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    TV Tuner Cards

    Yes, we're using cheapo Kworld tuner cards in "multimedia" machines here on campus to be able to play video tapes on a computer's monitor and and also split to a projector in the room. Easy install, works well with Dscaler.
  2. Dr_Who

    Raptor 74 Not *that* Fast ?

    Well, I'll go the other way - as the OP noted esp. if you already have good cpu and ram, it's a heck of an upgrade. My A64 setup is noticably snappier since replacing my 8meg cache WD JB with one. Looking at it from a business standpoint - especially regarding an employee making good use of a computer; would an employer pay $200 (really only about an extra $100-150) to increase productivity 20 - 30%. I sure would. Case in point - I'm currently spending about that much per machine upgrading the multimedia computers in my classrooms at the University. A good bit of faculty/student time is wasted waiting for these old machines to boot up, then load Powerpoint or whatever, and then the files then other files, etc. - time that could be put to good teaching use. The faculty have noticed the speedup and are appreciative. Over the course of a semester these minutes will add up. 6 - 10 courses per room and the minutes really add up to extra lecture time that I couldn't get at near the cost any other way. OTOH if all you're doing is surfing the web and you really have nothing better to do with your time, then yeah spending the extra on the Raptor doesn't make sense. But I'm also quite sure there are situations where this drive will pay for itself and then some.
  3. Dr_Who

    You've Got 7 Days To Buy Dvd X Copy

    I use DVD Shrink as well, free and does the job. As with all of them, until dual layer recording hits us "masses", often you will often need to make decisions concerning what to keep, to compress or put on 2 disks etc. But that is the name of the game for a while yet.
  4. Dr_Who

    Fdisk Problem

    Sorry, for some reason Harvester's post didn't show until after I submitted my reply. He's correct - format (I like to use /s to make system) copy the cabs over I make a "Win98" directory (for speed of install - don't if you are short of hd space) and start the setup from the hd if you copied the cabs or cd if not.
  5. Dr_Who

    Fdisk Problem

    Did you format after repartitioning? You won't be able to copy files etc. until the disk is formatted. For Win98 do a format c: /s from your Dos disk then you should be ready to install windows.
  6. &%#@, you would post this! I have a single Raptor with a 120g Maxtor 8meg second drive. Yes my mb supports RAID and now I'm thinking about that next $250 expenditure! No! I don't really need it do I??
  7. Dr_Who

    Graphic Card Recommendation

    I assumed (and still do) your Hi-8 camera would have composite out. If so, the VIVO cards like mine - and the standalone tuner cards (at least the ones I'm looking at) would work for you as they have composite video in. If you had a card with only rf in, you could still hook up the camera to most any vcr through composite in and use the rf out of the vcr to the tuner card. MMC is Ati's multimedia center - a set of programs for their card's video playback.
  8. Dr_Who

    Graphic Card Recommendation

    OK, I'll go the other way. I've never had anything but problems with ATI cards. Their newer ones may be better but the Rage Fury Pro I've had for awhile and am trying to use to get VCR playback in my classroom just refuses to work. My TV Wonder VE is quirky as well. On the other hand, I have a Gainward GeForceFX 5600 Ultra with VIVO that simply works. I can watch and capture from the VCR with no problems. For many years, I've struggled with ATI drivers, but have had much better luck with Nvidia's. Better luck doesn't mean perfect - I have another post here somewhere that describes a weird problem I'm having with the above 5600 card (actually not sure it's the card). I just have fewer problems with Nvidia. On older machines, ATI's DVD hardware acceleration was useful, but not important now. Noting that they are not as plentiful, I personally would go either with a GeForceFX with VIVO or a separate TV card such as Leadtek or MSI's (both of which I'm looking at to replace that Rage Fury Pro) or some others. If you already have a decent video card, that will come in for a lot less than your price range.
  9. Dr_Who


    That right Pradeep? Got a 50xx image right next to me from my latest unit, and come to think of it the Panasonic Showstopper I had in my bedroom died a few months ago in a lightning storm. Hmmmm. Downside is - I'm a light sleeper and while the HD on the Panasonic would spin down when the unit was off, it doesn't on the newer ones. I'd have to put a quiet Seagate in there, there goes the price.
  10. Dr_Who


    Yeah, saw this - a good deal; told a friend who has been thinking about it. Too bad the price of the service went up from when I bought mine. But on the other hand, I remember the days when the price of a decent VCR was the same as this ReplayTV and the service; and in real terms was actually much more.
  11. Dr_Who

    Need A New Video Card!

    As Geofftech said, if you're happy with the card just get a new fan - I had a bad fan on a GF4MX card I recently bought for a secondary computer, went to Newegg and got a replacement (Vantec I believe). Changeout shouldn't be tough unless your current fan is held on with some sort of thermal glue. OTOH, fan plus shipping isn't as cheap as it could be, could be a good excuse to get a better card, I'd prob. lean to the 9600se if I didn't hate Ati's drivers so much.
  12. Dr_Who


    It is strange, and very annoying. The files open with Windows Media player; the other related mpg extensions (mpv, mpa, etc) have the same association, but don't reset my screen like this. As mentioned before, other mpg's don't do it either, only those from replay ( I still have to check on captured files - my video card has VIVO capabilities). Will play some more this am. Currently in the process of burning a transferred show to DVD!
  13. Dr_Who


    Pradeep: Hey, it works! Previously, before I upgraded my machine last week, the blue light had to be on for DVArchive to see progs on my Replay. I upgraded machine (A64 3400+, Raptor!), installed WinXP (had W2000), reinstalled software - and never tried (until just now) seeing the Replay when turned off. It works! But just noticed a problem: If I click on a downloaded mpg from the replay (left or right click) my screen resolution, color level, and refresh changes! Doesn't happen on other mpg files (haven't check on captured video yet). Using GeforceFX 5600 and latest drivers. Any idea what's up with this???
  14. Dr_Who


    With the Replay "off"?! DVArchive (at least on my machine) won't see the programs on the Replay when it's off. Do you get it started and then turn it off?
  15. Dr_Who


    BTW Pradeep, use DVD2AVI first like I do to edit "high" quality video, works fine, though you have to do some file renaming - easy enough. Tmpgenc, for example, will then take the result and you can do pretty much whatever you want with it, but you better have some oomph in your computer!