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    Please Help! I have a RAID issue!

    I run 3 seperate arrays on my M2N32 Work pro on the NVidea RAID controller. Occassionally I have lost the array. The error message following post is usually "No array detected". I have entered the array configuration utility and rebuilt the array without loss of data. In my case this is because before finally setting up the new array and saving the array the utility asks if I want to delete the data or not. Of course I select NO. Hopefully yuor array configuration should work in the same way.
  2. I dual boot using WD 1500 Raptors . XP 64 is installed in one and Vista 64 is installed in the other. I wanted to split the volumes since I use Acronis to make images of my system drives and can easily restore when I mess up. Vista "Disk Management" allowed me to shrink the volume on the drive containing the XP 64 which is listed as the C Drive. However it will not let me shrink the volume on the Vista 64 install listed as the D Drive. I noticed that the a Page File was using the D Drive and I thought that this might be confusing the Disk Management "shrink" utility. I beleive that Page Files can be enormous and it might be simply that this file is temporarily reserving too much space on the D Drive. Is this possible and how do I temporarily remove or stop "Page File' for the D Drive. If this is a feasible explanation and I I try it how do I restore the Page File when finished with the new volumes. Many Thanks
  3. Godsredeemed

    `WD Raptor 1500 IDE vs Raid 0

    I would leave it as you have, pointing temp (thru environmental variables) and a fixed page file for for each OS to the opposing drive. It would give you some performance benefits without any increased risk. your proposal would give increased risk without likelyhood of increased performance in typical real world situations. IMO anyway. ps Happy new year mervincm, Thank you for your advise. Makes sence. Regards,
  4. Hi Folks Just built a new machine and I am using 2 WD Raptor 1500s with dual boot WXP 64 and the other Vista 64. I have currently set then up as IDEs and run then individually for each operating system. However, I also thought about Raiding then Zero (0) and then spliting the 300 gig drive into 2 partitions and reinstalling WCP64 to one and Vista 64 to the other. Does anybody know what would be the most efficient configuration? Many thanks