raid 0 Question

    Come to think of it, the 2.5" drive might perform a little better, since it has smaller platters thus having shorter average seek times and higher data density (that is, it reads more data at the same rotational speed than the 3.5" drive). But the difference in performance shouldn't be noticeable.
  17. Katy

    Raid 0 Question

    What do you mean by "compare"? Since they have the same specs, they behave the same. The 2.5" drive resists more when you kick its butt
  18. Katy

    Not recognising WD 1TB MyBook

    Most probably the drive is gone. What you can try to get your data back is to take out the mobo of the good drive and mount it on the bad drive, see if you get anything. That is, if the drives are identical, they might not be. A BIG WARNING here: there are chances you may damage the good mobo, so know what you're risking. If you decide to do this, first you should backup the data from the good drive.
  19. Katy

    Samsung Internal HDD fried

    Check the burned drive and see if it's the HDD's motherboard that's fried (some components on it may look burned). If that's the case, and it usually is, just try to find an identical drive (in some local second hand stores or maybe on eBay) and replace the motherboard. And you can get your data back for the price of that extra drive, which should be WAY less than 2K.
  20. This is not an answer to your question, but a warning. What you are doing there is a risky business. Each drive comes off the production line with bad sectors on it due to manufacturing media defects, as it would be prohibitively expensive to produce disk drives with no defects. Those bad sectors are then detected and written into an internal table so that the drive's controller knows about and avoids them when writting data. So, when you switched the boards, you also switched the bad sector tables. a. you lost some good sectors which now are marked as bad in the "foreign" table. b. you have some bad sectors available for writting. You need to perform a full format of the drive so that you make sure the bad sectors are marked by the file system in this case. That is a must each time you repartition the drive.
  21. Katy

    Is Defragment Still Needed?

    Brian, I had some tests regarding the defragmentation capabilities built in Windows and let me tell you that they are acceptable at best. Why do you think there are so many defrag utilities out there and they all sell well? And defragging your HDD it's not like messing around with the registry or something. It's a trivial operation with less than 1% risk of corrupting data. One must have pissed off the gods really bad to get a power outtage in that very small time frame when the TOC it's being updated. And if one has an UPS, then the risk goes down to zero.
  22. Katy

    Is Defragment Still Needed?

    Well, if you don't care about performance, you don't need to defrag it. But if you do care, you definitely need to. I've seen HDDs performing at 60% of their capabilities solely because they were suffering of massive fragmentation. For example, if the OS is installed on that drive, then you definitely need to defrag the OS partition. On the other hand, if the drive only stores your media library then you don't really care about fragmentation.
  23. Hey, continuum, that did not occured to me. They would have a perpetuum mobile. Nice one