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  1. Indifilmz

    Video Editing STORAGE 400MB/s

    This is why I am hesitant to buy the Enhance E8ML just yet - cause I think the pc-pitstop one would work just fine. The cheapest model from is $219USD and the Enhance is about $675USD - one advantage Enhance has is I can buy it here in Oz through VideoPro whilst the other I would have to get from pc-pitstop direct, posted. NO it doesn't. I was wondering if that is because the S150 TX4 is slightly outdated or because I didn't do something well. The ICH9R RAID 0 seems to be running very well. I doubt I will need that internal RAID for much longer if I go with either of the two options above, so its no big deal, just thought I share it.
  2. Indifilmz

    Video Editing STORAGE 400MB/s

    certain can do some reading myself - but thought I was missing something since I don't quiet understand the price difference between the first model and the second. Is it the mere fact that one is branded by Enhanced that it costs more? QUESTION - since not caring about HOT swap features or LCD displays, speed wise, would I be in the same boat with the cheapest set-up there by as I would with the Enhanced E8 ML? The main difference I can spot is in the SFF-8088 and SFF-8470 plugs they use (both ends available in cables for the card I got). I bought the RR2322 before deciding on anything more as it was a good deal on eBay for brand new. I figure I could sell it if I decided not to use it as it is still shrink wrapped, unopened. Thanks again! I am sure the pain of this thread is nearing the end - hopefully soon I might have an enclosure capable of HD edit PS.Slightly off topic - I set-up my S150 TX4 to stripe two 320GB Seagate drives today. When Empty, the speeds read with Blackmagic Design were: READ 81.5 WRITE 53.2. I used the same drives to stripe them with ICH9R and got the following READ 140 WRITE 139. Thought that was interesting results..
  3. Indifilmz

    Video Editing STORAGE 400MB/s

    Hi guys, thanks for the replies once again! You are absolutely right in saying that for those that normally do 2K HD editing, the set-up that goes deep into 5 digits is considered change - but I am not there yet as I basically shoot 35mm film (highest res possible today) short films (none paid!). They are then transfered via telecine process into HDCAM SR format and via Blackmagic Design Multibridge the footage is then imported into the edit machine at highest possible res with no compression. Yes, I could compress the footage to 18:1 if I wanted and work with that - once finished, just pump it out as uncompressed, but since I was after an upgrade of storage I wanted to see if I can build one that will allow me to preview it all in 1:1 resolution, without compression. I have since learned that getting the RocketRAID 2322 card would help in that. It is for this reason now that I must try and think of going external - and the CoolerMaster 810ATX may not be ideal - since I would have to work out how to use this card and have the drives internally - feed the cable back in? Speaking to guys that re-sell Enhance E8-MS and ML enclosures, it turns out I can get the speeds desired with the card I have and their enclosure with 8x320GB drives (or bigger). I won't need bigger tho, as I won't need that much storage. According to them it will work 100% as I imagined it and it already does to a number of their clients. If this is true, their case here in Oz is $1200AUD (through eBay in US I can get it for $900AUD with shipping - but might fear customs and TAX being slapped onto it?!) the cables (I would need two miniSAS to enclosure) would be $105ea ($210AUD) I would get the total for about $1410. 8 HDDs should cost me under $800AUD - totaling at $2210... plus the RR2322 card I got for $210AUD - TOTAL $2420 When you consider those prices that go deep into 5 digit marks, i.e. SANman for $13000 or Cal Digit for $15000 for the same set-up, you can sort of see what I was hoping to achieve... Not to be an ass, but I am still puzzled on weather to buy the Enhance E8 MS or ML enclosure since it is the most expensive bit of my set-up. It is JUST an enclosure for 8 drives, with multilane connector...keeping the drives inside the CoolerMaster for example would be the same, I would just have to connect them to the RR2322 which is an external card... Alternatively I could get an enclosure from PC-PITSTOP.COM which costs $300AUD and houses same amount of drives - it just isn't a brand that guarantees the above... but I think it is the CARD that makes the speeds happen not the enclosure... so it should be the same? Can you tell a difference between these two: 1.) - Mini-SAS (SFF-8088) and either of these... 2.) - two 4X multilane SFF-8470 2a) - two 4X multilane SFF-8470 2b) - two 4X multilane SFF-8470 ?
  4. Indifilmz

    Video Editing STORAGE 400MB/s

    Seems AMUG suggests Multilane over Port Multiplier with RR2322 with Enhance storage... I also found here that MS would be an even faster option.. AMUG didn't do a review on that particular one. MODEL COMPARISON E8 - ML - Up to 400MB/sec E8 - PM - Up to 300MB/sec E8 - MS - Up to 450MB/sec I wonder if anyone can suggest a storage unit like this one that can be purchased cheaper!?
  5. Indifilmz

    Video Editing STORAGE 400MB/s

    Hi thanks for the replies! I was using that document merely to show the HDD speed requirments... the fact that it is SCSI and I am trying to get it working on SATA is not what that doc should have been about. On few links in my previous posts, there are enclosures by companies i.e. Cal Digit that promise the speeds from the Xena requirments PDF in SATA form. Can you please give me a link to the case you would suggest for this type of set-up? Would you go for a multilane or port multiplier enclosure? I doubt it too but unfortunately a 150GB raptor would set me back about $270AUD and for 10 of them that is $2700 (more or less). My budget would allow for 10 or 8 320Gb or even 500GB 7200 drives tho. That is the only reason I am to go in that direction - also, whilst I am OK with about 1TB of storage (don't need more) I would need that 1TB to be safe, because some projects take longer then the other and if I run RAID 0 and a single drive fails collapsing my entire RAID, I might be in a lot of trouble. Please also note that I will import footage into my machine via VTRs that will be rented for about $500/600 day and I would hate the RAID to fail on me, having to rent the VTR again to re-import if nothing else...(not to mention work loss). RAID 5 or RAID 1+0 might be an option... in which case I would need to make about 2TB of drives to get 1TB (depending on which RAID exactly). I guess I am coming to realize I may not get the speeds desired, and that is OK.... I should still be able to work with the high end video and perhaps render it to get the preview (not real time - this is what I hoped for). The material would be saved on external equipment to be taken out of the machine i.e. HDCAM SR deck... from where it can be taken further, if going to CGI unit or further colour grading in telecine suits etc... or in some lucky cases maybe even burnt onto 35mm film again, for festival screenings... (very lucky cases lol since that would be about $10k for a short film and I would need that to be sponsored by AU government or similar - so only if the festival is big like Cannes or Sundance would that work). but yeah... that is the idea... to get the material into the machine, cut it, preview it in real time and get it out - uncompressed... for whatever the next step may be - if it goes to DVD straight well then I just waisted some money here to watch it compressed to *crap* in MPEG2. lol Again, I understand I may not get the speeds I wished for in this thread but could you please advise me which external enclosure I should get or is good in your opinion? Do you think having port multiplier would be a faster choice or not? Would having an enclosure with multilane be better? the RocketRAID 2322 has a multilane out x2 and I am still to buy the cables (depending on which enclosure I get). Any advice?
  6. Indifilmz

    Video Editing STORAGE 400MB/s

    OK, just bought a RocketRAID 2322 card - next step is to get an 8bay enclosure - am going external is there an enclosure you would recommend? I am in Brisbane Australia. It doesn't need to be hot swappable. I am working on a budget, so the cheaper the better - but the idea is to try and get those high speeds on RAID5. Any recommendations? Cheers, Indifilmz
  7. Indifilmz

    Video Editing STORAGE 400MB/s

    thanks for the replies guys! Their definitely is more details on what Xena suggests, you can see it here: although I am not using Xena hardware, rather Blackmagic Design Extremem multibrdige - but requirments should remain the same for Windows SP2. the relevant bit: 2K / HD RGB (Requires sustained 400-450 MB/s throughout): 8 - 10 Drive 2-4 Channel U320 Adaptec 39320 SCSI card* 2 Channel - 4Gb Fiber channel array *Using multiple HBA’s is a common solution in high bandwidth workflows. Out of SAS and SATA as options, due to budget limitations, I would like to stick to SATA The reason I thought I go 6bay external enclosure is because I thought that would save me money over 8bay enclosure (this enclosure's are expensive) and hopefully it can achieve the same speeds - but think that I might be kidding myself with that especially since I want something other then RAID 0 for safety purposes. I guess if 6 drives can achieve this, I would love to stay internal (that would really save some $). I also have total of 3 x 320GB drives and can use them with another 3 (to buy first) to make that 6 drive internal array. there is enough room for 3 or even 4-5 HDDs in my case. I would just need to get one of those internal brackets that fit into 5.25" bays. I guess my question to ask is this: How come some of the external enclosures, such as those names here manage speeds of up to 400MB/s? 1.) is the enclosures they use 2.) is the raid controller card they use 3.) is the fact that there is minimum of 8 to 10 drives in all the enclosures that achieve these speeds and finally, can I make the same enclosure as they have their for much less money or am I kidding myself i.e. purchasing an enclosure from for $250AUD, getting a raid controller card for $300AUD, and 8 320GBdrives for some $800AUD - to total at $1350AUD on a 8bay enclosure in RAID 10 (for safer use) with 1TB (or so) of use? Is this not possible? PS> Raptor 150GB drives are about $270AUD here... for 10, that is $2700 (maybe less?!)... that would be more $$ then the above option, so I would first consider the idea of working with 8 320GB drives before it.. but will hang onto that as one of my options!
  8. Hey guys! my first post! Boy, am I glad to find this forum! I have been trying to educate myself on storage for a long time now, posting at many forums, till someone finally told me about this place and to get off their forums with my questions I currently run: q6600 x38-ds5 pqa 2gb 1066mhz ram nvidia en7600gt card (left over from old set-up) blackmagic design multibridge extreme PCIe x4 (I/O card) one 160GB maxtor for my OS Windows SP2 one 320GB Seagate as storage two 320GB Seagate in RAID 0 - ICH9R on board raid controller I just bought a Promise FastTrack S150 TX4 which is yet to arrive (from eBay) which I thought of using to run the RAID 0 I currently have. What I need to achieve (and this isn't doing it at the moment) is 400 MB/s throughout for 2K / HD RGB editing (according to Xena System requirments). Naturally I have thought of RAIDing more drives, perhaps another 4 or 5 in an external enclosure? I would need only 1TB more of storage for now, so 500GB size drives x 4 on RAID 0+1 might be OK. It is only when I started to read about these enclosures, the prices, the complications, that i got a massive headache. Since then I have learned that it might be OK to stay internal with 4 extra drives, provided I get a powerful PSU. I also learned that if going external I should go for 8 bay enclosure to get most of the speeds (maybe RAID5 for protection) with 320GB drives instead of 500GB. The RAID card of choice would be RocketRaid 2322 if I went external... What enclosure?! Well, that is the headache question... I want to build one myself, so I don't spend $5K on it... Trying to figure out a difference between multilane and port multiplier is one thing, trying to find out why companies like: promise these speeds when others don't is a world I do not understand? What is special in their enclosures and is this why they cost an arm and a leg? I read an article where a guy did something like this himself: and thought I could do it too. Help me out here. Should I go external or should I just go internal and get a better RAID controller card then S150 TX4? If going internal, which drives should I get on what RAID to get speeds and security? If going external, what drives, RAID control card and enclosure should I get that won't kill me budget wise. If going external, can I go 4bay or must I go 8bay enclosure to get the speeds and security on RAID? Which RAID is most advisable? Is there anything worth while in these 8bay enclosures that are cheaper i.e. Do you recommend any 4-5-8bay enclosures? I'd like to go as cheap as possible to achieve the results mentioned. Ill leave you with Bob's review of one of the enclosures Thanks guys! Indifilmz PS. Sorry for a long first post - I am just too excited