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  1. I've had to clean up a few on customers PCs. From what I've found they are mostly hosted as ads within popular websites. Since I browse with FF w/NoScript and NoAd add-ins I don't see them... (plus the fact I don't run Windows, it'll be a bit hard to my personal PC to get infected).
  2. Chewy509

    Seagate ST336754LC Firmware needed! PLEASE HELP!

    I guess you're out of luck then.
  3. Chewy509

    Seagate ST336754LC Firmware needed! PLEASE HELP!

    You need to contact either Dell or HP to get the respective firmware. IIRC Seagate only hand out firmware to it's larger enterprise customers, but you may want to give Seagate shot as well...
  4. Umm, current top model drives that have to do 1000's of random 4K reads generally top out at 20-30MB/s ???
  5. If STR is your only concern, then yes, it's over kill. BUT, what about IOPS. Drives with higher STRs, will also typically have higher IOPs (be it single-user or multi-user orientated), so while you may max out the STR on say reading a single 200MB file, you will still have plenty of room for random IO stuff (when the disk is the bottleneck and not the interface), where you may have 1000's of 4K reads and writes spread across the disk. What I'm trying to get at, is that STR is not the only measure of performance (and many would argue that it serves as a poor benchmark metric), and that IOPs for your given task should be the consideration as well. PS. I live in a world where STR means nothing, but random IO is king.
  6. Have you read the FAQ here on SCSI drives? 1. What is the BIOS reporting as the transfer speed during startup? 2. What applications have you used to report the STR? (What does HDTach report)? 3. Have you double checked your cabling? (I assume you are using SAS and not a SCSI drive with a convertor). 4. What slot is the controller connected to on the mainboard? (What mainboard are you using).
  7. I've found most LaCie external drives can have the internal drive swapped with another one, with no issues... PS. You're just unlucky.
  8. Chewy509

    150GB - WD Raptop vs Velociraptor

    This should answer your question. PS the 150GB VR has the same performance (within a reasonable error margin) as the 300GB as tested above.
  9. Chewy509

    Hiding a drive partition in Vista

    AFAIK, hiding volumes is a global setting only... but it may be possible to script the action you're after using logon/logoff script for said user.
  10. Chewy509

    80GB still made?

    The short answer, yes you can still get 80GB drives from OEMs. Just be aware they may actually be short-stroked drives (eg larger drives, with reprogrammed firmware to say they are smaller than what they are)...
  11. Chewy509

    Oldest drive still in use

    On time (at band camp) a HDD died completely (as in stopped dead cold, no warnings, no nothing) mid way through a tape backup! While not that bad, the other 2x tapes in the backup pool had random CRC errors, hence a call to a data recovery company, using the 3 tapes to reconstruct the contents of the HDD. And another time (at band camp), I had a IC blow on the HDD controller board shooting plastic/metal shards throughout the PC. And another time at band camp, I shove a flute up ....
  12. Chewy509

    Oldest drive still in use

    I ditched all my old drives a long time ago. The oldest I have running is a Seagate 36GB 10K.6 SCSI, (actually 4x of them). Otherwise my wife's PC has a Seagate 80GB PATA drive, from back when 120GB drives were the largest you could get... As a side note, my parent's ditched a Amstrad PC3286 (286 @16MHz) with a 40MB Miniscribe drive last Christmas. The drive and PC were still working fine when they ditched it, as I run a drive wipe utility on it so they could ditch it. It was replaced with a Intel Core2Duo @ 2.4Ghz, 2GB RAM, etc running Vista.
  13. If you just want the Sun box to host the boot images, then you shouldn't have a problem setting up a DHCP server, DNS server and TFTP server following the guidelines. But IIRC you still need a Win box somewhere to help the installer along, but if you can get CIFS service settings just right (on the Sun Box), I guess you could use the Sun box for the installer files as well. PS. It's been a long time since I've done deployment via PXE, so my knowledge is rusty, and even then we used Win boxes for the boot image and installer file hosting.
  14. Chewy509

    help me please xp ID 9

    It'll be one of the DVD drives then. The ATAPI event log should have the drive letter in the log.
  15. Out of the 100's of drives I see a year, there hasn't been any difference in reliability across the board from the various manufacturers. (That includes Samsung, Seagate, WDC, Hitachi, etc in sizes ranging from 80GB to 500GB). Lately, it seems that the shipping method and packaging has more bearing on a drive failure than any brand/model/size from my experience. AKA, get the one with the best warranty and return procedure, best price (for capacity) and from a company that will ship drives in respectable packaging.