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    8 SSD Raid 0 with 12Gb/s Adaptec 8805

    Send the Adaptec back, and buy Areca 1883 Areca 1883 bandwidth:
  2. Anvil: Is there any newer driver than Intel Windows NVMe driver x64 version 12. June 2014
  3. Why not go for Areca 1882ix-24 4GB cache? Or wait for Areca 1883ix-24 8GB ddr3 1833mhz this Fall...
  4. It is 8x plextor m3p in r-0. The result is high because of the 2gb of ddr3 cache onboard the controller. Areca 1883ix - 24 8GB next Areca is the best Regards from Areca fanboy
  5. Areca 1883i: Pci-e 3.0 is working
  6. Areca pci-e 3.0 cards and LSI pci-e 3.0 hba`s works for me with: Gigabyte x79 ud7 OC and 3930k Asus Rampage Black x79 with 3930k and 4960x Evga Dark with 4960x. Yes I have pci-e 3.0 speeds: Example: Areca 1883i
  7. Best PCIe controller for fast (500MB/s+) SSD ? Areca 1880ix with 4gb memory
  8. 1880 IS faster. End of story 1880ix-24 -4gb + one Crucial c300 128gb. And this is on a Asus supercomputer with 2xnf200 Latency is ultralow Take a look at my 1880ix-24 test: If you want more 1880 tests, I will post
  9. Adaptec sux with SSD. Areca 123x series, Areca 1880, LSI sas2 series are mutch better with ssd. Actually ICH10 is very good as well.
  10. Atto is usless when a controller have big cache. Try to compare the 2 controllers with ASS ssd benchmark
  11. Here is more of my results with my Areca 1880ix-24 with 8x c300 and 10x intel 160gb ssd
  12. Raid 5 cache test: Test setup: Asus supercomputer MB Intel 980x @ 4ghz 12gb 1600mhz cl6 Enermax revolution 1050 Areca 1680ix-12 + Areca 1880ix-24 I have 9x crucial c300 + 10x intel 160gb ssd. More tests soon. This is just my fun rig
  13. Nizzen

    What is the best RAID card for SSD ?

    My Areca 1680ix-12 with 10x 15k.5 SAS My Areca 1680ix-12 with 6x Vertex SSD
  14. Nizzen

    DELL PERC 5/e card is really that bad?

    Here is my raid-5 performance on a Areca 1680ix with 10x Seagate 15k.5 SAS;postcount=36