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  1. Yeah, I erased my F1 1TB in HUTIL - No change. It still reported m.c. error.
  2. To those who experience m.c error in Hutil with F1 1TB: What is your access time?
  3. Dear all. I recently purhased the new Samsung F1 1TB drive. When I run HD Tune or Sisoft Sandra it show that the access time on the drive is around 25 ms. I know it is supposed to be around 14 ms. Why is that? I quite disapointed as this is a very expensive harddrive. I'm using the AW9D-MAX on latest bios and latest chipset drivers installed. OS is Win XP Pro. I have two other drives: Samsung 250GB and Seagate 40GB - They both report accesss time around 14 ms. Look at this screenshot: http://peecee.dk/index.php?lid=1&aid=1...mp;noresize=yes Is it possible that my harddisk is defect? Thank you in advance.
  4. I'm on my second Samsung F1 1TB and like the previous it has an access time of about 22ms in HD Tune and HD Tach. What do you think I should do?
  5. Yes, it seems a lot of people are experiencing problems with this dis. Apparent a new produktion batch will arrive in January 08 with slightly better performance.
  6. Hi all. I returned the disk to the store where I bought it. I got a new disk right away - Excellent service. However this new disk report ecc error at check m.c. The other drive had two errors though. The new disk has an access time of about 22ms in HD Tune and HD Tach. This is starting to get very annoying.
  7. Thanks for your help. I will RMA it then.
  8. I just ran a diagnostic in the HUTIL app. Out of 10 tests it failed "check m.c." and "simple surface scan" with a "ecc error". I did not run a complete surface scan (it seemed like it would take forever). Can I conclude the disk is defect?
  9. Thanks for your reply. I just ran the HUTIL utility in dos, and AAM was set to disable. I changed it to fast, but it makes little difference on the access time - right now it says 22,1 ms (it fluctuates a bit in HD Tune).