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  1. PS Oh yeah, I almost forgot. On completion of the test, HUTIL recommends doing "ERASE DISK" which is basically a low-level format, and then running the test again. That seems weird but I think I might try it (although I would feel kinda crappy if it "fixed" the problem because I'd feel like the drive is actually faulty and I would only postpone the inevitable). Has anyone tried this procedure it recommends?

    Yeah, I erased my F1 1TB in HUTIL - No change. It still reported m.c. error.

  2. Dear all.

    I recently purhased the new Samsung F1 1TB drive. When I run HD Tune or Sisoft Sandra it show that the access time on the drive is around 25 ms. I know it is supposed to be around 14 ms.

    Why is that? I quite disapointed as this is a very expensive harddrive.

    I'm using the AW9D-MAX on latest bios and latest chipset drivers installed. OS is Win XP Pro. I have two other drives: Samsung 250GB and Seagate 40GB - They both report accesss time around 14 ms.

    Look at this screenshot:


    Is it possible that my harddisk is defect?

    Thank you in advance.