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    12TB performance reviews?
  2. Hi everybody I've got 4 HDD WD5000AAKS before 3 days. They will be used for soft raid 5 under embedded linux. Everything with them is fine, just one thing bother me. From time to time there is some seek 'click' noise for just a part of second from some of the HDDs, i think there is maybe connected with this technology on WD Preemptive Wear Leveling . Can anyone tell something more about this technology and specially for AAKS series. Thanx in advance!
  3. Hello, can you tell us what is your PC hardware configuration. I had similar problems but with internal disks copy about year ago. link

    ICH10R RAID5 silent data corruption

    Hello again, i have resolved my problem using another PC with Opensolaris and ZFS. I don't use anymore ICH10R on my home PC. I am using another integrated controller (Jmicron 36x).
  5. Hello folks,i want to share with you some bad experience with silent data corruption. It seems that when i copy/create files on the raid5 array on ICH10R, something corrupt files bigger than 300-400MB. i have making some experiments with copy/md5sum checking and the corruption is fact! crying The corruption is ONLY on raid5 volume. on other volumes raid0 and raid1 and external disks everything is O.K. I have no idea what is the reason for that corruption. i don't have OC anything in PC, don't have BSODs, no errors in the logs (only checksum errors respectively broken archives Undecided) NOTHING!I have found this corruption absolutely accidentally. My PC is Intel Core 2 Duo E8400@3GHz | MB MSI P45 Platinum | 4x2GB A-Data 800MHz@5-5-5-15@1,8V | VGA Asus EAH4670 512MB DDR3 | 2xHDD WD5000AAKS@RAID0+RAID1+3xHDD SAMSUNG HD103UJ RAID5 ICH10R | PSU Spire 600W | DVD+/-RW _NEC ND-3540A DL |OS: Windows XP 64 SP2 Is there someone with this type of problem with ICH. Thanks in advance for your time!

    SMART Hardware_ECC_Recovered values

    Yeah, stevecs is absolutely right, this is why i'm using zfs/opensolaris filesystem (with integrated checksumming against silent corruption).

    RAID5, 16-Drive Issue

    Hello again, about silent corruption i had recently problem with my onboard ICH10R (link here:link), I tried a virtual machines with different OS and also opensolaris with zfs on my PC and only zfs found problem with silent corruption on the file system where were vmware files (.vmdk). So, the point is: you can use absolutely without problem cheap disks with some software solution, that has silent corruption detection and prevention technology (e.g. ZFS which is awesome). Also i make every week scrubbing of data from zfs pools and until the moment i don't have any checksum errors found.

    RAID5, 16-Drive Issue

    I can confirm observations on qasdfdsaq with opensolaris / zpool scrub. No problems at all.

    best stripe size for RAID5 on ICH10R

    Yeah, i have big troubles with my ICH10R - silent corruption So i have decided to make another machine with solaris and zfs for NAS. And now i am happy!
  10. Hello guys, i am working on one idea to make RAID5 with 4 disks Samsung HD103UJ (1TB) with my mobo ICH10R controller. i want to ask you what you do you think about best stripe size for RAID5 when using 4 disks samsung? Thank you for answers!
  11. Hello guys, i have 4 of these disks HD103UJ, 3 with firmware 1AA01113 and 1 with 1AA01119. The 4 disks have same error when run diagnostic: [sELF DIAGNOSTIC (ESTOOL v2.11a)] Model Name : SAMSUNG HD103UJ Rom Revision : 1AA01113 Serial Number : S13PJ1CQ610012 Drive Size : 953868MB (LBA : 1953523055) ----------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- Test Loop Number : 1/1 ------------------------------------------------- >> READ DMA : Testing... Pass ! >> CHECK S.M.A.R.T. : Testing... Pass ! >> SPIN DOWN / UP : Testing... Pass ! >> SIMPLE SURFACE SCAN : Testing... Pass ! >> WRITE VERIFY : Testing... Pass ! >> RANDOM SURFACE SCAN : Testing... Pass ! >> READ SURFACE SCAN : Testing... Pass ! >> RAM VERIFY TEST : Testing... Service Code => AJ29 : RAM Error. Error : Command timeout >> MULTIPLE READ TEST : Testing... Pass ! Service Code => AJ29 : RAM Error. Scan Elapsed Time : 03:24:30 Error Occured Test Loop Number 1 ----------------------------------------- Test was completed. Is there anyone who knows what mean this. Thanks in advance!

    ICH10R RAID5 silent data corruption

    Hello again folks, so i have done more tests with memtest86+ and found no errors, so because i have data corruption and with vista x64, probably the problem is not OS or driver, so, i want to test for silent corruption hard disks. I want to ask you, what tool / program do you recommend me to test samsungs hd103uj and wd5000aaks for silent corruption. Can i use Hutil 210 for samsung drives specially for silent data corruption.Thanks for advices!

    ICH10R RAID5 silent data corruption

    I have done some tests on hdds,cables,controllers,etc...preinstall windows, changed drivers...and again there is corruption. i am starting to believe that maybe there is some problem with memory management/cache on the windows xp 64 itself...

    ICH10R RAID5 silent data corruption

    Hello again friends, is there someone who knows how can i run some tests for silent corruption ot ICH chips?

    best stripe size for RAID5 on ICH10R

    Hello again.Thanks for your answers. The configuration will be used for desktop, not for server use. I have tried sample raid5 with 3 discs and 32k stripe, NTFS 64kb cluster,aligned partition and STR was ~ 160MB/s and writing 100MB/s. I will check other example configs with 64k stripe when i got 4th disk. that's all for the moment keep waiting for 4th disk...

    best stripe size for RAID5 on ICH10R

    Thanks man! I will check the situation when i make the RAID5 and if a have some problems about CCTL will go to the RAID10.

    WD GreenPower drives head parking issue

    Hello Brickman, you can use tool that our friend matt_garman gave, i have used it and disabled ramp load/unload mechanism and i don't have this problem anymore! wd tools good luck!

    raid0 with different disks

    I've changed one (slower) of the disks with the same model like the 1st. and raid0 now is with 2 same disks. here are the differences: slower: WD5000AAKS-22YGA0 + WD5000AAKS-00D2B0 faster: WD5000AAKS-00D2B0 + WD5000AAKS-00D2B0 difference HDTach
  19. Hello friends. I want to make raid0 with these disks: disks on controller ICH10R. I need to know is there someone, who tried this type of raid0. Because these disks are same model, but different generation (i think) and there are differences with seek time and transfer speed. Will be the problem for the raid to work well with these disks. Thanks to all for answers!

    raid0 with different disks

    Yep. that's right! The result is expected.

    raid0 with different disks

    That's results from the raid0 and raid1: pic1 pic2

    Abnormal oxidization on Seagate PCB

    Hello friends! i have also something to say about this oxidization. i have 4 disks WD5000AAKS, and they have issue like described in previous post. For the moment i don't have any kind of problems with these disks. pic

    WD Caviar Green Power 1000GB - WD10EADS

    Hello. I think WD10EADS is with 32MB cache size and WD10EACS is with 16MB. That's one of the differences, maybe there are more

    Western Digital 333 Platters

    Hello folks! I just want to say,that i've got my WD10EACS with production date on the label: 06.08.2008 and this drive is from old drives with 4 platters, which is strange for me. pic
  25. Hello. I have some problem with my HDD Toshiba MK1032GAX. Last days the transfer quickly slowed down. Smart data looks fine (every parameters are O.K.), The disk is used with external HDD aluminium rack. Here is the test from HDDtune:hdtune test The disk is not dropped. What could be the reason for these strange slow downs.thanks in advance!